GTA V Online: Where to Find the Military Base & How to Get Inside

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GTA V Online: Where to Find the Military Base & How to Get Inside

One of the most exciting areas to visit in freeroam, the GTA Military Base is a hotspot for players looking to cause some trouble. There are several things you can do there, ranging from joyriding jets to full blown shootouts to finding a tank to drive around. Getting inside, however, is no simple task. Especially if you intend to get out alive. In this article, I’ll talk about the base’s location, how to get inside, and some of the things you can do once you get in.

Where Is the Military Base?

GTA V Online Military Base Location - picture of map
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Brett Moss

The military base, officially called “Fort Zancudo”, is located on the northern half of the map. It’s just southwest of Mount Josiah, situated right near the ocean. There are two routes to get there by car, other than just driving over the hills that is. One is the highway that runs along the western part of the map along the coast, and the other is the little road that goes over Zancudo River.

Also just be aware that while you certainly can fly up the map to the base, if you fly above its restricted air zone you will get wanted stars. You can fly close to it, but not over. However, if what you’re really looking for is an aerial battle then this is a great place to go. It’ll certainly be a challenge, that’s for sure.

How to Get Inside

There are several ways to enter Fort Zancudo, but only one “simple” way. If you have a fast car (it doesn’t have to be super fast) then there are several places where you can jump the fence into the base.

How to get inside the military base screen 1
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Brett Moss

The most famous of these places is located just off the road that tunnels beneath the base. At the place where the tunnel begins, there’s a hill just to the right of the entrance. You can build up speed going down the highway then go straight up the hill there, launching you into the military base with ease.

Another place to jump the fence is from the south side of Mount Josiah. Driving down the mountain (off road), you’ll be able to find a place that juts out far enough that you can make it over the fence. You’ll have to build up quite a bit of speed to pull this off, as it’s not as easy as the tunnel ramp, but it’s a very fun way to enter.

How to get inside the military base screen 2
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Brett Moss

And if driving in isn’t your style, you could always throw caution to the wind and try to land an aircraft inside (which is incredibly difficult) or parachute in. These are riskier options, but perhaps the most fun ones.

Do note, however, that entering the military base in these ways will result in wanted stars and a ton of enemies showing up.

How to get inside the military base screen 3
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Brett Moss

In addition to the multiple places to ramp into the base, you can also gain entry by purchasing a hangar within the base. By purchasing one of these hangars, not only will you be able to store various vehicles here, you’ll also be allowed to enter without gaining wanted stars. You can’t take the vehicles within (other than ones you own) still, but you can get in without being immediately gunned down. 

The hangars here range from $2 million to $3.2 million. Depending on which you buy, you’ll be able to store various different aircraft of different sizes. Purchasing a hangar is a great option for players with money to spare, as they grant access to some of the most powerful aircraft in the game. From the insanely powerful RO-86 Alkonost to the classic Buzzard Attack Chopper, these hangars are a great value.

So You Got In… Now What?

Once you get into the military base, there are a lot of things you can do. The most common is to joyride one of the multiple vehicles that can be found within. As for aircraft, you can find the Besra, B-996 LAZER, Cargobob, and Titan. All of these are easy to steal, as long as it’s currently spawned when you’re there. For ground vehicles, you can find the Barracks (that large military vehicle that can carry multiple people in the back), Fire Trucks, and the Rhino Tank. 

What to do when your inside the military base
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Brett Moss

The military base is obviously a great place to test drive some of the more expensive vehicles in the game, but another part of the fun is the challenge of escaping. As soon as you go into the military base you will get a wanted level (unless you own a hangar). To escape, you will have to either be really good at flying jets or blast your way out on foot. 

In general, the military base is all about having fun. There aren’t any objectives or goals once you get in, it’s just silly fun. So don’t overthink it — just get in there!

Join the High Ground

Thanks for reading this article about the GTA military base. It can be great fun to get in there and steal some jets, if you don’t mind a gunfight. As always, make sure to keep having fun and keep the high ground!

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