The 7 Best Supports for Sivir in LoL (2024)

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The 7 Best Supports for Sivir in LoL (2024)

Help Sivir dominate the bot lane with one of these support champions!

Sivir doesn’t exactly have the most aesthetic kit out there — although Riot did recently provide a bit of support with a swanky new splash art — but she does have a lot to offer as an ADC champion. She can control a lane effortlessly thanks to her strong wave clear, evade punishing CC with her E ability, and even turn a teamfight around (or set up a flawless engage) with her team-wide buff ultimate.

Sivir is fairly versatile and can work well in a wide range of team comps. Unsurprisingly, she also synergizes well with an equally versatile range of support champions! I’ll be highlighting the best below, covering each support’s individual playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses.

The 7 Best Supports for Sivir, Ranked Good to Best

Let’s get into it, so you can start dominating bot lane!

#7 Sona

Sona, the OG musical queen, can help Sivir thrive against enchanters. The reason? She can mitigate their poke and prevent Sivir from being bullied out of lane. Her W provides tons of AoE healing, while her E can speed up Sivir and allow her to effortlessly dodge skillshots. Sona can also dish out some strong harass of her own, which can further deter enchanters from playing aggressively.

Sona isn’t just handy against enchanters though; she has plenty more to offer. She scales extremely well (just like Sivir!), has a lengthy stun that can function as both a disengage and engage tool, and can grant sight of the area around her targets with her Q. She’s also extremely strong in teamfights, as long as she positions carefully and plays around her allies. Plus, she can grant allies’ bonus damage on their basic attacks during skirmishes. 

While her kit is simple, Sona is incredibly squishy and vulnerable early on. Try to only go for trades when the enemy’s abilities are on cooldown. 


  • Strong against enchanters 
  • Scales well; ideal for late game comps
  • Great in teamfights thanks to her ultimate ability 


  • Extremely squishy 

#6 Karma

Karma is one of the most underrated support champions in LoL. While she might not be a popular choice — her current pick rate is around 7% — you definitely don’t want to discount her. Her aggressive playstyle works great with Sivir. 

She can effortlessly oppress the bot lane with her hefty poke, giving Sivir plenty of opportunity to farm, establish control, and land her own harass, and she can even help push out the waves with her Q ability. Karma can also root targets and reveal their location. This extra vision is particularly useful, as it’ll ensure no blind spots (aka bushes) will prevent Sivir from landing the final blow.

While Karma dishes out a lot of damage, she can also be played defensively. Her E ability, which provides shielding and movement speed, can help Sivir safely disengage if she ever gets caught out. 

To top it off, Karma is insanely versatile thanks to her ultimate. Her abilities essentially have two unique forms — standard and empowered — and each is better suited to certain situations. While hard to master, this versatility offers her insane playmaking potential, which of course Sivir will no doubt benefit from!

Karma’s main weakness is her squishiness. When her shield is on cooldown, she’s extremely vulnerable and won’t have any means to protect herself. Position carefully in lane and don’t overextend needlessly.  


  • Strong poke 
  • Can help with wave clear 
  • Abilities have two unique forms; great playmaking potential 


  • Squishy when her shield is down

#5 Nautilus

Nautilus is a reliable support for many ADCs and Sivir is no exception. He has everything she could possibly want; a long-ranged hook, plenty of CC, and a shield that lets him tank all the damage. Nautilus is also one of the strongest supports at level 2. If played correctly, he can usually secure a kill or burst the enemy ADC’s flash, both of which give Sivir a lot of lane pressure.

What really makes Nautilus worthy of a spot on this list though is his ultimate. It’s essentially a point-and-click ability that fires an AoE shockwave at his target. Any enemy in its way gets knocked up and the original target is also stunned. It pretty much guarantees a pick for Sivir, since the target can’t escape it, especially if she follows up with her own ult. 

Nautilus’s ultimate is also insanely useful in teamfights. It can force the enemy to disengage or break away from their carefully thought-out positioning, allowing Sivir to safely all-in on a target and get an easy kill. 

Nautilus is a support where you can hard carry even if your ADC falls behind; he can rotate and gank other lanes very easily if he builds boots of mobility. However, he does struggle against ranged mage supports with hefty poke, like Karma, Zyra, and Brand. 


  • One of the strongest supports at level 2
  • Useful in teamfights
  • Great roaming potential


  • Vulnerable to poke damage
  • Very committal once he engages

#4 Zyra

Zyra’s plants — aka her poke minions that attack nearby enemies when aggroed — enable her to deal serious, healthbar-destroying damage in the early game. Her W also lets her strategically place these plants, meaning she can position them in a way that’ll force the enemy ADC to always choose between taking hefty damage or missing out on minions. This aggressive playstyle synergizes extremely well with Sivir, who is just as aggressive during lane.

Zyra’s kit does lack defenses, which can leave her (and thereby Sivir) vulnerable to engages if she mispositions, but she makes up for this with her hefty CC. Her E root ability can stop Sivir’s target from escaping on a tick of health, and she can even use it against the enemy jungler to prevent Sivir from getting collapsed on. Plus, her large AoE CC ultimate can be a total gamechanger in teamfights.

But the main reason why Zyra and Sivir pair so well together? The fact that Sivir can actually mitigate Zyra’s main weakness: immobility. Since Sivir’s ultimate grants Zyra movement speed, she’ll never be left behind and will always be in a position to join fights and dish out as much damage as possible (in turn allowing Sivir to secure those sweet, sweet bounties).


  • Strong early game poke
  • Can zone off the enemy easily
  • AoE ult is a total gamechanger in teamfights


  • Immobility (though Sivir helps to mitigate this weakness) 
  • Squishy; lacks defenses

#3 Braum

Braum is an all-round tanky support that can protect Sivir and allow her to output as much damage as possible in fights. He can leap to Sivir’s side and boost up her defenses, shield her from hardhitting incoming projectiles with his E, and use his CC-applying Q to help her easily land auto-attacks. 

His passive, which stuns the target after four concussive blows (whether from him or his ally), is particularly useful in sustained fights since it only has a few seconds cooldown. He can also use his passive defensively — if the enemy jungler attempts to gank the lane, Braum can stun them and give Sivir enough time to safely escape. 

Once Braum unlocks his ultimate he becomes incredibly strong and can help Sivir secure kill after kill. For those not familiar, his ultimate is essentially a long-ranged AoE that knocks up and slows any enemy in its path. It’ll ensure no opponent will be able to escape Sivir’s wrath, especially if she uses her ultimate-granting movement speed at the same time.

Braum is a great pick against melee champions since they won’t be able to engage on him without being stunned. However, he can get poked down by ranged champions if he misuses his shield and positions poorly.  


  • Ultimate gives him great pick potential 
  • Strong against melee champions
  • Excels at sustained fights 


  • Weak against ranged champions

#2 Alistar

Alistar doesn’t provide hefty shielding. But he does offer Sivir something else: a hard engage that ensures she’ll always be able to secure picks. His engage combo also allows Sivir to effortlessly land poke without putting herself in harm’s way, something which will enable her to dominate lane in the early game. 

Aside from his hard engage, Alistar has plenty more to offer though. His E provides some handy CC and his W ability is versatile with plenty of playmaking potential; he can use it as a disengage, to bring the enemy within Sivir’s auto-attack range, or even to knock the target into the turret. 

What makes Alistar a pretty strong pick though is the fact that he can’t be stopped — his ultimate removes all crowd control effects and reduces incoming physical and magic damage. In other words, he can quite literally jump in, tank all the damage, and peel Sivir throughout fights, allowing her to play aggressively without being punished. 

Alistar’s kit is simple and easy to learn, so he’s an ideal champion for beginners. However, you need to engage with care. Once he all-ins with his combo, he has no means to get out unless he has flash up. Always check your teammates’ positioning before starting a skirmish.


  • Beginner-friendly kit 
  • Ultimate disables CC 
  • Great hard engage 


  • No means of escape once he all-ins

#1 Morgana 

When played properly, Morgana and Sivir can decimate virtually any enemy they’re up against, especially those reliant on CC. The main reason for this? Morgana and Sivir both have CC-disabling abilities in their kit. Morgana can grant herself (or an ally) a black shield that lasts for 5 seconds, while Sivir has a spell shield that blocks the next incoming attack. 

This double CC immunity gives Sivir the ability to play aggressively without being worried about getting caught out by the likes of a Thresh hook or Ashe ult. It also allows her to evade ganks.

Another reason why Morgana synergizes so well with Sivir is because of her Q ability, aka the most hated ability in the whole entire game. The lengthy bind is excellent for securing picks and setting up ganks, both things that’ll help Sivir get ahead. Morgana can also combine it with her AoE ultimate — which applies more CC — to stop even the slippiest enemies from escaping her grip. 

To top it off, even Morgana’s W ability complements Sivir’s playstyle beautifully. It amplifies Sivir’s already strong wave clear by tenfold, allowing her to easily rotate, control the lane, and take down turrets. 

A major weakness of Morgana is that her ultimate takes a few seconds to apply; her enemies, especially those with mobile kits, can easily escape the AoE’s range before the stun goes off. However, Sivir can negate this weakness with her own ultimate, since it provides hefty movement speed and will ensure Morgana can lock them down and land her stun. 

Morgana is relatively easy to play, though you do need to master her Q skillshot. Missing Q will give up a lot of pressure and leave you vulnerable to the enemy’s harass, especially if her black shield is on cool down.


  • Can give Sivir a CC-disabling shield 
  • Plenty of CC at her disposal 
  • Strong wave clear 


  • Missing Q skillshot leaves her vulnerable

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