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The 5 Best Lowriders in GTA Online (2024)

In GTA Online, there’s no better feeling than customizing a brand-new car you purchased with your hard-earned dollars. There are hundreds upon hundreds of different vehicles in the game for you to buy, mod, and store in your garage. One of the most sought-after types is the lowrider.

Lowriders are classy, highly customizable vehicles. They are highly coveted by collectors in GTA Online due to their unique modifications and unique looks. And here in this article, we are going to be going over our picks for the 5 best lowriders in GTA Online. We’ve based our ranking on a mixture of looks, stats, and how fun they are to drive.

Lowriders Ranked From Good to Best

So without any more delays, let’s hop right into the top 5 list!

#5 Albany Manana Custom

Albany Manana Custom Lowrider from GTA Online
(Image: Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

First up on this list, and we have the Albany Manana Custom! This is a beautiful muscle car with a unique design that helps it stand out from most of the other cars in the game. It’s the most recently added vehicle on this list, making it a bit of a unique car. Despite its recent release, not very many people are driving it around. So if you want something that is more unique, then you should buy this car.

It can reach top speeds of up to 108.75 miles per hour, making it a relatively slow vehicle. Its acceleration and breaking is both 60/100, which isn’t terrible but not exactly great either. The breaking is also very bad, sitting at exactly 9.17. So overall, its stats could be better, but this is still a really fun car to drive around in free roam, especially when you’re fooling around at a car meet.

To obtain this car, you will have to go to the in-game website Benny’s Original Motorworks. From there, you can purchase the base model. This will cost you $10,000. After you’ve acquired the base model, simply drive the vehicle to Benny’s Original Motorworks and upgrade it for exactly $925,000. This high cost is why it’s lower on the list, as you’re not really getting anything special for a price that’s higher than the other cars on this ranking.

#4 Declasse Tornado Custom

Declasse Tornado Custom Lowrider from GTA Online
(Image: Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

The Declasse Tornado Custom is an old-school sports classic that you’ll really love if you’re a fan of classy vehicles. It’s a beautiful converter that does not have the best stats but makes up for it with lots and lots of cool customization options. This is a pretty popular ride to see at car meets, so if you are looking for something that you know a lot of people will love, then pick this one up.

98.25 is the top speed of this vehicle. It’s pretty disappointing, but not really unexpected when you consider that this is an older car (in-universe, that is). Does it make up for it with other stats? Not really. The acceleration is only 40.25, which is terribly slow. And the breaking is even worse at 8.50. Still, most people don’t buy lowriders for stats, they buy em for the customization options. And this one definitely has a lot.

The car can be purchased for a base price of $30,000. You can get it from the Benny’s Original Motorworks website (it will be called the Declasse Tornado). Once you’ve bought it, bring it into Benny’s mod shop, and from there, you can pay $375,000 to upgrade the vehicle. This will allow you to put on some custom modifications that you can only get at Benny’s. While the stats for this car are lower than the Manana Custom, its lower price makes it more worthwhile for what you’re paying.

#3 Declasse Impaler

Declasse Impaler Lowrider from GTA Online
(Image: Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

The Declasse Impaler is one of my personal favorite lowriders, mainly due to the fact that I just LOVE the look and design of it. It’s got a simple, yet classy and old-school feel that just looks great in my garage. This is also an Arena War vehicle, meaning you can purchase it, modify it, and then bring it into the Arena Wars for some high-octane action.

Its top speed–according to YouTuber Broughy1322–is 115.50 MPH. This is a pretty good speed compared to most low and medium-end cars in the game, but there are definitely much faster vehicles out there. Considering the price tag, I’d say that’s a pretty fair speed for what you are paying for. The car also has decent handling and acceleration, although it’s lacking quite a bit in the brakes department.

If you want this car, you will need to go to the website Arena Wars and purchase it there for a total cost of $331,835. This is a pretty low price for a car in GTA Online, which is just another reason why you should get this car.

#2 Vapid Slamvan Custom

Vapid Slamvan Custom Lowrider from GTA Online
(Image: Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

The Vapid Slamvan Custom is without a doubt one of the most highly-customizable vehicles in the game. There are many, many different parts on it that you can swap out to make this vehicle your own. It also features some of the best liveries in the game, my favorite being a the cyan-blue hot rod flames. If you don’t care too much about speed and/or stats, then this is a great vehicle for you to pick up.

Speaking of speed and stats, this car features surprisingly decent speed. It can go up to 117.50 miles per hour, which isn’t too bad for a car of this type and class. The handling on it is also pretty good, but it is a truck so it feels a bit different to drive than the regular cars in the game. Its breaking stat is very low, sitting at only 20/100. These stats really don’t matter much if you’re just going to buy this as a show vehicle, however.

To obtain this truck, first purchase a regular Slamvan from the in-game website Southern San Andreas Super Autos. This car will cost you $49,500 dollars, which is really cheap for a car in GTA Online. But the conversation cost will set you back by $415,000. Still, that’s pretty cheap relatively speaking, making it a great car to get for your first lowrider.

#1 Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom

Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom Lowrider from GTA Online
(Image: Rockstar Games / Koby Gibson Ross)

The last one on this list of the Top 5 Best Lowriders in GTA Online, is the Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom. This is a really fun-to-drive car that is highly customizable. It can make a great addition to anyone’s garage and a great piece to bring to your next car meet.

The top speed on this car is pretty good for a lowrider, coming in at 121.25 miles per hour. It is slightly faster than most other lowriders on this list, so if you are looking for something with a bit more oomph then consider picking this car up. As for its other stats, its acceleration is also pretty good, at 70.50/100. The handling is a bit on the weaker side, so make sure to be careful when you are driving this car around the block.

You can purchase the base version of this car for a price of $15,000. This can be bought from the website Benny’s Original Motorworks. After you’ve purchased the car and it’s been delivered to your garage, get in it and drive it to the mod shop located in south Los Santos which is also called Benny’s Original Motorworks. Once you get there, you can upgrade it for exactly $490,000.

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