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7 Best Houses in GTA Online (2024)

Find the perfect living space for you!

One of my favorite parts of any Grand Theft Auto game is unlocking a new safe house. Whether you get it by completing a certain story mission or by purchasing it with your hard-earned cash, there’s something that’s just incredibly satisfying about buying a brand-new property for you to rest at. In Grand Theft Auto Online, the feeling is no different. The game is full of a variety of different properties to purchase, but some of the most satisfying ones to own are houses. In today’s article, we’re ranking the top 7 best houses in GTA Online.

Top 7 Houses in GTA 5 Online, Ranked From Good to Best

So what are we waiting for? Let’s hop right into the best houses in GTA Online!

Property NameProperty ClassLocationCost
4401 Procopio DriveMediumPaleto Bay$165,000
140 Zancudo AvenueLow-EndSandy Shores$120,000
12 Sustancia RoadMediumEl Burro Heights$143,000
4 Hangman AvenueMediumVinewood Hills$175,000
3655 Wild Oats DriveHigh-EndVinewood Hills$800,000
2866 Hillcrest AvenueHigh-EndVinewood Hills$525,000
2113 Mad Wayne Thunder DriveHigh-EndVinewood Hills$449,000

#7 4401 Procopio Drive

Let’s kick off our list with the house 4401 Procopio Drive. This is a very cozy and nice-looking house located in Paleto Bay. I really love the Mediterranean style of it, which to me makes it worth buying over the other, less-expensive option in town. The house doesn’t offer a whole lot compared to some of the other houses in the game. You can’t host heists here, and there aren’t any businesses that you should be buying all the way up in Paleto Bay.

But this unimportance is what gives it its greatest strength! I know plenty of players who have purchased this house for the sole purpose of getting away from the abundance of players in the city. This is far away from many activities in the game, so griefers are extremely rare. It’s a nice and peaceful place to spawn in when first joining the game. It practically guarantees you can walk ten feet from your house without getting blown up, which is a really big plus in GTA Online.

Given its location and size, it’s available for a great price of $165,000. Additionally, this house is considered medium-end. What that means is that it can hold six cars in its garage, which is very useful considering the abundance of cars found in Grand Theft Auto Online. This is also a good house to own if you’re roleplaying and just want a nice little house near the beach in a small town.

#6 140 Zancudo Avenue

Next on our list at spot number six, we have 140 Zancudo Avenue. Yes, I know what you’re thinking — this house looks terrible, and it’s in a really crummy neighborhood. And you’re right! But even if the exterior of this apartment doesn’t look that great, it’s still a decent property to own. Especially if you don’t own the motorcycle clubhouse in this area and are interested in doing the MC businesses.

The reason why it’s good is that it’s the only house available in Sandy Shores. This is handy in case you need to fast travel to this part of the map, as you can set your spawn point here and then server hop to re-spawn at the house. Sandy Shores is the best place for you to purchase your cocaine, meth, and counterfeit cash MC businesses, and it’s better to own the MC Clubhouse in Los Santos so you can do the motorcycle delivery missions more easily. Having this house to spawn here is really nice.

Another benefit is that it’s a really cheap property. It will only cost you a total sum of $120,000. This is incredibly cheap compared to most of the other things you can buy in the game. So if you are a high-level or low-level player, you should have no problem buying it. The house also features storage space for two cars. This isn’t really ideal, but it’s still good to be able to store a fast car here. That way you can spawn in and use it to drive to your MC businesses.

#5 12 Sustancia Road

Up next at spot number five, we have the house 12 Sustancia Road. This is another medium-end house that is located in El Burro Heights. Its exterior is a little disappointing, with a dusty and aging look to it that doesn’t match its clean and modern interior. But even if you aren’t buying this house for the looks, it’s still a pretty decent house to own, and one I recommend for a few key reasons.

Being located in El Burro Heights, it’s fairly close to the Diamond Casino & Resort. This is great if you don’t own the Master Penthouse, which can cost you well over a million dollars! If you purchase this much cheaper property, you can set your spawn location here and drive over to the casino to do your daily spin of the wheel. The LS Car meet is also not that far away from here, so you can stop by there to check out the prize ride and leave to go start up a race.

As previously mentioned, this property is fairly inexpensive. It will cost you $143,000, which is an absolute steal. The house features a six-car garage, which is very useful for low-levels who are just starting out the game or for high-level players who need some extra storage space for their vehicles. Again, it isn’t the most luxurious property to own, but it sure has its uses.

#4 4 Hangman Avenue

For our next pick on this ranking, we have 4 Hangman Avenue. This is a nice, medium-end apartment located in Vinewood Hills. I really like the look of this house, and I think it’s especially cool that it comes with a pool! Sure, you probably won’t be swimming in it very often, but it’s definitely a nice way to flex on your neighbors. Combine this with its clean and modern interior, and you have a house that would be really great to own in real life.

The house itself is in a pretty good spot. It is situated at the northern end of the city, which is where some of the best locations for certain businesses in the game are. You can purchase this house and then get nearby properties, such as the arcade or the nightclub. This part of the map does have a pretty decent amount of players in it, but in my experience, it’s usually the center of the city that is the most dangerous and densely packed, so it’s not as bad as it could be.

The house can be purchased online for a price of $175,000. This is a bit more expensive than the previously mentioned houses, but it is still insanely cheap to buy, especially if you’re a high-level player who already owns lots of money. 4 Hangman Avenue features a six-car garage due to it being a medium-end house. While you can get bigger garages, six cars is still a decent amount of storage space. Especially considering the price tag, as well as the fact that you’re also getting a safe house.

#3 3655 Wild Oats Drive

And bringing home the bronze medal on our list, we have the house 3655 Wild Oats Drive! This high-end apartment is without a doubt one of the best-looking houses in all of GTA Online! It is the closest thing that we currently have to a mansion right now. If we were ranking houses just off of looks, this would without a doubt be in spot number one, but a few quirks keep it locked in spot number three. More on that in a moment.

3655 Wild Oats Drive features a nice and clean modern interior, complete with an open floor plan and everything you could ever need from a house. It also allows players to launch the OG heists. They don’t pay as much as some of the more recent heists, but are still enjoyable with friends and still pay out pretty okay money. You’ll also gain access to a ten-car garage with this house. There’s even a pool for you to chill out in outside!

The property can be acquired by players for a price tag of $800,000. This makes it the most expensive stilt house to own in the game. While it’s definitely worth it for the bragging rights, if you’re just buying houses for practical reasons, you’re better off buying one of the two cheaper options below. Those all come with the same features for a lower price. Exiting Vinewood Hills by car from this house is a little bit annoying, as there are a few corners you need to navigate around. It’s really not that big of a deal, but it’s worth mentioning.

#2 2866 Hillcrest Avenue

For the next house on our ranking, it’s 2866 Hillcrest Avenue! This is one of several stilt houses that can be found in Vinewood Hills. It features a really solid and modern-looking exterior and an even nicer open-floor interior. Inside your house, you have access to all the basic amenities, but also a really killer view of the city. I really like the look and location of this house, and it’s a shame that more people don’t own this property.

Being in Vinewood Hills, not only do you get to have the privilege of being Franklin’s neighbor, but you also have access to nearby businesses. Some of the best locations for properties can be found in the northern part of the city. This includes the Agency and the Nightclub, among several others. Since it’s a high-end apartment, you can launch any one of the five original heists that are in GTA Online. This makes the property a good way to make money.

With this house, you also have a ten-car garage for storing vehicles. The house costs exactly $525,000, which is a tad bit more expensive than the one taking spot number two. This house is located in a spot that forces players to navigate through the twisty roads of Vinewood Hills in order to get to the city streets. This can make it a bit annoying to navigate, but it’s really not a huge issue. And it turns into a non-issue if you happen to own an Oppressor Mk II.

#1 2113 Mad Wayne Thunder Drive

Taking first place for the top 7 best houses in GTA Online, we have 2113 Mad Wayne Thunder Drive! This is a stilt house that was added to GTAO during the Executives & Other Criminals update. While the exterior of this house is a little bit disappointing, it’s certainly an amazing house where it counts! Going off of pure practicality, this house is definitely number one, even with its humble exterior. It features everything you’d want in a high-end house while being incredibly cheap!

I really like this spot, as it is still located in Northern Vinewood like 4 Hangman Avenue, meaning it’s close to a lot of the best businesses in the game. Getting out of Vinewood Hills and to the rest of the city is easy from this house. And since this property is high-end, you can host OG heists from this location to make some cash! There are five different heists that you can do using this property, which means that buying it will unlock a lot of content for you to enjoy.

This house can be acquired for the price of $449,000, so almost half a million. This makes it on the cheaper side for a stilt house. Like all the other high-end apartments and houses, buying this house also gives you access to a ten-car garage for storing some of your favorite vehicles. The last reason to buy this house is the fact that it features a much nicer interior than some of the other houses in the game.

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