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GTA Online: Stash Houses and How to Loot Them

While the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC was a bit of a letdown overall, we still got some cool and interesting new bits of content to enjoy. One such example of this is the brand-new stash houses! These stash houses in GTA Online are special places that you can raid in order to get some great rewards.

But just what ARE they, exactly? Where can you find them? What is the best possible way to clear them out? And are they even worth doing? We will be covering these questions and much, much more today in this Stash Houses Guide in GTA Online!

GTA Online: Stash Houses Guide

Without any more delays, let’s jump right into the guide!

What Are Stash Houses?

Stash Houses are a new type of free-roam activity that you can partake in either solo or with friends. They are interior locations scattered around the map that feature several hostile NPCs that are using the stash house as a place to store drugs. You will be given a text by your old friend Gerald telling you to raid these locations and grab the valuable loot located inside.

Altogether, 25 Stash Houses are available for looting in GTA Online. Nevertheless, only one Stash House will be present at a specific location each day, with its position being random. The daily reset occurs at 9 AM GMT / 1 AM PT.

Stash House Locations in GTA Online

GTA Online Stash Houses Map
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

You can find these Stash Houses by looking for their icon on the map. The icon is a purple house with a crosshair in the center of it. Only one will spawn on the map at a time, and once you clear it out you cannot do another one until a new location is added the following real-world day. ]

Benefits of Clearing Them

After a Stash House is cleared out, you will gain +$500 as well as one of your drug-related businesses receiving a full re-supply, which is worth $75,000!

The businesses that can be filled up by completing a Stash House are as follows:

  • Cocaine Lockup
  • Methamphetamine Lab
  • Weed Farm
  • Acid Lab

How Do You Raid Stash Houses in GTA Online?

learn how to rain a stash house in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

To raid a Stash House, open up your map and look for the purple marker mentioned earlier. Set a GPS to that location and then drive over there. Once you arrive, you can interact with the door to the Stash House to break inside. After you’ve broken in, you will be attacked by several NPCs.

Shoot and kill all of these enemies. You can kill them all almost immediately by chucking a grenade down the stairs!

Once they are dead, you will have to unlock a nearby safe. To do this, look for a yellow sticky note containing a code. After you find the code, enter it into the safe to open it up and grab what is inside. And after that is done, simply leave the Stash House and you will have successfully raided one!

You’ll receive your +$500 as well as the re-supply to one of your businesses almost immediately after.

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Happy gaming!

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