How to Rob Armored Trucks in GTA Online

If you’ve ever played the single-player campaign of GTA 5, then chances are you’ve seen Armored Trucks before. These are bulky, armored trucks carrying large sums of cash inside them that the player can rob to get a quick payday. They were were removed from the game due to exploit glitches, but after years and years of waiting, Rockstar has finally added them back into GTA Online, with a few changes to modernize them. In today’s guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about armored trucks in GTA Online!

How to Rob Armored Trucks in GTA Online

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right into our guide on how to rob armored trucks in GTA Online.

Armored Trucks Explained + Spawn Locations

Armored truck spawn locations
Image: via HGG

Armored trucks are big and bulky…well, armored trucks. They have a gray and green color palette to them and are carrying the Gruppe 6 logo on their side. They are slow-moving vehicles that are protected by two armored guards carrying weapons. You can find them as a random encounter.

There are a total of 10 different possible spawn locations on the map (see the image above or follow the link posted here). If you want one to spawn, first you will need to be in a public session that is at least 10 minutes old. If you start a new session, you’ll need to wait until then. But if you join a random public session, then chances are it will be at least 10 minutes old already.

How to Rob a Security Van + Payout

How to rob armored trucks
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG

In order to rob a security van, first head to one of the spawn locations on the map. Once you see one spawn, simply approach the armored truck and throw a sticky bomb (or any other explosive) onto the back of the van. The two security guards protecting the van will get out and start shooting you if you have not already killed them. Shoot them dead, and now you can safely collect your prize.

After you threw an explosion on the back of the truck, a small olive green box will spawn onto the ground. You can walk up to it and press the interaction button to pick up the cash. Doing this will net you exactly +$25,000 cash! This is a decent chunk of change that requires very little effort on your part to obtain.

I don’t recommend farming armored trucks, as there is a 20-minute cooldown, and you can make money more efficiently by focusing on doing other activities. However, they’re still worth going for if you happen to see one spawn while you are playing free roam.

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Happy gaming!

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