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GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars: First Dose Missions Walkthrough

Welcome to our walkthrough for the First Dose missions in GTA Online! The Drug Wars DLC is finally here, and with it comes a new business, new vehicles, and six brand-new missions! While the amount of content that we received on day one of the DLC was…questionable, it is nice to at least have something new to do in the world of GTA Online.

If you’ve gotten stuck while playing through the missions, or if you just want to see if the missions are worth it, you’ve come to the right place. Here in this guide for GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars, we’ll be giving you a walkthrough for the First Dose missions.

GTA Online: First Dose Missions Walkthrough

Without any more delays, let’s get right into the walkthrough for the First Dose missions in GTA Online!

Welcome to the Troupe

Welcome to The Troupe: Part 1 - gta online first dose missions walkthrough
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The first step on our walkthrough for the First Dose missions in GTA Online is meeting up with your future business partners and compatriots — The Fooliganz.

To start this mission, head to the yellow R map icon in Sandy Shores. Walk into the yellow circle located here and press the interaction button to begin the mission. After a short cutscene plays, your first objective is to fend off a wave of enemies storming your location!

Make sure you stay behind cover and use plenty of explosives (if you have any) to deal with the enemy vehicles. I had the grenade launcher during this mission, and it made quick work of the enemy cars. Frag grenades, sticky bombs, and RPG rockets will do fine, too.

As for regular enemies, use an assault rifle to dispatch them. If you are taking too much damage when aiming, you can blind fire from behind cover by just pressing the button instead of aiming down sights first. While you won’t be as accurate, you will be less likely to die.

Once you’ve fended off the Lost MC, Dax will tell you to go retrieve his stolen vehicle. You can hop into one of the surviving MC vehicles or one of the cars belonging to the Fooliganz. Then you’ll want to drive down to the nearby lake to get into a boat. Take this boat to the location marked on your map and you’ll arrive at the next part of the mission.

Welcome to the Troupe: Part 2

After you get to this next location, you can exit at the area next to the docks. You’ll want to kill most of the enemies nearby before trying to get the stolen Journey back. Pull out your assault rifle and slowly move through the location, waiting for enemies to appear out of cover before shooting them. Don’t rush out into the open if you aren’t the best at PVE. Keep an eye on your mini-map for the location of nearby NPCs.

Once you’ve killed all the NPCs, you can head for the vehicle in the center of the area. Get in it and drive to the yellow marker on your GPS. You can go into the Interaction Menu > Inventory and start using your snacks and body armor if you are low on health. Don’t be shy about it, either — hostile NPCs will spawn and follow you while you’re driving to the next location.

You’ll want to aim out your window and gun them down so they don’t destroy your vehicle, which automatically fails the mission. You don’t actually need to kill them, as they are riding motorbikes. When you shoot an NPC on a motorbike once, they will fall off and onto the ground. You should concentrate on driving as much as you can. So just quickly shoot the NPCs in the chest and keep going to your destination.

Welcome to the Troupe: Part 3

Once you arrive at the spot on the map, Dax will get into your vehicle and tell you to drive to Los Santos. Follow the GPS to the highway. Don’t be afraid to drive off-road to get to the highway faster — just be aware that the Journey doesn’t handle rough terrain well. Once you get onto the highway, it should be smooth sailing to the final location. Just follow the GPS.

Of course, you still aren’t completely home free yet. Just like before, more Lost MC will attack you as you drive to the city. There will be some enemies in slamvans now, so that makes things a little bit trickier. Just shoot through the front and back windows of the car to kill the driver and keep moving. Do the same method I described earlier to keep the ones on bikes off your back.

And don’t forget to go to your Inventory in the Interaction Menu to use snacks and body armor! You can’t complete the mission if you’re dead, and you will take some damage during this part of the mission. Just keep following the GPS to the abandoned warehouse Dax is telling you about. Once you get there, the mission will end and you’ll get paid.

Designated Driver

Designated Driver: Part 1 gta online first dose missions walkthrough
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Hard to run a business when you’re short on supplies. That’s why the next part of our walkthrough for the First Dose missions in GTA Online is securing some ingredients. But, of course, nothing goes smoothly.

In order to start Designated Driver, head to The Freakshop in Los Santos. This is the same place where you dropped Dax off during the final part of the first mission. Outside The Freakshop will be a yellow circle on the ground. Walk into it and press the interaction button to begin this next mission.

When you first spawn in, you’ll want to get into a fast car you own and start following the GPS to the docks in south Los Santos. Once you’re there, Dax will instruct you to look for a truck cab that you can take. There are a few driving around that you can steal, but make sure it’s a truck cab and not a truck with a flatbed — that one won’t work. There are a few parked around the area.

Once you find and steal one, head on over to the northeastern side of the docks. There, you will find a set of supplies on the back of a flatbed marked with a blue icon on your map. Back the truck cab into the supplies to pick them up. Now, Dax will instruct you to take them to The Freakshop. Before you start driving there, you’ll want to put on some body armor by going to Interaction Menu > Inventory > Body Armor. You’ll be needing it shortly.

Designated Driver: Part 2

As you leave the docks and drive along the road, you’ll see a line of slamvans and a whole bunch of angry bikers blocking your only exit! They will start shooting at you, but you don’t have to fire back. Just speed up and ram the truck cab through their little blockade. If you put on body armor, you shouldn’t die. Don’t celebrate just yet…as you’re driving away, the supplies explode! This is a scripted event, so don’t worry.

Thankfully, Dax has another plan. Now he’ll instruct you to drive on over to the Lost MC Clubhouse. Once there, get behind cover next to the entrance and pull out an assault rifle. Start picking off each of the Lost MC members one by one.

Just keep in mind that sometimes enemies on motorbikes will approach you from the road, so be sure to look out for them while you’re doing this. After you’ve killed most or all of them, run toward the back left of the locale and enter into their clubhouse.

Designated Driver: Part 3

Designated Driver: Part 3 - gta online first dose missions walkthrough
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Once you’re inside, hang a right and fire at the two NPCs waiting for you inside. Then hang a left and enter into the bigger room in the back, being mindful of the hostile NPCs shown on your mini-map. After you’ve cleared out all of the enemies, head through the door in between the room you first entered the clubhouse from and the big room in the back. It’ll be on the right-hand side as you walk towards the big room. It’s to the north side of the clubhouse.

Inside this room, you’ll have to pull out your phone to take a picture of some papers on a board on the wall. Send that to Dax by pressing the button prompted on the screen. Then go to the big room in the back again and steal the pile of weed located towards the back of the room on a table. Now just leave the clubhouse. Don’t forget to eat snacks and put body armor on first!

Once you exit, you’ll be attacked by a second wave of hostile bikers. Kill them all with your assault rifle and make your way outside. You can steal a slamvan owned by one of the bikers, as that’s faster than the truck cab you came in on. Take it and return to The Freakshop to complete the mission!

Fatal Incursion

Fatal Incursion: Part 1
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

It’s usually a fatal mistake to get on your character’s bad side. That’s why you going on a murderous retaliation as the next step in our walkthrough for the First Dose missions in GTA Online.

You can start this mission (and the remaining missions) at the same place and in the same way as the last one. Before beginning, I recommend calling in an Armored Kuruma as your personal vehicle (for reasons I’ll explain later). After you’ve started the mission, Dax will send you off to Stab City. This is a location in Blaine County, and you’ll recognize it as the place full of motor homes that Trevor blew up in the single-player campaign. Drive to that location for your next objective.

Once you arrive, it’s time to vandalize the Lost MC’s property. This is where that Armored Kuruma comes in handy. But if you don’t own one, no worries — you can still do this mission fine without it. You’ll want to start by shooting all of the Lost MC members first before destroying any of their property. You can use an AP pistol to more effectively take them out from inside your car.

Be sure to watch your health and armor while doing this, especially if you don’t have a Kuruma. It’s easy to be shot and killed while doing this. After you’ve cleared out most of the NPCs, you, can start focusing on destroying their property. You’ll need to fill up a meter in the bottom right corner by blowing up crates, tankers, motorcycles, and vans belonging to the Lost MC.

You can easily destroy the bright yellow/orange tankers just by shooting them. I recommend using sticky bombs to blow up the other types of property. There should be yellow explosive barrels nearby that you can shoot to destroy some nearby gear, so be sure to shoot those as well if you want to save some explosives. If you’re having trouble finding stuff to blow up, just keep driving around while looking at your mini-map. When you get close to something, it will show up on your map.

Fatal Incursion: Part 2

Once you’ve destroyed enough stuff, you can move on to the next part of the mission. Head to Millar’s Fishery next. Be careful while driving there, as more Lost MC will attack you on their motorbikes. Like before, just shoot them once in the chest and they should fall off and onto the ground. After you’ve arrived at Millar’s Fishery, you’ll have to start looking for stashes of meth scattered everywhere. If you have a Kuruma, drive around and kill all the enemies first.

If you don’t have one, that’s fine, just slowly move through the fishery and kill them while you take cover behind whatever you can find. To find the first stash of meth, head into the big building to the right when you first enter the fishery and there should be one in the center. You’ll know you’ve found it when a green dot appears on your map. Collect it and run around the fishery collecting the others.

There should be a total of eight meth stashes scattered around the outside of the fishery. Once you’ve found them, head to the big building at the opposite end of the area where you first drove in. Walk around the back, and a meth lab icon should appear on your map, indicating where the door is. Enter that door through the blue icon on the ground. Now shoot and kill the enemies located inside.

Fatal Incursion: Part 3

Fatal Incursion: Part 3
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Grab the last remaining stashes of meth and head outside once again. Once you have all ten, start walking toward the docks located at the fishery. Steal the plane that spawns here and start flying toward The Freakshop. The flight itself should be smooth sailing — just make sure to stay high above the ground to avoid any obstacles in the area.

After you’ve gotten close to The Freakshop, you’ll be told to land the plane inside of the storm drain. Touching down should be fairly easy, just make sure not to hit the highways and you’ll be fine. Once you land, the mission will end and you’ll get a paycheck for your efforts.

Uncontrolled Substance

Uncontrolled Substance: Part 1 - gta online first dose missions walkthrough
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Up next on our walkthrough for the First Dose missions in GTA Online is without a doubt the easiest mission in the DLC! After being treated to a cutscene in which you down a large dose of acid, you will suddenly find yourself suffering from intense hallucinations. You’ll start this mission riding a bicycle, and you’ll need to follow Dax. Chase after him and avoid the trucks that come barreling down the storm drain toward you.

Once you enter the gateway, you’ll teleport to a new location and will have to drive down a linear path while being surrounded by various hallucinations. There are several different places that you can go to/hallucinations you can see during this mission, and what ones you’ll experience are determined randomly. This means there’s some value in replaying the mission again for a chance at seeing something you might have missed the first time.

This part of the mission is very easy. Just drive straight through the hallucination while enjoying the show. There is one section where you’ll be on a go-kart traveling through a trippy tunnel. Halfway through this section, the game will display a strange message and your controls will be reversed. So just remember to turn right to go left and vice versa when you get to this part.

Uncontrolled Substance: Part 2

Uncontrolled Substance: Part 2
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Soon, you’ll wake up in a field in the countryside, carrying a musket and wearing something from the 18th century. There will be a giant white rabbit for you to hunt. Get as close to the creature as you can and shoot it before it gets away. Make sure you don’t miss, as the musket takes a bit to reload.

Once you kill it enough times, you’ll spawn in the sky and will fall back down to the Earth. Once you land, you’ll get a call from Dax, and the hallucinations will begin to wear off. Congrats! You’ve survived your trip and have completed the fourth (and best) mission in this DLC.

Make Love Not War

Purging the competition is the next part of our walkthrough for the First Dose missions in GTA Online. You’ll start this mission outside The Freakshop like most of the others. Get in your car and start driving to Blaine County. There is a hippy camp there that Dax wants you to pay a visit to. I recommend using an Armored Kuruma again, but it’s no big deal if you don’t have it.

Once you arrive at the hippy camp, you’ll be doing more or less what you did at the Lost MC base from Mission 3. Dax wants you to destroy some property. But first, you should drive around in your car and kill all the angry hippies with an AP pistol (if you have it). After the area is safe, now you can do what you came here to do. On the map, you should see some white building icons.

Go to these icons and you’ll see some white tents full of lab equipment. Throw in a grenade and/or sticky bomb from your car to blow up the stuff inside. Once everything is destroyed, get inside one of the hippy vans parked nearby and the game will update your objective to “Destroy the delivery vans.” Now get back in your car and open up your map and look for the red dots.

Make Love Not War: Part 2

Make Love Not War: Part 2 - gta online first dose missions walkthrough
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

You’ll want to start with the one that is farthest away from the city. Place a GPS marker and go to that red dot. Once there, you will find a hippy van. Kill anyone who gets in your way and blow the vehicle up with a sticky bomb! Then open your map again and start heading towards the next closest one and repeat the process. Just like the Lost MC, some enemies will chase after you in vehicles, so be careful of them.

If you destroyed all of them by starting from the one farthest from Los Santos, you should now be closer to your next objective — the Altruist Camp. Drive to that location. The first part of the drive should be easy, but you’ll soon reach some hilly/mountainous terrain. These roads really aren’t that difficult to drive on as long as you’re careful not to slide off the road and tumble down a hill.

After carefully making your way to the camp, put on some body armor if you need it and start shooting the enemies from your car. There are several vans inside this camp marked with a red dot. Dax wants you to destroy them, so get to it! You don’t have to leave your car if you have some sticky bombs/grenades left over from earlier. After you blow up all the objectives, leave the area and the mission will end.

Off the Rails

Off the Rails: Part 1
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Finally on this walkthrough for the First Dose missions in GTA Online: The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, we have the mission “Off the Rails.” This is the last mission for the first part of this DLC, and I have to say, it’s pretty damn fun. When you first start this mission, you’ll want to hop into a fast car you own and start driving towards Humane Labs on the east side of GTA V’s map.

Once you get to Humane Labs, drive through the front gate and kill the guard manned there. For this mission, you are encouraged to be stealthy, but it doesn’t matter if you go in guns blazing or not. Use a suppressed weapon and sneak through the facility if you can, but if you want to go loud, go for it. After getting through the gate, drive straight for a little bit before reaching some stairs on the right-hand side.

Exit your vehicle and make your way up those steps. Then take a left and start heading straight down toward the green icon shown on your mini-map. Continue to take out any enemies in your way, and don’t forget to shoot the cameras if you want to be stealthy! Once you reach the keypad, interact with it and your character will open up the door, allowing you entry into the facility.

Off the Rails: Part 2

Off the Rails: Part 2 - gta online first dose missions walkthrough
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Head down towards the yellow dot shown on your map until you reach a crate loading room. Kill all of the hostile NPCs and then start looking around the room for a clipboard posted to the wall. Once you find it, take a picture and send that picture to Dax. More NPCs will slowly come into the room from the hallway you came in if you were detected. So be sure to shoot them when they periodically arrive.

Your objective should be updated to say “Search the loading bay for the chemicals.” As you may have noticed, there are several crates scattered about the room. You’ll want to approach each and every one of these crates and interact with them to crowbar them open. Your character will grab the goods stored inside. You need to collect a total of five chemical bottles from inside five different crates.

Once Dax tells you to reach the switching station before the train does, you should now leave the facility. See those two big garage doors located opposite the way you came in? There should be a green button on the wall in between them. Press the button to open the door. Now kill any security guards waiting for you outside. You can steal the car they were driving and either use it to get to your next objective, or drive back to your personal vehicle.

Off the Rails: Part 3

Now it’s time to exit the facility! Drive back out through the front gate and drive off-road onto the hill. Make your way over it and head toward the yellow dot on your map. Luckily, the game gives you plenty of time to reach the switching station before the train does, so don’t worry too much about failing your objective. Once you arrive at the station, get out and enter the second-story of the nearby building.

Inside here, you’ll want to go to the control console and press the interaction button to pill a level. This will trigger a cutscene and update your objective. Head outside and get back into your personal vehicle. After Dax is finished talking to you, a green tool bag icon will appear on your map at the nearby quarry. Drive over these and steal the saw out of the tool bag. Now get back in your car.

Off the Rails: Part 4

Your objective will once again update and you’ll be told to head for the train crash site. Follow the GPS. Use some snacks and put on some body armor by going to Interaction Menu > Inventory. You’ll need to do this, as this next part is pretty tricky.

There is a helicopter flying above the crash site, so this is the first enemy you’ll want to kill. Get out of your car and shoot the pilot with a sniper rifle. This should be easy, as the helicopter will remain stationary if you haven’t gotten too close to it.

If the helicopter does start moving around, you can pull out an assault rifle and aim for the rotor blade on the back of it. This can be easily destroyed, and once it is, the helicopter will spin out of control and crash! Now that he’s taken care of, you can go back to the guys on the ground. Slowly make your way through the crash site, killing each one. Don’t be afraid to shoot them from your car if need be.

Once the area is relatively safe, you can start looking for the chemicals. Hop on top the closest train car and press the interaction button while next to the red crate to open it up. Once it’s open, steal any chemicals you see inside. If there are none, no worries, just keep looking in the other crates. A helicopter should spawn at this point, so use the rotor blade method I mentioned earlier to destroy them.

After the helicopter is taken care of, keep moving up the train crash and kill any guards who stand in your way. Reach the next set of crates and crack both of them open like you did the last two. You’ll want to keep doing this process until you’ve found all the chemicals (marked by the white dots on the map). If the guards are giving you too much trouble, fall back and call in an Armored Kuruma if you own it. Don’t forget to use snacks and body armor after using health.

Off the Rails: Part 5

Off the Rails: Part 5 - gta online first dose missions walkthrough
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Once you grab the last chemical, you’ll be instructed to steal a nearby Brickade 6×6 located at the crash site. Kill any remaining NPCs in your way and hop inside the brickade. Drive it off the train and onto the ground. Now get onto the nearby road and start following the GPS to The Freakshop. You’ll now be followed by armed security who want their brickade back. Shoot the drivers of any enemy vehicles in front of you, and ignore the ones following behind you. You should be safe from them.

Follow the GPS onto the highway and then keep continue following it until you get to The Freakshop. Once you arrive at your final destination, the mission will conclude and you’ll have completed the First Dose missions! You should receive a bonus paycheck from Dax of $250,000 for finishing all six missions. And you should have unlocked the brickade 6×6/Acid Lab available for purchase from inside The Freakshop. You can read our acid lab guide by clicking the link posted here.

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We hope you found this walkthrough for the First Dose missions in the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC helpful! Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to ask down in the comments section, and make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more regular GTA Online content.

Happy gaming!

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