Top 10 Cool Places in GTA 5 Online (2024)

The world of Grand Theft Auto V features one of the best maps in any open-world game. It features a variety of unique and different locations, from small coastal towns to bustling downtown, and from dense forests to rocky cliffs. There is no shortage of interesting things to see in San Andreas.

It should be no surprise, then, that there are many unique and interesting unmarked locations on the map. Some are featured in the story mode, while others had to be discovered by players. In today’s article, we will be going over the top 10 cool places in GTA Online!

10 Coolest Locations in GTA Online, Ranked in No Particular Order

With that introduction out of the way, let’s hop right into our list of cool places in GTA!


Sewer Tunnels

To kick off our list, let’s start with the Sewer Tunnels! These are a long, underground network of tunnels that lead directly below the streets of Los Santos. They are featured prominently in one of the first heists in GTA V’s story mode, but are not used for much else besides that. If you have ever played the Diamond Casino Heist, you may recognize this location as being one of the entrance points for the heist.

The Sewer Tunnels are a really cool location to explore, especially if you haven’t played through the single-player campaign. It features lots of details that make you appreciate Rockstar’s attention to detail. These Sewer Tunnels feature a few NPCs for you to find diligently working underground, so it’s not exactly as spooky as it may seem. This is a really great place to hide from the cops to lose your wanted level, making it a practical location to know about.

You can enter this location either from the storm drain near the Diamond Casino or from underneath the bridge going across the highway in the center of Los Santos.


Bleeding House

Onto our next location, it’s the infamous bleeding house! This GTA Online easter egg can be found by heading to the location shown in the image above. In this location, you can find a two-story white house that looks pretty normal on the surface. But did you know that if you shoot the window on the ground floor, it will bleed?

That’s right, it’s a bleeding house! This is a pretty interesting spot that is cool to check out when you are bored or want to see a secret location on the map. Getting here is pretty easy due to its location in the city, so it’s definitely worth checking out with little hassle.


Top of Mount Chiliad

Here is another really great location that some of you may be very nostalgic for. Back in the old days of GTA Online when there was hardly anything else to do, players would often drive up to the very top of Mount Chiliad. After reaching the top, they would race down the side of the mountain in their cars to see who could reach the bottom first. This is still a really great activity you can do to this day in GTA Online.

But if you don’t have anyone to race with, you can still explore the lift found up at the top. There are cable cars that you can look at, as well as a few NPCs that walk around. It’s a pretty interesting spot, especially when you consider the fact that it’s the site of several alleged UFO sightings. But even if you don’t manage to see any of these UFOs for yourself, you can still enjoy the view, and maybe even parachute off the top!

Mount Chiliad is located at the center of the map, specifically to the north of the Alamo Sea. It is the largest mountain in San Andreas, so you can’t miss it.


Bolingbroke Penitentiary

Taking the next spot on this list of the top 10 cool places in GTA Online, we have the Bolingbroke Penitentiary! This is a high-security prison located to the north of Los Santos and to the south of Blaine County. Strangely, this prison is not featured in any missions in the single-player mode of the game. There’s a random encounter just outside it, but that is about it.

It is, however, featured much more prominently in GTA Online. One of the OG heists of GTA Online takes place here, and it sees players breaking into the compound to rescue a high-value prisoner inside. The prison features high walls with numerous guard towers on the perimeter. There are several buildings found within the walls for you to explore. Overall, it’s a pretty sweet-looking location that is fun to storm into and attack the NPCs, just like the military base is.


Tiny Interior House

Onto our next one, this is a place some of you might find a bit boring. But I still think it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. Located on the northern end of the Alamo Sea, there is a small, run-down house. While this house looks very unassuming on the outside, you can actually go inside of it and find a small interior! The interior does not really match the outside of the building, being one small room in what should be a two-bedroom house.

Interestingly, the hit-boxes on this interior are off. There are invisible walls that stretch out a foot from the walls of the interior, preventing you from moving around freely inside the building. This location may seem a little dull compared to some of the others, but I like this location as I discovered it by accident one day and it gave me a lot of questions. Did Rockstar mean to put this here? If not, why does this house in particular have an interior when most of the others on the map don’t?


Zancudo Military Base

For our next location, let’s talk about the Zancudo Military Base! This is without a doubt one of the most famous locations on GTA V’s map. While there are several missions in GTA Online that take you here, it didn’t get a lot of content for the single player. Which is a shame, as it’s a cool location. Regardless, it’s still a really cool place for players to check out in free roam, especially with their friends.

The military base features walls and defensive checkpoints all around it, making it difficult to get into on foot. The inside of the base is packed with hangars, jets, and military personnel. This location is really fun to attack with friends. You can drive up the hills leading to the base and use those to launch you over the fences and into the base. Once there, you can fight off the hordes of NPCs and steal either a tank or a fighter jet. It’s great fun!

Zancudo Military Base is located on the western side of the map, next to the highway that goes through Chumash.


Gate Launch Glitch Location

Moving onto our next pick for cool places in GTA Online, we have the Gate Launch Glitch location! Does anyone remember those swing sets from GTA IV? The ones where you would drive a car into it and it would fling you high up into the air? Well, there’s a location that does the exact same thing in Grand Theft Auto V! Located in Los Santos, there is a mansion that contains a mechanical gate similar to the one at Michael’s house.

Players can drive into the wall next to the gate. With some patience and a little bit of luck, these players will be sent flying high into the air! This is a really cool location to go to with friends. You all can take turns launching yourselves into the sky and compete to see who can get the highest. This location was a lot of fun to check out during the early days of GTA Online, and it is still just as fun to visit in 2023!


Del Perro Pier

Our next cool place in GTA Online is the colorful Del Perro Pier! This is a really cool spot based on a similar pier in Los Angeles. The pier is a landmark location in GTA V, and it’s hard to imagine Los Santos without it. At this location, you’ll find a pier containing many attractions, such as food stands, games, and more. There is the ferris wheel as well, which you’ve no doubt seen lighting up the sky at night time before! There’s even a working roller coaster that you can actually go on!

While this location doesn’t have as much interactivity as one would like (you can’t play any of the games, for example), it is still a really sick location. It’s especially cool to visit at night, when you can see all the neon lights illuminating the sky. There are lots of little nooks and crannies that you can explore, making this a must-visit location if you want to really get a feel for GTA V’s map.

You can find the Del Perro Pier on the western side of Los Santos, sticking out into the ocean.


Grove Street

Let’s now talk about the most iconic and nostalgic location in all of Los Santos — Grove Street! This iconic piece of Grand Theft Auto history managed to make its way into GTA V. The location is featured in one memorable single-player mission in which Trevor helps Franklin and Lamar do a drug deal. It does not have a whole lot of content for the online mode, sadly. The neighborhood does not look exactly as you remembered it in GTA: San Andreas, but it still looks similar enough.

When you arrive here, you’ll find that most of the houses look just like the way they have left years ago when CJ had just gotten back from Liberty City. The most noticeable thing here is the fact that CJ’s house is much different. Rather than being two stories, it’s now only one story and looks completely different. While that is a little bit jarring to see, it is still a must-visit spot if you loved GTA: San Andreas.

You can find this location in the south part of Los Santos, in the area near Franklin’s aunt’s house in the single-player mode.


Haunted Mineshaft

And last but most certainly not least in this guide to cool places in GTA, we have the Haunted Mineshaft! Any article that discussed the must-visit locations on GTA V’s map would not be complete without mentioning the haunted mine shaft. This local has no missions in it for either the single-player or multiplayer, but the single-player does have an easter egg here. As the name suggests, this is a dark and mysterious mineshaft that many players suspect is haunted.

Once you arrive at the location of the mineshaft, you can blow the doors up with a sticky bomb to get inside. Upon entering, you’ll find a dark and seemingly empty corridor full of strange noises and abandoned mine carts. You’ll take a linear path that splits off into two separate paths. There really isn’t a whole lot to explore, but what is there is very memorable. I recommend taking a friend here during Halloween — it’s a really cool experience.

You can find this haunted mineshaft by heading to the Great Chaparral, specifically the location shown in the image above.

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