GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update: New Weapons

GTA Online is an action-packed, open-world, third-person shooter. It features daring heists and high-octane robberies through the streets of Los Santos. Neither of these things would be possible without the game’s huge variety of firearms for players to pick and choose from. As of the Criminal Enterprises DLC, Rockstar has added two brand new weapons into the game — the Precision Rifle and the Service Carbine. Just how good are these new Criminal Enterprises weapons, and how do you unlock them?

We’ll be covering that in this guide for both new weapons in the Criminal Enterprises DLC explained!

New Weapons in the Criminal Enterprises DLC Explained

Let’s get right into the article showcasing the two brand-new weapons added to GTA Online!

The Precision Carbine

New Weapons in The Criminal Enterprises DLC Explained - The Precision Carbine
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The first weapon on our list is the brand-new Precision Rifle. This is a bolt-action sniper rifle that can be purchased at Ammu-Nation for $450,000. The rifle takes on the role of a DMR/marksman rifle commonly seen in other shooters. It fires one bullet at a time like a sniper, but lacks a scope attachment and is primarily used at medium range, similar to an assault rifle.

Our Assessment of the Precision Carbine

The stats for this gun are honestly disappointing. The damage is not that great, and it usually requires 3–4 shots on a player in order to kill them. Its magazine size can hold up to ten bullets, which is decent, but not an improvement over the sniper rifle we already have in the game. And to top it off, this gun features no attachments of any kind! No scopes, no suppressors, no magazine upgrades, nothing!

This makes the Precision Rifle one of the most disappointing things about this new DLC. I don’t recommend picking it up. Not only does it cost nearly half a million, but there are much better (and cheaper) guns out there that can do what this gun does better.

I recommend buying a heavy sniper rifle instead of this gun next time you’re at an Ammu-Nation. This gun is much cheaper, and is also much more usable in all scenarios. That gun also allows you to equip special ammo types, while the Precision Rifle does not.

The Service Carbine

The Service Carbine
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG

Up next on our list for both new weapons in the Criminal Enterprises DLC explained, we have the Service Carbine. This is a gun that many players have long hoped would come to GTA, and it is finally here! The Service Carbine is modeled after the real-world M16 and takes on the role of a high-damage assault rifle. This gun is particularly interesting, and I can’t wait to see how it changes the meta!

Speaking of which, let’s go over the stats. This gun has high damage for an assault rifle, dealing more damage than any other AR in the game currently. The DPS for this firearm is slightly smaller than that of the Special Carbine Mk II, the current meta gun in the game, but it’s only by a very slim amount. The accuracy on the Service Carbine is pretty good, but it’s still not the best in the assault rifle class.

So overall, this is a great new addition to the sandbox of GTA Online, and it’ll definitely give the Special Carbine some competition. One thing I really love about this gun is how it sounds! With a suppressor added to this machine, it sounds like a typewriter going at lightning speeds. It’s a really satisfying weapon to use, and I recommend it if you can spare the time it takes to unlock the weapon.

Unlocking the Service Carbine

Unlocking The Service Carbine - New Weapons in The Criminal Enterprise Update
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for the most important part of using the Service Carbine — actually unlocking it. Rockstar decided to do something special with this gun instead of just leaving it at an Ammu-Nation to be purchased. In order to get this gun, you need to first unlock five different gun components. These are collectible items that can spawn in crime scenes, as well as new random event that will spawn occasionally throughout the map.

You’ll know you’ve found one of these crime scenes when you see a small blue dot spawn on your map. Go to the location and find the markings on the ground shown in the image above. Walk up to it and press the interact button to pick up the evidence. You’ll have unlocked one gun component! Now you just need to shake the police off your tail and you’ll be good to go.

You just need to repeat this process four more times and soon you’ll have the gun locked and placed into your inventory, no purchasing required. For a map of all possible crime scene locations that will spawn on the map, click the link here for an interactive map posted on GTAWeb. At any time once you get it, you can go to a gun store to put attachments on it, such as the extended mag and a suppressor.

I’m not sure how to feel about this method of unlocking it. On one hand, it’s more satisfying once you finally get it. On the other, it’s a hassle to do! Many players dislike how Rockstar implemented this as it’s not fun flying around the map hoping for the slim chance that a crime scene will spawn. Hopefully, if Rockstar does something like this in the future, they won’t have us rely on RNG that heavily…

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