GTA Online: The 10 Best Properties to Buy (2024)

Purchasing properties is one of the most important investments you could make in GTA Online. Properties give you lots of useful benefits, from giving you a spawn point to letting you store extra vehicles, to making you lots and lots of cash. They are a core part of GTA Online’s gameplay loop.

So if you are a new player looking to make it big in Los Santos, then you’re going to need to know what the best properties to invest are. Here in this list, we are going to be going over the Top 10 Best Properties to Buy in GTA Online, discussing each one’s pros and cons and what you should buy first.

Properties in GTA Online, Ranked From Good to Best

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#10 Del Perro Heights, Apartment 7

(Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

Del Perro Heights, Apartment 7 is one of the most important properties you can buy early game. This is the cheapest high-end safe house in the entire game. For those unaware, high-end safe houses are the only property type which you can launch the original five heists from. These OG heists may not pay that much by today’s standards, but if you are just starting out you’re going to want to do these.

They can give you some valuable experience with the game, and you can make some decent early-game money while doing them. Not to mention the other properties you can launch more lucrative heists from will cost you more than a million dollars. So this is one of your best options early game to make some cash, assuming you don’t have a friend willing to host some more lucrative heists for you.

In addition to being a great way to earn some money, there are other benefits to owning this apartment. It features a 10-car garage, which is more than enough storage space for an early-game player. You can also set your spawn point to this location as well. You can change your spawn point here and then join a new session to fast-travel to this apartment. Overall, this is just a really great property that everyone should own early game.

#9 Burton Autoshop

(Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

The Burton Autoshop is a property that allows you to run your very own mechanics business. Clients will bring their cars to you for repair jobs and to get their rides modded up. This is a great way for you to make some legitimate money with little work on your part. However, this is just a side-gig and not the primary way you should be making money with this business. Enter the Auto Shop Contracts.

These are special missions that can only be launched from an Autoshop property. Players often describe them as “miniature heists.” These missions involve doing two setup missions, and then one finale. The payouts for these finales can range anywhere from around $150,000 to just over $600,000, varying on the heist itself and how successful you are during the mission. These are a really great way to make good money, especially during double-money weeks for Autoshop Contracts.

#8 Hawick Agency

(Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

The Hawick Agency is a property type that can be found in northeast Los Santos. This is essentially a mercenary business in which you take on high-risk, high-reward contract work for wealthy clients. You can do missions called “Security Contract,” with objectives that range from destroying private assets to retrieving a client in danger and dropping them off at a safe location.

Each contract pays fairly well upon completion. However, the biggest benefit to doing them isn’t the initial payout… It’s the passive income you can generate by completing lots of them. For every five Security Contracts you complete, you will generate an additional +$500 in passive income. So by doing a lot of them, you can easily start generating a new revenue stream.

In addition to doing these Security Contracts, you can also complete “VIP Contracts.” These are story-based strings of missions that can be completed to earn lots of money. Currently, there is only one available–the Dr. Dre Contract–and completing that will net you $1,000,000.

#7 Fort Zancudo Hangar 3497

(Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

Hangars are properties that allow you to store your airplanes and helicopters. These are very important vehicles, especially in the late game of GTA Online. They are some of the fastest ways to get around the map in record times. Additionally, many of them have practical uses. Cargobobs can be used to more easily transport cars, which is great if you own a Vehicle Warehouse.

If you could care less about owning aircraft, then you may be interested in the business side of things. With a hangar, you can start up your very own smuggling business. With a smuggling business, you can launch missions or pay an NPC to accumulate illegal goods that will be stored at your hangar. These goods can later be sold at a high price, allowing you to make millions of dollars.

The Fort Zancudo hangars are the best ones to get. This is because they are located in a more central part of the map, allowing you to do the source missions for cargo more easily. They also give you access to the military base, allowing you to enter and exit it without gaining a wanted level. The 3497 hangar is the least expensive one, which is why I recommend it over the other two.

#6 La Mesa Arcade (Videogeddon)

(Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

Videogeddon is an arcade property located in the neighborhood of La Mesa. Arcades are really great properties that I recommend you buy only after you’ve purchased the Kosatka (more on why later). With an arcade, you can purchase arcade cabinets and fill your arcade up with them. This will invite lots and lots of customers to come in and play your games, earning you passive income. For each cabinet you own, your revenue will increase.

Inside the basement of your arcade, you can plan a high-stakes heist of the Diamond Casino and Resort! This is a special mission type that can earn you millions upon millions of dollars. You’ll be able to plan out how you want to break into the casino, and there are multiple different ways to do the mission, giving you lots of replayability. This heist only requires 2 people to play, unlike the OG heists which require 4. So this is an excellent way to make money if you have a friend who can help you out.

#5 Great Chaparral Clubhouse + MC Businesses

(Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

The Chumash Clubhouse is the cheapest clubhouse in the game. If you purchase a clubhouse, you will be able to start your own motorcycle club. With a motorcycle club, you are given access to all kinds of special abilities! You can spawn a motorcycle right next to you, for example. This is INCREDIBLY useful if you own the Oppressor Mk II. You can also invite other players to join your MC to help defend you. You’ll also be able to purchase various motorcycle club-exclusive businesses!

These businesses are some great ways to make money. I recommend that you start investing in these businesses in the mid-game, preferably after you have bought a Kosatka Submarine. Once you get them set up and purchase some supplies, they will passively generate your product that you can then sell later for big profits.

If all that wasn’t enough, you can also earn money from your clubhouse by completing MC work. Even if you don’t need the cash, I still recommend getting a clubhouse due to its other benefits. You can store up to 10 motorcycles there. You can also mod your motorcycles right from your garage!

#4 Chumash Bunker

(Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

Bunkers are one of the first businesses that you should get in the game. They are illegal underground arms manufacturing facilities that let you produce and sell illegal firearms for a high price tag. They get to get because–like the MC businesses–once you set them up and purchase supplies, they will produce product passively. The only thing you need to do is occasionally buy more supplies and then sell from the business once it’s packed full.

Out of all the locations in the game, the one I recommend the most is the Chumash Bunker. This one is right next to a highway, allowing you easy access to the city. This makes it easier to get to your bunker when you need to. And you can complete sale missions much more smoothly.

#3 Vinewood Nightclub

(Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

Nightclubs are late-game businesses that let you own and customize your very own nightclub! Hire a DJ and complete missions to bring in lots of customers looking for a fun night on the town. Make passive income from your business and use it as a cover for some of your more… Legally-challenged operations. With a nightclub, you can hire technicians to accumulate excess product from your other businesses. This product can then be sold at a later date for very high amounts of money.

You also have access to a very large number of spots to store some of your personal vehicles. You can hold around 40 vehicles at this location, and it also allows you to purchase and store a Terrabyte, which is one of the best vehicles in the game. The Vinewood Nightclub is one of the better Nightclub locations in the game (The Del Perro location is also great, but I prefer this one as it’s closer to my other businesses as well as the drop-off locations for sale missions).

#2 Maze Bank West + Special Cargo Warehouses

(Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

The Maze Bank West is a CEO office located on the western side of Los Santos. CEO offices are a property type that allows you to start up your very own company. Organizations are similar to motorcycle clubs, in the sense that they allow you to become the boss of an organization, which lets you hire other players to work with you and gives you various special benefits. These benefits include being able to spawn vehicles you don’t currently own (such as the buzzard helicopter).

You can also make money as a CEO, using both your office space and various businesses that you can only buy if you own an office. The most notable of these are the Special Cargo Warehouses. These properties allow you to source illegal cargo that you can store here and sell for later. As of the Criminal Enterprises DLC, you can now pay NPCs to accumulate cargo for you, making this a mostly passive business.

These are some of the best ways to make money in the entire game! You can purchase up to five large cargo warehouses and visit each one every 48 minutes to pay an NPC there to source your cargo. Once they are all full, you can sell them for millions and millions of dollars! I recommend that you buy the Maze Bank West if you are short on cash, as it’s the cheapest one.

#1 Kosatka Submarine

(Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

Last but most certainly not least, we have the Kosatka Submarine! I’m a bit iffy about calling this a property as it is more of a vehicle. But for all intents and purposes, you are going to be using it as a property so you might as well consider it one. This is a special Cold-War-era submarine that you can use to launch the Cayo Perico heist, the most lucrative and easy-to-do heist in the entire game!

The setup missions for this heist are easy to do. The finale can be done in less than 15 minutes. And best of all, everything can be done entirely solo! Regardless of where you are in the game, if you don’t already own this business you need to get it as soon as possible.

Once you have this property, you’ll basically be set for life. You can complete all the setup missions and the finale in under an hour if you are fast enough. And you can earn about a million and a half dollars (depending on what your primary loot is). This makes it the BEST way to make money in the entire game. This is definitely the best purchase I’ve ever made in GTA Online, and you’ll feel the same once you get your hands on it.

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