The Best Methods to Credit Farm in Warframe (2024)

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The Best Methods to Credit Farm in Warframe (2024)

Greetings Tenno. At some point during your journey across the star chart you are guaranteed to run into the issue of not having enough credits, the main in-game currency for Warframe. You’ll need credits to complete most forms of progression in the game, from simply starting recipes in your foundry all the way up to trading for high-value items like arcanes. That’s why today we’ll be going over how to credit farm in Warframe and the best methods/places to do so!

Best Methods & Credit Boosters

While the game is relatively well-paced, so long as you don’t rush your progress for everything, there will still be instances where you’re a little bit short on credits to start your craft or buy that mod. For those kinds of situations, we recommend a few different repeatable methods that you can use to credit farm in Warframe.

As a general preface — both Credit Boosters and a Double Credit Weekend event will double the amount of credits from all of these methods, effectively halving the amount of time and runs it would take to reach your goal. That being said, if you’re in the mood to farm enough credits to stock up for a little while, purchasing a Credit Booster might not be a bad idea.

They come in 3-Day, 7-Day, and 30-Day variants for a price of 40, 80, and 200 platinum respectively. If Baro Ki’Teer is feeling generous during his visits, he can also potentially have a 3-Day Credit Booster for you to purchase for 350 Ducats + 75,000 Credits. Absolutely worth it if you plan on stocking up on credits and want to be as efficient as possible. In addition to boosters, just be on the lookout for any Double Credit Weekends to take advantage of!

Method 1: The Index

The Index - the beginner friendly credit farm in Warframe for solo and group players.
Image: Digital Extremes via HGG / Andrew Oli

Located on the planet Neptune, The Index is probably the most widely-known method to farm credits in Warframe. If you’ve ever seen anyone asking around in-game chat about credits, this is probably among the answers that are given — and for a good reason. Though there is technically an entry “fee” that you are required to pay, you are almost guaranteed to profit from The Index.

The Index is essentially a deathmatch between a team of Tenno and a team of AI-controlled Corpus that race to be the first team to collect a certain amount of points. These points are dropped from players when they die and are turned in at the team’s respective base location, which will be marked on the minimap. This means if you’re not feeling too confident in your warframe or weapons, the least you can do for your team is try to stay alive and avoid giving points to the other team!

The fee to enter is a low (30,000), medium (40,000), or high (50,000) credit “investment” which determines both the amount of payout as well as the difficulty that the Corpus AI will be tuned to. As you can imagine, a higher difficulty will result in a higher payout, with the high fee returning a juicy 200,000 credits after the first round.


  • Easy barrier to entry, with the only main requirement being unlocking Neptune and having at least 30,000 credits to start investing
  • The Index is an endless/farmable game mode which makes it a consistent source of credits
  • Able to take advantage of a credit booster
  • Being one of the more popular methods to farming credits means finding a group for The Index doesn’t take long at all
  • Eventually you will get to a point in the game where the mission itself can easily be completed solo with the right kinds of builds so no need to worry about a party at all


  • The mission itself can very quickly start to feel dull and boring after a couple of runs
  • While The Index is a very consistent source of credits, the amount of credits acquired for the time spent in the mission aren’t great compared to some other methods in the game

Method 2: Dark Sectors

Dark Sectors - a great solo credit farming method in Warframe.
Image: Digital Extremes via HGG / Andrew Oli

If you’re not at Neptune yet and don’t have access to The Index, this method is for you!

Dark Sectors are missions that have been overrun by infested and can be found early on in the game starting around level 6 on Earth. These missions are endless missions with increased drop rates for resources as well as their own unique loot pools for certain mission types.

But for all intents and purposes of this article, the big seller here is the massive bonus credit payout for staying alive and extracting from the missions safely.


  • Virtually no barrier to entry and can be done for any early game credit needs
  • Can be used as a way to farm the initial fee you need to enter The Index, so you can snowball your funds
  • In the worst case scenario, the missions aren’t too difficult. Best case scenario, they will only take you a few minutes to complete for an easy payout
  • Dark Sector mission types allow you to extract pretty much whenever you want, as long as you stay for the initial requirement (e.g surviving for 5 minutes in a Defense or Survival mission)


  • Similar to The Index, players that are more progressed in the game with well-built warframes and weapons are better off elsewhere to farm credits
  • Since newer players don’t usually need to farm credits early on in the game, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to actively farm credits before unlocking The Index, you might have to solo these Dark Sector missions. Not too many people should be queuing up for them in the first place generally speaking.

Method 3: Profit Taker

Profit Taker - the best credit farm in Warframe, but also the hardest.
Image: Digital Extremes via HGG / Andrew Oli

The method that many players claim to have dethroned The Index as the best credit farm in Warframe is none other than the Profit Taker heist farm.

While Profit Taker may easily be the best use of your time for the amount of credits earned, with the potential to earn 500,000 credits in under 5 minutes with an active Credit Booster and Chroma’s Effigy, the barrier to entry is far more complex than the other methods mentioned before.

In order to even be able to accept the Profit Taker heist mission, you first need to gain the maximum standing rank (Old Dog) with Solaris United on Fortuna. This will give you access to use the briefing table in the backrooms. You can simply fast travel to Little Duck to quickly find the backrooms.

The mission itself requires a specific equipment loadout in order to actually do damage to the Profit Taker Orb, and you will need strong weapons as well as the gravimag attachment for your archgun. For maximum efficiency, you will probably want to use Chroma as your warframe of choice and have all of your weapons modded with at least two different status effects each (e.g Primary weapon with viral/heat. Secondary weapon with corrosive/cold. etc).

It is highly suggested to do some research on the fight beforehand, as there are 4 different phases that have their own mechanics.


  • Can make up to 2,000,000 credits per run when stacking credit buffs
  • Easily the best credits for time spent if done efficiently
  • A few runs can usually last you a awhile due to how many credits you get per run
  • It’s subjectively more fun/stimulating than The Index


  • Requires a very specific equipment loadout in order to be efficient
  • It is more for mid/late game players due to the high barrier to entry and even higher barrier to do efficiently with an optimized arsenal of warframes and weapons
  • The fight itself has 4 different phases and can be a little confusing to learn at first
  • Chroma’s Effigy will probably not proc every run, so the credit yield will still be high but inconsistent

Maximizing Efficiency

There may be more niche methods that we could have overlooked, but one principle stays the same regardless — do your best to use a method that is the most efficient and consistent for you. Before you commit your valuable time and efforts toward farming for credits, it’s very important that you assess your own situation and how progressed you are in the game.

Sure, Profit Taker has the potential to make 500,000 credits in 5 minutes. But if you struggle on the fight and most of your runs take significantly longer than 5 minutes, then that potential means absolutely nothing.

You want to find that sweet spot where you’re able to farm a mission quickly and consistently to make the best use of your time and Credit Booster (if you have one). This is why we have provided multiple methods for early, mid, and late-game players. Good luck, Tenno.

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Hopefully our methods to credit farm are able to help you fill up your coffers in Warframe. If you have anything to add or think we missed a method that you enjoy using to make bank, let us know in the comments! 

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