Amps are the modular weapons used by operatives required to deal damage to sentient beings in specific content throughout the game, such as combating Eidolons in the Plains of Eidolonor or even being able to damage certain bosses such as the Ropalolyst on Jupiter.

Naturally, you’ll want to know what the best amp is for each type of content that Warframe has to offer, which is what we aim to answer in today’s guide! We’ll also go over basics for those who are new to Warframe and what to learn more about amps in general.

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Why Are Amps Important in Warframe?

Having the right amp will drastically speed up (let alone enable) your attempts to become stronger by helping you acquire valuable Arcanes, parts to build the Wisp warframe, and Amalgam Mods.

One of the more recent updates, Angels of Zariman, introduces yet another set of enemies as well as the Void Angel bosses that require a well-built amp to take on.

Being modular weapons, Amps are made up of three components: Prism, Scaffold, and Brace that modify both the stats of the Amp and the kinds of projectiles shot by the Amp. You’ll need to know where and which components are needed for the best amp for each situation.

Your First Amp in Warframe – Mote Amp

The Mote Amp is the very first amp that is given to players when first discovering The Quills on Cetus. Being the starter amp, the Mote Amp’s stats are basically non-existent and its only purpose is to introduce the whole aspect of operators having the ability to focus void energy into a beam-like weapon.

That being said, if you have any desire to progress further and maybe even eventually delve into content such as Eidolon hunting, it is recommended to start grinding standing for The Quills and eventually in order to get blueprints for better amp parts.

How to Get More Amps in Warframe

The Amp parts are separated into tiers ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 7. The blueprints for Tier 1-4 Amp parts can be purchased from Quill Onkko on Cetus-Earth, while blueprints for Tier 5-7 are from Little Duck on Fortuna.

Amps act very similar to any other weapon in Warframe and can be ranked up and eventually gilded with the max rank being [30], just like every other weapon. Gilding an amp will set the amp’s rank back down to [0] but will also allow for the installation of arcane enhancements onto the amp.

These arcane enchantments will add different effects and boosts that can drastically affect and enhance both the power and playstyle of certain amp builds.

The Amp Numbers Tenno, What Do They Mean?

It’s not uncommon to see people referring to certain Amp builds in the form of numbers such as “1-7-7” or “177” for instance. These numbers refer to the tier of the parts of an amp in the order of “Prism – Scaffold – Brace” respectively.

This means that the example of a “177” would be an amp consisting of a Raplak (Tier 1) Prism, Propa (Tier 7) Scaffold, and Certus (Tier 7) Brace. With over 340 possible combinations for amp parts in the game, you may find yourself confused and overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right combinations for the content you’re trying to do.

With that in mind, here are a few amp combinations starting from early game that you may find to be helpful.

Best Amp for Beginners — 111

Prism: Raplak (Semi-auto, long-range, precise hit-scan)

  • Location: Quills 1- Mote, 1000 Standing

Scaffold: Pencha (Charged beam)

  • Location: Quills 1- Mote, 1000 Standing

Brace: Clapkra (+40 Amp Energy pool)

  • Location: Quills 1- Mote, 1000 Standing

While tier 1 amp parts may not sound like much of an upgrade from the starter Mote Amp, the crafted 111 amp actually turns out to be leaps and bounds better than the Mote Amp in every aspect, and should be a high priority for anyone trying to progress content. We all need to start somewhere, and this is a great amp to build early on in Warframe.

This amp is a great choice for newer players to get their feet wet when it comes to the whole process of grinding standing, buying the blueprints for amp parts, making said amp parts, and finally assembling the amp itself.

A 111 amp is a very realistic build for someone just starting out with amps, while still doing very solid damage as an amp itself. It can be comfortably used in most unspecialized content that would require an amp, while you work your way up to being able to craft higher tier amp builds.

Best Amp for Eidolon Hunting (Early Game) — 223

Prism: Shwaak (Semi-auto, medium range, punch-through projectile)

  • Location: Quills 2- Observer, 1500 Standing

Scaffold: Shraksun (Short-range flak grenade)

  • Location: Quills 2- Observer, 1500 Standing

Brace: Lohrin (+12% Amp Critical/Status Chance)

  • Location: Quills 3- Adherent, 2000 Standing

For this build, feel free to swap out the prism for a Raplak Prism if you’re more comfortable with the hit-scan primary fire. The prism will not affect the overall build much, if at all, as the main components allow the amp to function as intended either way. It’s just up to personal preference when it comes to primary fire functionality.

This amp build is perfect if you want a decent amp to hunt eidolons with and don’t have access to the later tiers of parts. The Lohrin brace provides the much needed critical chance for Eidolon hunting. Meanwhile, the Shraksun scaffold turns the alternate fire into a grenade-like projectile with a comfortable radius, allowing for an easier time against Eidolons by reducing the needed precision on your shots.

Best Amp for Eidolon Hunting (Meta) — 177

Prism: Raplak (Semi-auto, long-range, precise hit-scan)

  • Location: Quills 1 – Mote, 1000 Standing

Scaffold: Propa (Timed explosive. Also detonates on impact)

  • Location: Vox Solaris 4 – Instrument, 3000 Standing

Brace: Certus (+20% Amp Critical Chance)

  • Location: Vox Solaris 4 – Instrument, 3000 Standing

Ever since the release of the tier 7 amp parts, the best amp for hunting eidolons in Warframe has been X77. You can replace the prism with whatever suits your own personal preference.

As mentioned before, critical chance is extremely necessary for hunting eidolons, so it makes sense that the ideal setup for amp would make use of the Certus brace (the highest critical chance for braces). The prism and scaffold are a little more negligible, ever since the rework of the focus schools and the addition of new amp arcanes, but you can’t really go wrong with 177 or 777 at the end of the day.

The sheer amount of critical chance allows for quick and clean eidolon shield breaking, while the primary fire from the Raplak prism makes short work of the Vomvalysts that spawn throughout the encounter (which are needed to charge the Eidolon Lures).

Since amps cannot be modded, damage and other modifiers come in different forms such as the Madurai focus school’s Void Strike ability, Unairu focus school’s Unairu Wisp ability, the Volt warframe’s Electrical Shields, and the Virtuous Shadow and Virtuous Strike Arcanes.

Best Amp for Void Angels/Bossing — 747

Prism: Klamora (Wide, short ranged beam)

  • Location: Vox Solaris 4 – Instrument, 3000 Standing

Scaffold: Phahd (Powerful shots bounce between targets)

  • Location: Quills 4 – Instrument, 2000 Standing

Brace: Certus (+20% Amp Critical Chance)

  • Location: Vox Solaris 4 – Instrument, 3000 Standing

The 747 is a very good generalist amp that can comfortably tackle most, if not all content Warframe has to offer at the moment. Even better, it’s considered the best amp for hunting Void Angels from the recent Angels of Zariman update.

The high damage output over a short period of time from the Klamora prism paired with the innate high critical chance solidifies this amp’s place as one of the best amps to use – not only for just specific bosses, but just in general play overall. The alternate fire can be used to strip armor off of smaller enemies, while the primary fire’s flamethrower-like beam is amazing for shredding the shield of the Void Angels (sometimes even without the need of Madurai’s Void Strike).

With the right setup, the 747 amp can completely skip the orb phases of Void Angels, making the encounters significantly quicker than they should be.

Conclusion: Which Amp is Best?

While there are over 340 different combinations of possible amps to assemble in Warframe, specific amp parts are key components that make an amp specialized for certain content. As long as you keep that in mind, the other parts are largely up to your own personal preference and playstyle.

Are you new to the game and starting to dip your feet in the water? Try yourself a 111 while you learn the ropes. Are you trying to efficiently take down Eidolons? X77 is your best friend. Need something for general use? 7X7 will do you perfectly fine.

Ultimately whether you want to min-max the potential of your amp or just casually stroll through content is completely up to you and how you choose to enjoy the game!

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