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All About The Criminal Enterprises Update For GTA V

It’s that time of the year again. Rockstar is releasing a brand new update for the world of GTA Online on July 26th, and oh boy, does it look exciting! We’ll be getting some much-requested features to the game, as well as some brand new content to enjoy.

But just what exactly is coming to the game? What new missions will be added? What about the new cars? We will be answering all of these questions and more in this article for The Criminal Enterprises update for GTA V summarized!

The GTA V Criminal Enterprises Update Summarized

With that out of the way, let’s dive right into the Rockstar Newswire!

1. Business Expansions

Business Expansions
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG

The first and most exciting part of this newswire is the announcement that four of our existing businesses — CEO offices, biker clubhouses, gunrunning bunkers, and nightclubs — will be getting expansions. These expansions are being made to change the money-making meta and make these businesses more balanced with one another, as well as to make them more engaging and enjoyable.

Gunrunning Bunkers

To start off, you can now do a daily mission to an Ammu-Nation store to earn some money on the side. This seems like a simple delivery mission, but it’s always nice to have an extra source of cash. If you do a lot of research in your bunker, you’ll be pleased to know there’s now a new way to speed things up. You can call your partner Agent 14 to start a mission that, when completed, will speed up your progress.

Biker Clubhouses

The clubhouse for your biker club will be turned into a source of passive income. You can now do bar resupply missions to stock up your clubhouse to sell drinks to clients, similar to your nightclub. And, in a fashion similar to auto shops, you’ll be able to customize motorcycles and deliver them to customers for cash. To top it off, you’ll have new “clubhouse contracts” you can take up to do missions for money.

CEO Office

The CEO office will see a brand new NPC enter the mix. His name is Lupe, and he will be giving players the opportunity to source additional special cargo for their warehouses. Details on how this will work are a little scarce, and we’ll have to wait for the update to drop to see it in action. There will also be a new daily mission allowing players to deliver pre-packed special cargo to a place at the docks for cash.


Lastly, nightclubs will be getting some changes. There is now a chance for certain customers to get too rowdy, forcing you to step in and kick them out. You can also launch nightclub management missions by calling Gay Tony directly from your cell phone. This will allow you to more easily get your nightclub popular and will grant you more passive income.

2. New IAA Missions

Criminal Enterprise Update New IAA Missions
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG

In addition to all the new changes coming to businesses, there is a new set of story-driven missions coming to the game. You will work for an organization called the IAA — an organization based on the CIA — on the hunt to uncover a “criminal conspiracy.” The Duggans, a family from the Casino DLC, will be making a return as the antagonists.

Due to recent gas price hikes in Los Santos, the Duggans are the primary suspect of a secret plot to artificially increase their prices. So the player character will be tasked with becoming an IAA agent and working to stop them. A long-running rumor is that Michael from the story mode would be coming to the summer update for GTA Online, but there is currently no confirmation of this rumor.

3. New Vehicles

New Vehicles
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG

It wouldn’t be a GTA Online update without new vehicles coming to the game. Rockstar has not explicitly stated exactly what new vehicles will be added. However, there is a Reddit post made by user u/Nikosiodem which points out all of the unfamiliar vehicles spotted in the new trailer. You can find that Reddit post by clicking on the link here.

According to Rockstar’s Newswire, there will be two new vehicles in the game that are capable of using Imani Tech. This is something that was added in the Contract DLC that allows you to mod certain vehicles to be remote-controlled or to have missile-lock on jammers. There will also be brand new additions to the tuners sub-class of vehicles, which has me really excited!

If all that wasn’t enough, there will be new modifications available for some of the older cars already in the game. And you’ll be able to mod some new cars with Benny’s Original Motorworks modifications!

4. Increased Payouts + QoL Updates

Criminal Enterprise Updates Increased Payouts + QoL Updates
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG

Probably the most exciting part about this update for me is all of the new payouts and quality of life features that will be coming to the game. According to Rockstar, payouts will be increasing for both the Doomsday Heists and the original heists! Hopefully, this will make them worth doing finally and will change the current Cayo-Perico meta.

Race and Adversary modes will also be getting increased payouts. It is currently unknown just how much the payouts for these modes and the heists will be increased. We will have to wait and see.

As for the quality of life updates, the Oppressor Mk2 will be getting nerfed again. More specifically, its homing missiles and countermeasures. Rockstar also said they would be making body armor and snacks easier to use. Hopefully, this means we will have a quick access item menu similar to what we’ve seen in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Happy gaming!

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