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GTA Online Bunker Guide (Gunrunning DLC)

GTA Online is an open-world multiplayer sandbox that has been evolving since its launch in late 2013. No update has been more game changing or boundary defining then 2017’s Gunrunning DLC. The update introduced players to a new business, a new type of mobile safehouse, and even the first of many weaponized vehicles. In this GTA Online bunker guide, I’ll be discussing how to make the most money from your bunker, what bunker research to do, the mobile operations center, and ending with weaponized vehicle recommendations.

It was a controversial update to say the least — the newly added weapons and vehicles changed the balance of PvP forever. Then again, what is GTA without a little controversy? In this GTA 5 Online Gunrunning guide, we’ll teach you how to get started in the world of underground gun running, where to purchase the Mobile Operation Center, and how to get your hands on the latest in weaponized street vehicles.

Best Bunker to Buy in GTA Online

Arguably one of the best additions that came with Gunrunners are the bunkers. Bunkers are properties the player can purchase for around a million dollars. If you put in a little work, it’ll quickly turn into a highly profitable business that ships illegal arms across all of San Andreas. To pick one up, just go to Maze Bank Foreclosures and select “Bunkers.” From here, you can make your purchase.

GTA Online Maze Bank - Acquire a Bunker
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Gibson Ross

The least expensive one costs $1,165,000. Alternativity, you can unlock it for free if you own the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. You can purchase this from the PS Store, the Xbox Games Store, or Steam. I would not recommend this one, however, as it is located very far north of Los Santos. Most of your sale missions are located in the city, so the more south you can go, the better. If you can fork over the extra cash, I recommend purchasing the Chumash Bunker or the Farmhouse Bunker. These will cost you $1,650,000 and $2,375,000, respectively.

After making your purchase, just head up into the bunker and watch a short cutscene with our old friend Agent 14. He’ll give you the rundown on how to acquire supplies, produce guns, and sell product when the time is right. It’s a very straightforward and easy-to-understand business, but we’ll go over the basics regardless.

How to Make Money with a Bunker

You’ll want to open up your bunker’s laptop computer to get everything started. When opening up the laptop for the first time, you’ll need to do a quick setup mission to get things up and running. The setup mission is fairly straightforward, and will have you doing a quick and easy errand for Agent 14. Once you’re done with that, you will have everything you need to get started. From the same laptop computer, you can control every aspect of your business. You can source supplies, manage staff, acquire upgrades, start sales, and do everything else you could ever possibly need.

Making money with a Bunker in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Gibson Ross

The first thing you’ll need to know is how to source supplies. Your bunker will be stocked full after completing the first setup mission, but you’ll have to do supply missions after this to replenish your stock. You could always take the lazy route and buy the supplies for $75K, especially if you already own multiple businesses and want to speed things up. If you’re just starting out, however, this can eat into your product — it’s better to do the supply missions instead.

After waiting about sixteen and a half in-game hours, your bunker will be full enough to make a sale! Just be sure to bring a friend or two for the ride, as selling a full bunker can spawn up to four delivery vehicles. Once you start the sale mission from your laptop, Agent 14 will call you up and explain what is happening. Just deliver the goods to each drop-off point, and get ready to defend your product once you arrive at each spot! If another player tries to destroy your product, just go to the main menu and leave the game and join a new session. You will still lose a little bit of your product, but you can easily start the sale mission again without fear of it all being destroyed.

GTA Online Bunker Research

One thing that sets bunkers apart from your other money making schemes is research, a feature exclusive to the Gunrunning DLC. Research allows players to up their game in GTA Online with high-end upgrades for their weapons and vehicles. Unfortunately, you can’t choose which technology to unlock, so there’s a little luck involved in getting all the right tech. This isn’t a task I recommend doing right away, as it won’t earn you any money. You’ll want to make back the money you made buying the place before researching any new tech.

When logged into your bunker’s computer, you can choose between creating product or conducting research (you can also do both at reduced speed). Your staff will now research a random technology, and you will be notified via text when they are finished. You also have the option to spend a little money and speed up research if you are feeling impatient. This is known as “Fast Track Research,” and it’s not cheap — it’ll cost you a whopping $225K! I wouldn’t recommend this if you are a new player, as that kind of money is hard to come by.

GTA Online Gunrunning DLC Research
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Gibson Ross

After you make back the costs on your bunker, you’ll want to switch over to conducting research as soon as you can. Researching new technology will allow you to get explosive rounds and other special ammunition types! You can also unlock new upgrades for your weaponized vehicles. There are many unique customization options that become available as well, both for your guns and your vehicles. You can apply all of these upgrades and customization options quickly and easily from the comfort of your very own Mobile Operations Center.

GTA Online Mobile Operations Center

After you’ve familiarized yourself with your new bunker, its time to purchase The Mobile Operations Center. This is one of the most unique vehicles in GTA Online, and it comes with a variety of useful features. It functions like a mobile safehouse, and offers a huge variety of customization options! Just be sure you’ve sold some product from your bunker first, as the MOC will cost you a pretty penny. Without any upgrades or customizations, it will set you back $1,225,000. Many of the customization options are not cheap, so be sure to think carefully before making any purchases!

Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Gibson Ross

Once you make your purchase, your MOC is safely stored inside of your bunker. You can move it to any location on the map anytime by opening up the interaction menu and selective services. Owners of the MOC can change their clothing, customize their vehicles, and even upgrade their arsenal of weapons. There is even a command center, from which you can launch a weaponized drone and use the MOC’s mounted turret!

For those looking to make money with their MOC, you can launch a series of missions using the MOC’s computer. These missions are fairly difficult to do, so its recommended you bring a crew of friends with you for the ride. Payouts are not the best, but the missions are fun to do and offer a change of pace from the day-to-day work of running an underground gunrunning network. Just keep in mind that in order to do some of these missions, you’ll need to have the right vehicles on standby.

What Are Weaponized Vehicles in GTA Online?

If you ask a long-term player what their least favorite addition to GTA Online is, chances are it will be one of the weaponized vehicles. Regardless of how they permanently changed the balance of PvP, they are fun to use and make great end-game purchases and their is a wide variety of options to choose from. They are different from the standard tanks and military jets GTA has always had. If you’ve ever seen a James Bond movie, you’ll know what to expect.

The DLC added several new and unique weaponized vehicles, each with their own quirks and stats. There is the HVY APC — an armored land and sea vehicle which sports a mounted missile launcher. You can snag one for yourself for only a hefty price of $3,092,250! Then we have the Bravado Half-Truck, which sports a .50 Cal mounted machine gun and holds enough space for three of your friends, costing only $2,254,350.

Warstock Cache and Carry - Half-Track Truck
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Gibson Ross

If you are a fan of off-road vehicles, I’d recommend you take a look at the BF Dune FAV. It will set you back a measly $1,130,500, but it’s worth the price for what it has to offer. Not only is it fast-moving dune buggy, you can upgrade it with a mounted grenade launcher! Just keep in mind, that grenade launcher requires one other person to operate. The Declasse Weaponized Tampa is a muscle car that can fit two people. It is fairly weak armor wise, but its weapon capability more then makes up for it. It comes with a forward-facing minigun that can shred through armored enemies like paper! You can even upgrade the car to deploy proximity mines!

Best Weaponized Vehicles in GTA Online

If you are looking to get the best of the best, I have a few options available for you. You can purchase these vehicles from the in-game website Warstock Cache & Carry. My personal recommendations range from $1,795,000 to $3,524,500, so don’t go around blowing your money unless you can afford it.

The Insurgent Pick-Up Custom is a variant of the Insurgent Pick-Up, and boasts new customization options over its regular counterpart. This is one of the best armored vehicles in the game, and allows you to hold up to nine people! Unlike other armored cars, it features a mounted machine gun, which is perfect for PvP. In order to get this beauty, you will first need to buy the regular Insurgent Pick-Up. Then just drive it into your MOC and convert it for $202,500. Converting it will allow you to apply those special liveries and upgrades which you can unlock from doing research.

The Oppressor is my final recommendation. It is a rocket-powered motorcycle that can glide through the air like a breeze. It is arguable one of the best and most useful motorcycles in the entire game! Its ability to glide around makes it useful for traveling in both the city and the country. You can call it immediately to your position if you have a motorcycle club. I would recommend you pop it into your MOC and equip it with the missile upgrade. This upgrade makes it incredibly useful in PvE and PvP fights. You can’t equip the missiles right away, and need to research them first.

Warstock Cache and Carry - Oppressor Motorcycle
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Gibson Ross

Join the High Ground

Owning a bunker is one of the most profitable and enjoyable activities in GTA Online. Getting them up and running isn’t exactly a cake walk, however. We hope this GTA 5 Online gunrunning guide set you on the right path to striking it rich in the world of underground arms dealing. When you’re done with the whole arms trading thing, why not spend all that cash you’ve made on a new MOC or some weaponized vehicles?

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