The New Car Dealerships in GTA Online Explained

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The New Car Dealerships in GTA Online Explained

The new car dealerships for GTA Online are here! Released as a part of the Criminal Enterprises DLC update, these are brand new locations that offer several cars for purchase. More interestingly is the fact that each car shown on display can be test driven by the player before purchasing!

But just where are these new car dealerships located at? How many cars can be displayed at the same time? And are they worth checking out before you purchase any vehicles on your wishlist? We’ll be covering that and more in this article for the new car dealerships in GTA V explained!

Everything You Need to Know About the New Car Dealerships in GTA Online

Without any more delays, let’s jump straight into the article!

Luxury Autos

Luxury Autos - Car dealerships GTA Online
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The first of the new car dealerships added to the game is called Luxury Autos, a high-end dealership located in Rockford Hills. You can find it on the map by looking for a black and white icon that looks like a car sitting inside of a garage. This location cannot be entered as it does not have an interior, only two large display windows showcasing two luxury cars.

When visiting this location, you can walk up to either one of the cars on display to take a closer look at them. You have the option of purchasing the car or taking it out for a test drive! When taking the car out for a test drive, you cannot leave the vehicle or the test drive will end. You have five minutes in total to try it out. You can damage the car as much as you’d like and it won’t cost you a dime!

This particular location is fairly disappointing, if I’m being honest. Rockstar did the least amount of work possible, not even bothering to add an interior space. And there are only two cars on display!

Premium Deluxe Motorsport

Premium Deluxe Motorsport
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The next car dealership is a bit more interesting, and I think it will be more popular among GTA Online players. Premium Deluxe Motorsport is the same dealership owned by our good old friend Simeon! It is located in Pillbox Hill and, unlike the last dealership, the interior space is open for you to explore the floor room.

This dealership features five cars on display instead of just two. You’ll also be able to walk up to any one of the cars on display and test drive them for up to five minutes (or until you’re finished). Instead of luxury supercars, the vehicles on display here are more middle-class. You can find SUVs, classics, Tuners vehicles, and much more!

Additionally, you can start one of the contact missions Simeon has available for you by walking into the back of the car dealership and interacting with the yellow icon. A perfect way to make some legitimate money to spend on cars from a legitimate businessman!

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