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Fun Things to Do in GTA Online

Some of the best sandbox games ever made are Grand Theft Auto titles. The high degree of freedom you have in GTA 5 Online lets you partake (and create) in all sorts of chaos and fun things, either solo or with friends. You can steal cars and go on a police chase, use a tank to destroy a city block, and more!

So in the multiplayer world of GTA Online, what are some of the best ways for you to pass the time? What are some fun activities that you can partake in, be it with your friends or by yourself? We’ll be giving you a list of our top 10 fun things to do in GTA Online ranked!

Top 10 Fun Things to Do in GTA Online, Ranked from Good to Best

With no more introductions, let’s get right into the ranking.


Storm the Military Base

Storm the Military Base
Image: Rockstar Games

Let’s kick off our list with a classic — storming the Zancudo military base! This is one of the oldest (and most enjoyable) activities to do in GTA Online. Simply get into a fast car and drive it up the hill next to the military base. If you’re going fast enough, gravity should carry you over the fence and into the base! Once inside, all of the NPCs will be hostile to you (assuming you don’t own a hangar there).

If you want the NPCs to become hostile, just start shooting them to get a wanted level. You can also get into a helicopter and parachute down into the base, but I think hopping the fence is more fun. While it can be a lot of fun trying to get into the fort, it’s even more fun trying to stay alive when you’re actually inside. A lot of times, once people get into Fort Zancudo, they will try to steal a vehicle and get out alive.

This is usually a rhino tank or one of those jet fighters that are constantly patrolling the fort. Or your goal could simply be to stay alive for as long as possible. Either goal will work. This is a really fun activity that you can do solo or with friends to back you up. Just make sure you stock up on body armor and snacks beforehand, as you will most definitely lose a lot of health while you’re in!


Gamble at the Diamond Casino

Lose money WITH friends
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

As our next suggestion for fun things to do in GTA Online, we have gambling at the Diamond Casino & Resort. The Diamond Casino was added to the game as a part of the Summer DLC back in 2019. While it was very popular when it was first released — as well as during the Casino Heist update — it soon fell out of style not long after. While many people still use the penthouse and visit for their daily spin, no one seems to be gambling anymore.

So why not head on over there and place a few bets? There are dozens and dozens of slot machines for you to try out. While those can be fun, I usually prefer to play card games with some friends. Blackjack is my favorite game, and it’s a lot of fun if you’ve got some people with microphones to chat with over Discord while you do it. You can also bet on horse races as well!

Overall, the casino is a really great place for you to hang out. You might even be able to win some money, if you’re lucky! Even if you don’t own the penthouse property or haven’t done any of the missions, you can still visit it to buy some chips and place a few bets. Just don’t bet all of your life’s savings, okay?


Explore the Abandoned Mine

Abandoned Mine Spelunking
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This next one is something that, like raiding the military base, used to be really popular but really isn’t anymore. Located north of Los Santos and to the southwest of Sandy Shores (see the image above), you can find the entrance to an old abandoned mine in the hilly country side. Separating the mine itself from the outside is a closed-off wooden door that can be opened with an explosive weapon.

Once inside, you’ll find a dark and creepy mineshaft with (seemingly) no one inside. This mine is on the smaller side, but it still makes for a really great place to explore if you have a flashlight and the guts to go inside. Visiting this place was really popular back when GTA Online was still young. You can find plenty of YouTubers who have made videos visiting this place with their friends in the game.

And it’s still a fun place to check out, especially around Halloween time. Visiting this place in single-player is also needed to complete a secret mission for Michael. If you want to 100% the game in single-player, you’ll have to check it out.


Rob Every Store in the Game

Rob Every Store - Fun Things to Do in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For our next pick on this ranking of the top 10 fun things to do in GTA Online, we have robbing every single store in the game! Back before heists were added to the multiplayer component of GTA, one of the best ways to make money was by robbing the various convenient stores and gas stations dotted around the map. You could enter in through the front, aim your weapon at the clerk, and he’d start stuffing a bag full of money. You could even yell through your microphone to make them put cash in the bag faster!

Nowadays, this is an activity usually only completed by someone if they need it to complete a daily objective. I highly recommend it if you’re ever bored and looking for something fun to do to pass the time. Barging into a store with a gun in your hand and robbing the person at the desk is incredibly fun, and so is getting back into your car and going on a high-speed chase!

So why not challenge yourself by robbing every store in the game? You could even give yourself a time limit for more challenge! I especially recommend this activity if you came to GTA Online relatively late and never got the chance to grind this for money. It’s fun seeing what the meta used to be in a game like GTA. It’s also still worth doing today, as robbing every single store will give you an achievement!


Ride Down Mount Chiliad on a Bicycle or Motorbike

Going down Mt. Chiliad - Fun Things to Do in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games

Next up on our list, you can take a bicycle or motorbike and ride down Mount Chiliad with it! This is for those of you who love messing around with the physics in GTA 5. You can buy a bicycle or motorbike through the in-game website (or just steal one you find laying around) and then bring it up to the highest peak of Mount Chiliad (the mount to the north of Sandy Shores).

Once you’re at the very top, simply find a good spot and then start riding the mountain all the way to the bottom! This is really adrenaline-pumping, as you’ll need to dodge obstacles along the way. You can ride the mountain to give yourself some air, then try to stick the landing so you don’t roll over and die. Make it to the bottom in one piece, and you’ll have won this little challenge.

This is something that is especially fun if you have some friends with you. You can create an impromptu race from the interaction menu and see who can get down to the bottom the quickest. While you can use cars instead of bicycles and motorbikes, I find it more enjoyable as you have more control over moving your bikes and are more at risk of dying if you mess up, which makes it more intense.


Drive a Ramp Buggy Going the Wrong Way

STUNT CAR - Fun Things to Do in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games

Halfway down on our list is pick number five. You should drive a ramp buggy while going the wrong way on a highway! For those unaware, Ramp Buggies are vehicles that were added to the game with the Import/Export DLC that came out several years ago. They are a special type of off-road vehicle that essentially works as a moving ramp! The front part of the car is bent down, allowing cars to drive on top of it.

Once they do, they will be launched up over the car and into the air! This is a really cool thing to see, and it’s very fun to drive around the map messing up civilian cars. It’s even more fun when you do it on the highway, as you can send a lot of cars and trucks flying into the air in a short amount of time. Sadly, they don’t explode when they crash back down, but that doesn’t stop this from being a lot of fun!

In order to get a hold of the Ramp Buggy, you will first need to own a CEO Office. Then after that, you’ll have to buy a vehicle warehouse so that you can store this vehicle inside. And after both of those paywalls, they can finally be purchased online for a price of exactly $3,192,000 (or $2,400,000 if you happen to have the trade price for it). I wouldn’t recommend this activity if you are a new player unless you have a friend who happens to own a Ramp Buggy already.


Spy On and Troll Other Players

Trolling players - Fun Things to Do in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For our next activity on this list of the top 10 fun things to do in GTA Online ranked, we have spying on and trolling other players. In the game, you can actually see a live feed of any other player in the lobby! You can do this by sitting down at your TV and then scrolling through the channels until you find a live video feed that shows another player on the map. From here, you can select any other person.

Now, this is where the fun begins. By going into the contacts list on your phone and selecting Lamar, you can phone him and have him hire someone to mug any other player in the lobby! This will send an NPC after the target player. Once they come into contact, the player will be knocked to the ground and some of their money will be gone. Additionally, you can phone the Merryweathers as well.

These guys are mercenaries who can be hired to go out in groups and attack other players on the map. You can do either one of these options, or even both if you’re feeling extra mischievous. Then just sit back and relax on your couch as you watch the chaos unfold! Just don’t get too aggressive with it and/or do it too often to the same player. Trolling is fun, but it should be done in moderation.


Start a Police Stand Off

Police Stand Off - Fun Things to Do in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games

At spot number three on our list, we have starting a standoff with the police! Getting a 5-star wanted level and going on a rampage is a hallmark of any Grand Theft Auto game. While running around the map trying to survive against an endless wave of enemies is enjoyable, I recommend an alternative — get your wanted level like normally, then find an interior to hold up in.

I usually do a convenience store/gas station. Then get your car wedged in between the door (or at least parked outside it). This will block police officers from physically entering the interior. Then all you need to do is try to stay alive for as long as possible! Police can shoot you over the car, so be sure to hide behind some cover when you’re inside the interior you’ve chosen.

Eventually, the car will be destroyed or moved out of the way and police can enter inside. This is when things get really intense. You’ll need to deal with cops running up on you and killing you. Soon, you’ll run out of ammo and body armor, and then you’ll most likely die and respawn later. I always like to wait until they break inside, then call Lester at the last minute and hope it will save me.


Host a Car Meet

Car Meeting - Fun Things to Do in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games

Something equally iconic and fun to going on a 5-star rampage in GTA Online is hosting a car meetup for you and other players! This is without a doubt one of my most favorite things to do in game. All you have to do is join a well-populated lobby and tell everyone you are hosting a car meet before saying the location. The most popular car meet locations are the Diamond Casino and the Los Santos Airport.

After you’ve sent the message, head to the location with your best car and park it somewhere for all to see. Clear out/move any cars that have naturally spawned nearby to make more room for player-owned cars. Then just sit and wait for others to arrive. Don’t be afraid to say you’re hosting a car meet a second or third time if you have to! Usually, you’ll get at least a half a dozen people to show up.

This is a great chance to see some great cars that other people have customized in the game. You’ll also get a chance to meet some new people and socialize a bit. This is without a doubt one of the most wholesome things to do in a game like GTA. That is, until some idiot decides to blow up the whole car meet with an orbital strike. Just make sure you enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts!


Start a Gang and Drive Around Beating People Up

Start a Gang - Fun Things to Do in GTA Online
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

And finally, at spot number one on our ranking, we have the most fun thing to do in GTA Online — starting a gang and beating people up! If you’re confused by what exactly I’m saying, give me a chance to explain. Do you remember back when a bunch of people decided to dress up in green alien suits and run around the map beating people up?

Five or six people would pile in a van, then roll out with baseball bats and proceed to beat the snot out of any unlucky player nearby. This quickly became a meme and an unofficial event in GTA Online, and soon people started doing the same thing, but in purple alien suits. I once watched a video of some people who dressed up as the Mystery Inc. gang from Scooby Doo, and they did the same thing!

They even purchased a Youga Classic and got the livery that makes it look like the Mystery Machine. If you have some friends or people you can coordinate with, doing something similar to this can be a lot of fun. It’s incredibly hilarious to see people run away from you as you and your friends chase after them with bats, dressed up in alien suits or some kind of cosplay.

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Happy gaming!

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