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7 Best Solo Money-Making Missions in GTA 5 Online (2024)

GTA Online has evolved quite a lot in the years since it was first released. We’ve seen dozens of DLCs release for the game, bringing in new weapons, cars, properties, etc. One popular type of content that Rockstar has been generous with is constantly creating new missions to play and complete. Whiel most missions in GTA 5 Online require a party, sometimes you just want to make money while going solo.

Thankfully, there’s a huge variety of mission types in GTA Online for both group and solo players. From simple contact missions to mercenary jobs, to high-stakes robberies, this game has it all. And in this article, we are going to be ranking some of the BEST missions from these categories that can be done entirely by yourself.

GTA 5 Online: How to Make Money Solo, Best Missions Ranked

Without any more delays, let’s jump right into this article for the best solo missions for making money in GTA 5 Online. We’ll be ranking our picks from profitable to ludicrously lucrative 🤑.


VIP Work*

Take advantage of VIP work to start building your empire and money reserves.
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG

The first entry on our rankings is VIP Work. VIP Work–also known as Organization Work–was brought into Grand Theft Auto Online during the DLC Executives and Other Criminals. Ever since their release, they have been one of the most popular mission types for players to complete among GTA Online players. I don’t do them all that often anymore, but they are still great for making a quick buck.

In these missions, you’ll be tasked by SecuroServ to complete some missions that will benefit your organization and pay you some cold hard cash. You’ll be able to choose which mission you want to complete, which is nice if you only want to play the ones that make you the most money.

I should note that not all of these missions can be done solo. For a complete list of all the missions and which ones can be done solo, check out the link posted here. Money earned varies a lot by mission. The best one to do is Headhunter, which pays around $20,000 each time you complete it.

If you want to begin doing these missions, first, you will want to register as a VIP or a member of SeceroServ. To be a VIP, you will need to be carrying at least $50,000 in your in-game account. And to join SeceroServ, you will need to own an office, which can be bought from Dynasty8Executives.

Once either of these things are done, open up your Interaction Menu and select the option to register as a VIP or CEO. From there, select VIP or CEO from the same menu and navigate to VIP Work. Now just select one of the missions that requires only one player to begin it immediately!


Fooligan Jobs

Fooligan Jobs are simple missions that you can do solo to make some easy money in GTA Online.
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG

Up next for our list of the best solo money-making missions in GTA 5 Online, let’s take a look at the Fooligan Jobs! These are not to be confused with the First Dose missions, which were added in the same update in December of 2022 for the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. I really liked playing through these missions (except for the crop duster one), even if they don’t pay out as much as say, the Payphone Hits.

In these missions, your buddy Dax will contact you with information on how you can help the Fooliganz expand their drug operations in San Andreas. You will be given a random mission type that can vary from destroying a weed farm to detonating a car bomb at a rival gang’s hideout. You will make around $50,000 per mission, which is great as you do not need to own any properties to start these missions.

So how do you unlock Fooligan Jobs, anyway? First, you need to complete the first of the First Dose missions. You can do this by getting a phone call from Ron and then heading to the yellow R on the map, which is located in Sandy Shores. After that mission is complete, you can call Dax and select the option to request a Fooligan Job. A few seconds later he will call you back and he will give you a mission to complete!


Dr. Dre Contract

Yep, Dr. Dre is in GTA Online with some unique missions for you to do solo.
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG

At spot number 5, we have the Dr. Dre Contract. This is a special type of mission that Rockstar brought into GTA Online during the Contract DLC of 2021. It is a really interesting series of missions that is not too different from the OG heists of GTA Online, in the sense that it’s a series of missions that need to be completed in order to unlock a finale that gives you a big payday. Personally, these aren’t my favorite missions as I wish they had more replayability, but they are still fun for first-timers.

For this series of missions, you’ve been contacted by the musical artist Dr. Dre (yes, they really did add him to GTA Online). He says that someone has stolen a USB containing his unreleased music, and he needs your help tracking down the man that stole it. Completing the finale will reward you with $1,000,000. This is a pretty good mission to grind, but it can get boring fast and doesn’t offer any unique bonuses to complete it, hence why it’s a lower on this list than other missions.

If you want to complete this mission, first pull out your in-game phone and purchase the Agency property from the in-game website Dynasty9Executives. You can buy the least expensive one for $2,010,000. Now just head to the location, watch a cutscene, then go to your office on the second floor. Sit down at your computer and you can start the first missions from there.


First Dose Missions

The First Dose missions are largely one-time missions that unlock a great solo money making method.
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG

Onto our next pick and we have the First Dose Missions. This is a series of six missions that Rockstar added to GTA Online during the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC of December 2022. The update as a whole was pretty underwhelming, but I’m still glad the missions were added to the game. I found them to be really enjoyable to play through, and I think that these missions should be completed by every new play as soon as possible (more on why in a moment).

In these missions, you will join a gang of fun-loving hooligans known as the Fooliganz. They are trying to set up a new acid empire in Los Santos. And they need your help taking out the competition. The payout for each individual mission is not that great.

However, once you complete all six for the first time, you will earn +$250,000! But more importantly, you will unlock a solo-friendly business–the Acid Lab–which will allow you to make even more money. This Acid Lab is why these missions are higher on this list than some of the other content.

To begin these missions, wait for a call from Ron informing you about the Fooliganz. Once you get that call, head to the town of Sandy Shores. It is located in Blaine County, to the south of the big lake (technically it’s a sea, but it looks like a lake) located in the center of the map. There will be a yellow R located on the map. Go there to start the first mission. After that’s done, complete all the other missions by heading to the yellow D located on the map at the Fooliganz headquarters.


Security Contracts

Security Contracts are a fairly fun way to make money solo in GTA Online.
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG

Kicking off our top-3 on this list for the best solo money-making missions in GTA 5 Online, we have Security Contracts. These missions were added to GTA Online in December 2021 alongside the Contract DLC. While I do find these missions to get a little repetitive after a while, they are still fun to complete and I love to play them whenever there is a double-money event week for them in GTA Online.

Security Contracts are basically mercenary jobs. The objectives for them will vary greatly. In some missions, you will need to protect some assets from multiple waves of enemies. In another, you will have to rescue a client from a shootout and escort them to safety. They all pay anywhere from about $30,000 to around $70,000 depending on the difficulty. But what makes these missions REALLY worth doing is the fact that for every five you complete, you will gain +$500 in passive income every day!

This passive income is deposited into a safe every in-game day. You can keep completing Security Contracts to earn a maximum of $20,000 every 24 hours. To get started with these missions, purchase an Agency from the website Dynasty8Executives (the least expensive one is $2,010,000). After you’ve bought it, head to the location and go into your office on the second floor. Sit down at your computer and from there you can start up a mission.


Payphone Hits

Payphone Hits are easy solo missions that are fun and profitable.
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG

For our next pick, we have Payphone Assassination missions, also known as Payphone Hits! Brought into the game as a part of the Contract DLC of late 2021, these are among the community’s most beloved missions due to how fun they are and how much money they pull in. I don’t grind GTA Online anymore due to the fact I have 30 million dollars, but back when I did grind heists regularly, I would often do these missions in-between setups.

Payphone Hits see you take on the role of a deadly assassin. You’ll receive a phone call from the man himself–Franklin Clinton–to head to a certain location and kill a target(s). Additionally, each mission contains an optional side objective that will earn you a BIG pay bonus. These missions are really quick and easy to complete! That can be done in just a few minutes to earn you exactly $85,000 (assuming you did the bonus objective).

If you want to unlock these missions, first you are going to need to purchase the Agency property. You can get one by going to the in-game website Dynasty8Executives and purchasing one of the four Agency properties (the cheapest one is $2,010,000). After purchasing it, go to your office and complete at least three Security Contracts (see previous section). Once that is done, you can now call Franklin at any time from your phone’s contact list to request a payphone hit!


Cayo Perico Heist

The Cayo Perico Hesit is the best solo mission in GTA Online to make money with.
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG

Finally, taking home the gold medal on our ranking, it’s the Cayo Perico Heist! This is not only the best solo money-making method in GTA Online but the best money-making method period. Added to the game alongside the Cayo Perico Heist DLC back in late 2020, this is my favorite mission to play when I’m in need of some easy cash in GTA Online. And after explaining it a bit, I think you’ll agree with me.

In this mission, you will be robbing the notorious drug lord El Rubio. He lives on an island compound in the middle of the pacific ocean, and it’s up to you to infiltrate the facility, snatch his most prized possession, and get out with your skin intact. The mission guarantees a million dollars upon completion (assuming you get some of the secondary objectives and do it solo). It’s the perfect heist to grind due to how much money you can make per hour.

If you just want to take our word for it and start, then here’s a walkthrough on how to do the Cayo Perico Heist solo. It will cover everything from starting the heist, doing the prep work, and all the steps in between you and your fat paycheck.

But if you want to go into it blind for your initial run, then here’s how you get started. You will first need to visit the Music Locker in the Diamond Casino and talk to Miguel Madrazo. Once the cutscene ends, go to the in-game website Warstock Cache & Carry and purchase the Kosatka submarine for $2,200,000. Now go to it to complete the first mission. Then complete the rest of the setup missions and you’ll be able to do one Cayo Perico Heist!

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It’s our hope that you found this article for the best solo money-making missions in GTA 5 Online informative! What are your thoughts on our ranking? Do you have better missions in mind?

Be sure to let us know them down in the comments! And make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more content.

Happy gaming!

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Darrick Poe

Tuners mission


I solo this on a regular basis. Always a Million plus. Usually averages 1.25 Million. I use the patrol boat and raid North Docks, and if not nice enough go to the Airport and raid that. After I get all secondary loot to proceed to the Base and carry out the mission with as few kills as I need. Open the gate run to the ocean and swim West till out of Rubio’s choppers range. The reset timer is around 2.5 hours.



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