GTA Online: Maximize Money From Air Freight Cargo and Hangars

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GTA Online: Maximize Money From Air Freight Cargo and Hangars

In GTA Online, businesses are some of the most important things that a player can own. They are incredibly valuable assets that allow players to make some good money while providing them with other useful benefits. One of my personal favorite businesses is the hangar.

This is a property that allows to store various planes and helicopters. It can also be used to source illegal cargo that can be sold for high profits! But just how do you source cargo? What is the best way to do it? We will be answering these questions and more in this walkthrough!

With that introduction out of the way, let’s get right into this guide for How to Source Cargo From a Hangar in GTA Online!

How to Source Air Freight Cargo From a Hangar

Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Currently, there are two ways to source cargo from a hangar in GTA Online. You can either do it manually by getting the cargo yourself, or you can pay an NPC inside your hangar to go out and do it for you. To do it the first way, head upstairs into your office and to the desk with the computer. Sit down at this desk and select from one of any of the different types of products you can source.

You can also choose to source any type of product from the green button at the bottom. Once you select an option, the source mission will start and you can exit the hangar. Now you’ll be in a mission. These missions can vary greatly, and which one you get is randomly determined. Complete the mission and you can acquire anywhere from 1 to 4 crates at a time, depending on how many other players are in your organization.

If you don’t feel like doing these missions, then you can always go with the alternate method. Go inside your hangar and look to the left-hand side from where you walk in. There on the bottom floor will be some shelves and a few NPCs. Talk to the one with the big hat and the blue flannel shirt. His name is Rooster, and you can pay him $25,000 to source a random type of product for you.

Best Way to Make Money with the Hangar

Rockstar Games

The best way to make money with the hangar is through a combination of manually sourcing freight while also paying Rooster to source some cargo for you. You should go into your hangar and pay Rooster the $25,000 fee for him to source one random type of freight. One product will sell for about $30,000, so paying Rooster to source it for you will only net you about $5,000 in profit.

However, it will still allow you to fill up your hangar fast, allowing you to sell it quicker and make more money per hour. After you pay Rooster, go up to your office and start a mission (preferably with a friend or two) and choose either narcotics, chemicals, or medical supplies. These three are the most profitable types of goods that you can source. Now just complete the missions.

Once you have reached the maximum amount of narcotics, chemicals, and medical supplies, start a sell mission. You will be able to sell all three of these goods plus any extra goods that Rooster has brought you. You can do this in a high-population lobby to get a big bonus of money, or you can play it safe and do it in an invite-only session. I recommend you try doing it in a public lobby for the bonus payment.

Register as a CEO before launching the mission in a high-population lobby. Once the mission starts, activate Ghost Organization from the Interaction Menu to go off the map. If someone starts attacking you while you are selling, simply find a new session. You will lose some of your product, but most will be intact. Try one or two more times in different lobbies. If you still can’t sell without getting attacked, then just sell in an invite-only session.

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