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GTA Online: Street Dealers Guide

The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC for GTA Online left many players feeling disappointed. There wasn’t much substantial content compared to previous updates at launch, though much of what was to come would be drip-fed over several months. One such piece of content is the brand-new street dealers! This is a new type of NPC that can be scattered all over the map. In this article, we’ve put together complete guide for GTA Online street dealers, explaining everything that you need to know.

GTA Online: Street Dealers Guide

Let’s get right into the guide!

Street Dealers Explained

As previously mentioned, street dealers are a brand new type of NPC that will spawn in random locations throughout the map. Their spawn location changes every day, and there will always be exactly three on the map at once. They cannot be killed and will not attack you under any circumstances.

When you are near a street dealer, an icon will appear on the map to mark their location. It is a purple chat bubble (as shown above). Unlike most map markers, they are not made visible by default — you need to find them first. Once you get close enough to a street dealer, their icon will appear on your map to mark their location. They are most commonly found in shady locations like alleyways.

Selling Overview

Now let’s talk about the most important thing about them — making money! Street dealers act as merchant NPCs and will buy product you have stored in your MC businesses and nightclub. Once you find one, approach and interact with them to open up their menu. You can sell them them the following products:

  • Weed
  • Meth
  • Cocaine
  • Acid

They can only buy a set number of each product (2 cocaine, 10 weed, etc.). Each street dealer will have a certain good that they are willing to pay double money for. This is randomly determined for each dealer. You can press a button to sell the maximum amount of product they will take for each type of good. Just check the prompts shown at the bottom of the screen.

Are Street Deals Better than Sell Missions?

Street dealers are a very good alternative to making money with your weed, meth, cocaine, and acid businesses. They don’t pay as much as the sell missions do (due to the lack of a high-demand bonus), but they’re a great alternative to the sell missions. They’re significantly faster, can be done solo, and remove the risk of you being griefed. Does this mean that you should exclusively sell product through street dealers now? That depends.

If you’re a part of a Crew that works together to sell their products in closed-off lobbies, then sell missions are more profitable thanks to the high-demand bonus. If you’re not a part of one of these Crews and sell in public lobbies only, then you’re more at risk of being griefed.

Additionally, if you are a high-ranking player with a lot of alternate ways to make money unlocked (e.g. payphone hits, the Cayo Perico Heist, etc.), it’s more efficient to sell your goods through street dealers and to do other money-making activities with that time saved.

In summary, solo or high-ranking players should use street dealers to safely and quickly sell their products, guarantee a profit, and use their free time on other profitable activities. Crew members or low-ranking players should do the MC sell missions.

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It’s our hope that you found this guide for the new street dealers in GTA Online informative! What do you think of Rockstar’s latest addition to GTA Online? Are MC businesses worth playing to you now? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more content.

Happy gaming!

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