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How to Rob Convenience Stores in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V is all about making it big as a criminal in Los Santos. In the game, players are able to rob banks, casinos, and even a private island! But not everyone can pull off such high-stakes heists on their first day. Sometimes, you need to start small and work your way up. That’s where convenience stores and gas stations come in! These are small-time, low-risk targets that you can steal a couple thousand dollars from. If you have never done them before and don’t know how to start, don’t worry — you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article, we’re going over how to rob convenience stores and gas stations in GTA Online, and how to get that Stick Up Kid achievement.

How to Rob Convenience Stores & Gas Stations in GTA V + Best Way to Get The Stick Up Kid Achievement

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right into the guide!

Robbing Stores Walkthrough

Rob Convenience Stores in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

First, you will want to find a location to pull off the robbery. Convenience stores and gas stations both have the same map icon. Pull out your map and look for the map marker that looks like a store. Set a GPS and go to that location. To rob the place, simply run into the store with a gun in your hand and aim it at the cashier. He will then open up the cash register and start to take out the money.

If you have a headset, you can speak loudly into it to intimidate him and make him go faster. If you don’t, you can always shoot the space around him instead. After a moment, he will place the money in a bag and put it on the counter. Walk up to the bag and your character will automatically take the money. I should note that the cashier will not always be cooperative. Sometimes he will pull out a gun and start shooting at you. If this happens, just shoot and kill him, then go behind the counter. From there, you can interact with the cash register and take all the money yourself.

Either way, once you are done robbing the place, you’ll have the cops on you. Get into a car and drive away. You can pull out your phone and call Lester to have him dissipate your Wanted level, though this option costs money and will cut into your profits. The Wanted level is usually pretty low, so you should be able to just find an alleyway or tunnel and hide until the Wanted level goes away.

“Stick up Kid” Achievement Guide

“Stick Up Kid” is an achievement you get from robbing all twenty stores in the game. This is a pretty straightforward achievement to get, but it might be tricky if you are new to the game.

Before you start, you’ll need to get some snacks, some body armor, and a fast car. You can go into any of the stores to buy some snacks, so just buy as many as you can possibly hold. Next, go to an Ammu-Nation and buy as much body armor as you possibly can. Finally, get a fast car. Use a sports car or supercar if you already own one, or pick one up from the highway if you don’t.

Once you’re done prepping, go to one of any of the twenty stores. Park your car just outside the entrance. Before you enter, set a GPS to the next closest store.

Use the map to find stores and ammunition
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Go inside and rob the place. Get outside and immediately get into your car and then head to the next location. While driving there, open up the interaction menu, go to inventory, and refill your health with snacks and your armor with body armor if you got shot. Once you arrive to the next location, rinse and repeat.

Your Wanted level should be low, so you should be able to safely ignore the cops for a little bit. Eventually, your level will go up. Once it gets to three stars, call Lester and have him dissipate the police. There is a cooldown to doing this, so you might have to hide and wait for it to go away naturally the next time it gets to three stars.

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Happy gaming!

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