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How to Get Platinum in Warframe – Best Methods & Tricks

Ever wonder why people say that money makes the world go round? Well, because like it or not, the majority of things in life will require a give-and-take of currency. And in Warframe, that currency is platinum – the premium currency of the game. In this article, we’ll explore the best ways on how to get platinum in Warframe.

What is Platinum Used for in Warframe?

Platinum can be used to purchase all kinds of things from the in-game market, such as cosmetics for your warframes and Orbiter, to necessities like extra warframe and weapon slots.

Platinum is also the main currency used when trading with other players for valuable items such as prime warframe/weapon parts, mods, arcanes, and more. Given that some items are no longer obtainable except through trading, you’ll need platinum at some point.

Notably, there is an official third-party trading website that the majority of the player base uses. It’s a very straightforward and easy-to-use system where sellers can manually mark themselves as being online in-game, and customers can quickly send a copy-pasted message to them in the game. If you have any interest in buying or selling anything for platinum, we highly suggest you start there at Warframe.market.

Best Methods for Getting Platinum

So, how can you get platinum in Warframe? Whether you occasionally use part of your paychecks to indulge in cosmetics or don’t plan on spending even a penny on the game, there are ways for you to get your hands on that sweet, sweet premium currency.

What really sets Warframe apart from other MMOs is how accessible platinum is to obtain within the game itself, without having to pay anything. Most of our methods will cover how to get platinum in Warframe for free.

Method 1: Buy Directly From Digital Extremes

Buying platinum directly from the store is the quickest way to get it in Warframe.
Image: Digital Extremes via HGG / Andrew Oli

To start things off, let’s address the elephant in the room when it comes to these types of informational articles. The quickest and easiest way to get platinum in Warframe is to support the hard-working developers and buy platinum packs or prime access packs directly from their website.

Keep in mind that you will occasionally receive platinum discounts as a log-in reward for 25%, 50%, or 75% off your next platinum purchase. These coupons will usually appear as your daily log-in reward after not being active in the game for anywhere between a week to a month of inactivity. So, if you plan on supporting the developers and want to get the most bang for your buck, keep an eye out for one of these sales the next time you log in.

Method 2: Farm and Sell Mods

Look for highly-coveted mods to trade for platinum in Warframe
Image: Digital Extremes via HGG / Andrew Oli

Mods are the bread and butter of Warframe, and everyone wants and needs them. With countless types and variations available, such as riven mods, nightmare mods, corrupt mods, prime mods, and more, it’s easy to see why mods will always be in high demand.

However, determining which mods are currently in-demand over others may require a bit of research. As the market constantly fluctuates with new warframes, weapons, and build variations requiring different mods, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends. Finding out which builds are currently considered “meta” can help narrow down your search for sought-after mods.

So, if you haven’t sorted through your orbiter’s mod segment in a while, you may be sitting on a platinum jackpot without even realizing it. You’ll just have to do the leg work to find someone looking to buy those mods off you.

Method 3: Farm and Sell Prime Parts

Prime parts are constantly being traded for platinum in Warframe.
Image: Digital Extremes via HGG / Andrew Oli

Prime parts, much like mods, are in constant demand and are a go-to method for many players looking to earn platinum. While farming prime parts solo or with a random group is possible, it’s more efficient to do it with friends.

This is because while you may not have a relic for a specific prime part you’re looking for, your friends might. Selling prime parts as a full set is usually quicker and easier since buyers are often seeking the complete set.

Before you use up all your void relics, keep in mind that the prices of prime parts are subject to fluctuation. This is because certain warframes and weapons only appear in specific relics, and not all relics are available all the time.

If you have a relic containing a prime part for a vaulted (currently unobtainable in the game) warframe or weapon, the price of that relic and its prime parts will be significantly higher. Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to go through your relics to see if you have any with vaulted parts, as those are where the big money lies.

Apart from vaulted prime parts, the parts for meta weapons and warframes are also likely to fetch a good price, just like mods and for the same reason.

Method 4: Arbitrations

Arbitrations offer an easy way to get rare items that are in high demand.
Image: Digital Extremes via HGG / Andrew Oli

Once you’ve completed the star chart, you’ll unlock hourly alert missions known as Arbitrations. These are essentially scaled-up versions of endless missions that offer vitus essence as a reward. This currency can be spent at the arbitration shop in any relay.

Since you can only attempt Arbitrations once an hour, it’s important to stay in them for multiple rotations to maximize your vitus essence earnings before extracting.

To make platinum from Arbitrations, you can check the arbitration shop and see which items are in high demand using warframe.market. Then, spend your vitus essence accordingly. Since Arbitrations are a low-effort way to earn platinum, they’re a great option assuming you have the right equipment to handle them. Just keep in mind that it’s only available once per hour, so make the most of your time!

Method 5: Limited-Time Events

Limited-time events are a great source for rare items that you can sell for platinum later.
Image: Digital Extremes via HGG / Andrew Oli

Warframe features specific events that roll around once or twice a year. These events typically feature a unique event currency which can be used to buy unique items from the event shop. While the event is ongoing, the prices of these items usually drop, but the real money comes after the event ends when these limited-time shop items are no longer available.

Events like Scarlet Spear and Plague Star follow this trend. Scarlet Spear introduced an influx of arcanes, while Plague Star offered infested zaw parts and Exodia Contagion. Participating in these limited-time events is always worthwhile, and it’s a good idea to stockpile some limited-time shop items and sell them later when their prices inflate

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Hopefully you found some of these methods useful for building up your platinum stack in Warframe! We decided to take more of a general approach with some of the methods as getting into all of the specifics would take forever and is arguably unnecessary. However, if you think we missed a good method for making platinum, let us know in the comments below!

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