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Apex Legends’ Voice Actors: Complete Guide

Apex Legends owes its massive success to a lot of factors. It can’t be denied that a ton of the game’s charm and appeal comes from its extensive cast of Legends. They each approach the battlefield with their own unique outlook and style. Their distinct personalities offer something to all kinds of different players, and the combinations that arise from their teaming up and facing off can lead to many surprising interactions on the battlefield.

Just as the game owes much to its Legends’ personalities, each Legend owes much of their personality to the actor who voices them. Respawn takes care to hire actors who can bring something uniquely personal to each character, and the writers work with the actors to develop their distinct voice and style. Our Apex Legends’ Voice Actors guide examines these fantastic performers who imbue each character with charm, depth, and humanity — even the killer robots.

Apex Legends’ Voice Actors: Info and Sound Clips

Our list is in character order straight from the game, with the newest Legends from new seasons near the end. We hope you enjoy the sound clips straight from the game, too! If you want to hear more from the actors themselves, we highly recommend Chris Edgerly’s (Pathfinder) YouTube channel, where he interviews many of his fellow Apex Legends’ voice actors! We got many voice actor quotes from that playlist.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide discusses plot details from all Seasons of Apex Legends, and story material released online. We’ll also discuss plot details of Titanfall 2’s story as well. You’ve been warned, Legend.

Bloodhound – Allegra Clark

Bloodhound is the quintessential calm, collected hunter-tracker, unflappable in pursuit of their prey. Always showing respect toward teammates and opponents alike, Bloodhound is a terse yet dependable presence on any battlefield. Despite their stoicism, Bloodhound’s personality shines through here and there.

Their occasional use of Norse terms and reference to their deity, the Allfather, imply they descend from a Nordic lineage. They will sometimes mention a lost love named Boone. They care a great deal for their hunting companion raven, Artur. Beyond that, not much is known about them — given their face-obscuring headgear, even their gender is kept private.

Allegra Clark gives Bloodhound their distinctive low, steady affect. A frequent presence in both gaming and anime voice overs, players may recognize Clark from other memorable roles such as Zazan in Hunter X Hunter,  Beidou in Genshin Impact, Josephine from Dragon Age Inquisition, and Dorothea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Three Hopes. Clark, a New Yorker, has said that she developed Bloodhound’s cadence and accent by watching hours of Norwegian Youtube.

She found herself auditioning against Scandinavian actors and was worried that her attempt at mimicking the accent wouldn’t measure up, but she won the part: “They really liked the depth of my voice…and the richness of it, and [they] felt that it served how bada** Bloodhound is.”

Her performances are digitally pitched down “Just a little bit…to bring it from ‘low-voiced woman’ to something a little bit more androgynous”.

Gibraltar – Branscombe Richmond

Alway jovial, Gibraltar is a true gentle giant. He’s inclined to whip out his ukulele and strum an upbeat tune at any calm moment between fights. Formerly a search-and-rescue specialist, he entered the Apex Games to perform that same service on the battlefield. He provides stalwart defense to all teammates, and a smirking pep talk to anyone who ends up on the wrong end of his gun’s barrel. His Pacific Island heritage is evident in his chosen melee weapon, a jade patu, and in his performance of the ceremonial haka dance. 

Native American actor Branscombe Richmond grants Gibraltar his deep yet upbeat vocals. Known more for live action performances than voice work, Richmond co-starred in the 90s action series Renegade as bounty hunter Bobby Sixkiller. He made a variety of film and TV appearances throughout the 90s and 2000s. Most memorably as the clown who held Michelle Pfeiffer hostage with a taser in 1992’s Batman Returns, and as the bar owner who beat up Jason Segal in 2007’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

In interviews, Richmond praises the Apex team for including the actors in the process of creating the characters. They even directly asked him to bring more personal and cultural elements from his own life into the performance..

Speaking about the recording process, Richmond praises his fellow actors, stating: “I’m having fun…when you’re in the room, there are some great guys in there.”

Pathfinder — Chris Edgerly

Titanfall 2 introduced players to MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity) units. These robotic drones serve as cheap labor across the universe. One particular MRVN unit was extensively customized with climbing gear, but then abandoned. He’s since wandered the Outlands in search of his creators or some sense of his purpose. Calling himself Pathfinder, he’s joined the Apex Games to raise a high enough profile to draw his creators’ attention.

Pathfinder is extraordinarily cheerful at all times, which contrasts nicely against his utter deadpan factual bluntness. He’s just happy to be out on the battlefield with all of his friends, even the ones that are currently shooting at him.

Chris Edgerly is the comedian and voice actor who provides Pathfinder’s endlessly optimistic dialogue. He got his start working on adult cartoons like Harvey Birdman and Drawn Together. He later joined the cast of The Simpsons, providing minor voices for the show since 2011. He’s worked prominently in video games, as well.

He’s been the primary actor for Final Fantasy character Cid Highwind since 2005’s Advent Children, and reprised the role in Kingdom Heart 2 & 3. He also provided the voice of Aragorn in many of the Lord of the Rings games.

As we mentioned in the intro, Edgerly runs his own YouTube channel where, among other things, he interviews other Apex Legends voice actors. Many of the quotes included here came from their chats with him. He also streams himself playing the game. He loves to surprise players by joining voice chat in the real Pathfinder voice.

Edgerly says it’s just an “extremely happy, sort of oblivious” version of his real voice. He finds he slips into it accidentally sometimes in day to day life: “I say good morning to my kids, y’know, [Pathfinder voice] ‘Who’s ready for a day at school?’”

Lifeline — Mela Lee

Ajay “Lifeline” Che is the Apex Games’ combat medic. She’s capable of reviving and healing teammates while fending off opponents. She can bring a squad back from the brink of defeat to full combat effectiveness in a matter of seconds.

Good humored and feisty but also diligent and focused, Lifeline is all about staying committed to the mission. Her robotic medical companion, the Drone of Compassion (D.O.C.) is always close by her side. It often finds itself serving as a makeshift surface on which she practices her other real passion — drumming.

Mela Lee began her career as a singer, but booked the lead role at the very first audition she attended. She’s been active in voice work for anime and games ever since. Most notably, she voiced Rin in Fate/Stay night and related games and films, Tiki in Fire Emblem Awakening and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Aaliyah Davis in cult hit Deadly Premonition 2, and she voices characters on Disney shows like The Owl House and The Ghost and Molly McGee. When not doing voicework, Lee still fronts her band, Magnolia Memoir.

Lee says she wasn’t able to see the Lifeline dialogue before her audition. Therefore, she had no time to prepare for the performance. “I didn’t have time to be anything but what I am…I’m a multi-ethnic girl, but they said ‘we love that.’”

After being cast, they had to make adjustments so all Legends would be audibly distinct. “Ms. VanSanten had that Wraith voice [that sounded] like what I started off with…so we raised [Lifeline’s] voice a little bit so that we’d be in different vocal registers.”

Wraith — Shantel VanSanten

The dimension-hopping operative known as Wraith fights in the Apex Games to try to piece together her past. She used to be a scientist named Renee Blasey, but a personal betrayal and a botched experiment left her with no memories and voices in her head. Turns out, those voices are alternate versions of herself.

By listening to them, she slowly learned to control her newfound dimensional-shifting abilities. Now that she’s mastered them, Wraith is a formidable force on and off the battlefield. The traumatic experiences she’s been through have given her a dour, even haunted outlook. Sometimes, though, rare glimpses of a vibrant former personality bubble to the surface.

Shantel VanSanten is another member of the Apex cast who has mostly acted in live action performances. Fans of superhero TV may be familiar with her from two different series. She played Officer Patty Spivot on CW’s The Flash, as well as Becca Butcher on Hulu’s The Boys. VanSanten had large supporting roles on One Tree Hill, Shooter, and the Apple TV+ series For All Mankind. She also appeared in movies like The Final Destination and Remembrance. Apex Legends is her first video game role.

VanSanten describes in interviews being taken aback by the on-screen chaos of Apex matches when she first saw it.

“I wanted to understand some of the things [being described in the voice lines], but then I got really overwhelmed, because I did not understand how complicated it was. I’ve played Mario Kart and, like, Plants Vs. Zombies, and then I go [watch Apex being played] and I’m like ‘What is this game?!’”

Bangalore — Erica Luttrell

Anita “Bangalore” Williams lives and breathes military life, and has little patience for anybody not on her level. She’s just as quick to throw out some practical advice about the gear she pings for you as she is to critique a fallen foe’s performance to their face. Utterly no-nonsense, Bangalore is icy calm even under heavy fire. Season 13’s plot showed her slightly more vulnerable side, but don’t expect her to go easy on you if you face her in the Games. Even if you’re her long-lost brother.

Erica Luttrell began acting at a very young age. She had roles in 90s children’s TV classics like Shining Time Station and The Magic School Bus. She voiced characters for animated shows like Dave the Barbarian, Steven Universe, and Avengers Assemble. In games, she played the Female Witch Doctor in Diablo III, Hermione in Niantic’s Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Emily Kaldwin in Dishonored 2. She’s also been seen on live action shows like Westworld, Magnum P.I., and Salvation.

Luttrell was glad that the voice directors liked what she brought to the character and cast her. She was nervous, because the character was so different to her actual personality.

“The initial direction was pretty much just like, ‘Calm. Play her really calm. Really never a moment of panic.’ And I would say that that is not me (laughs)… I’m super goofy, and kind of awkward and what have you. I actually do care, and want the people around me to be comfortable. And [Bangalore] does not care about that (laughs).” 

Caustic — JB Blanc

As he is always quick to mention, Dr. Alexander “Caustic” Knox is a man of science. He’s an expert in toxic gasses and their effects on the human body. Ethics and morality never stand between him and collecting data. He considers suffering and even human lives a small price to pay for valuable research. Caustic joined the Apex Games for a never-ending supply of test subjects to use his Nox gas against. He’s demonstrated the very occasional, very small soft spot for his compatriots (at least the other scientists, like Wattson and Horizon), but on the battlefield, he is cold, calculating, and utterly ruthless.

JB Blanc has appeared in a ton of animation, games, and plenty of live action performances as well. Gamers have likely heard him in one of his many roles. These include Ryotaro Dojima in Persona 4 and its offshoots, Kano in MK11, Blisk in the Titanfall games, and Diablo himself in Diablo III. Outside of gaming, he voices characters on Bleach, Arcane, Hellsing, Naruto, The Owl House, Pickle & Peanut, and many others.

In live action, he appeared in shows like Barry, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, CSI New YorkBurn Notice, Cold Case, and Shameless. When he’s not acting, he serves as a dialect coach for other actors, helping them master accents for roles.

“It’s been my lot in life to be a dialect guy… I think I have what’s called ‘stop me in the airport’ looks. So I get cast as every dodgy foreign guy out there”.

Mirage — Roger Craig Smith

At first glance, it can be hard to take Elliot “Mirage” Witt seriously as an Apex competitor. He certainly never seems to take anything seriously, constantly joking around on and off the battlefield. But look beneath all that, and you’ll see he’s actually…a total goofball! But one who’s a remarkably effective combat presence nonetheless. His holographic decoys, which he calls “bamboozles”, are essentially a weaponized practical joke. He adds insult to injury every time he takes someone out.

Roger Craig Smith is a prolific voiceover actor. He’s performed tons of different kinds of characters across animated TV, movies, and games. Wacky kids’ comedies like Clarence, Uncle Grandpa, and Big City Greens. Younger fare like If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, The Stinky & Dirty Show, and Archibald’s Next Big Thing. Action/adventure shows for older kids, like Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous, Young Justice, and Marvel’s animated Avengers projects. Adult animation like American Dad and Arcane. Plenty of anime, like Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045, Dino Girl Gauko, and Naruto: Shippuden. Game roles like Chris Redfield since RE5, Ezio in Assassin’s Creed, and Sonic in the Sonic franchise.

You may have even heard him in commercials for Dodge Ram trucks. He can do a wide array of voices, but Mirage is a rare character that sounds like his real voice.

“If there’s a part of Mirage that’s me, it’s the little self-deprecating… He always comes out with something cocky, and then at the end is like [nervous stammering]. When he’s into that little bit of insecurity, that’s all me.”

Octane — Nicolas Roye

Nothing matters to Octavio “Octane” Silva more than the rush of being as extreme as possible at all times. It’s why he joined the Apex Games, and pushes himself to the limits of human speed and endurance every battle. It’s why he blew off his own legs, so he could replace them with robot legs that never get tired.

And it’s why he became a gigantic star with legions of fans who watch breathlessly to take in every stunt. Octane isn’t living unless he’s on the ragged edge of exhilarating victory or disastrous defeat, but that’s exactly where he’s most effective.

Nicolas Roye is another prolific voice in games and animated TV. He voiced characters on Digimon Adventure, Naruto Shippuden, Sailor Moon, and Boruto. In games, he performed in Sushi Striker, Radiant Historia, several Fire Emblem titles, SMITE, and Halo Infinite.

He says the developers initially described Octane as “a crazy adrenaline junkie guy… A cross between Johnny Knoxville and Antonio Banderas.” Developing the voice didn’t take long. “I whipped it out pretty quick… I just felt like I had a good concept of that energy that they were looking for.”

Crypto — Johnny Young

A genius at drone tech and digital security, Tae Joon Park was a talented IT contractor. Until, that is, he uncovered the wrong hidden file and caught the attention of some powerful corporate operatives. Now he’s on the run, competing in the Apex Games under the pseudonym “Crypto.”

By using the resources granted to successful Legends, he’ll seek out the shadowy figures who took away his normal life. Crypto is serious and focused, but with a very dark sense of humor that shines in dangerous situations. He always drops into fights accompanied by his personal custom drone Hack.

Johnny Young has done voices in many shows and games. These include Medal of Honor Warfighter, the Overwatch animated shorts, Glitch Techs, the World War Z game, and Infinity Train. A big gamer and Respawn fan, Young received the audition material under a code name but recognized the project.

“I immediately knew it was Apex, because I was a fan! I knew the lore, and just by reading the lines I was like ‘there is only one universe that this lives in!’”

Wattson — Justine Huxley

Natalie Paquette was the daughter and apprentice of the Apex Games’ chief electrical engineer. She trained at her father’s side, and showed early on that she was an electrical genius. The Apex Games commissioned her at a young age to design the Ring that slowly contracts around each match. In a tragic twist of fate, her father died the same day she revealed her Ring design.

Orphaned and alone, Natalie was welcomed and taken in by the Legends. She adopted the name Wattson for her Legend identity. Eternally cheery and with a deep love for electrical puns, she now fights to protect her adopted family.

Justine Huxley is a relative newcomer to voice acting, performing in just a few projects other than voicing Wattson. She had minor roles in GTAV, RDR2, and Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and in The Incredibles 2. She had a recurring role on Netflix’s Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. Huxley was also a series regular on Disney’s Goldie & Bear.

“I took French in school for five years,” Justine said. “My first French teacher was so strict about our accents. She would call us out in front of the whole class… So, I thank Madame Toucard for Wattson (laughs).”

Revenant — Darin De Paul

A nightmarish chrome skeletal reaper figure, Revenant is what remains of a man who was once an elite mercenary. He was digitally resurrected as a simulacrum — an AI formed from a scan of a human mind, bound to a robotic body — to serve as a programmable assassin. He outlived those who controlled him and found himself with no one guiding his actions.

What’s an unstoppable murder robot to do? Why, join a bloodsport and gain unlimited new targets to track down and brutalize, of course! Revenant fully embraces his horrifying visage and never passes up an opportunity to terrify or disturb, whether that’s with a guttural threat or a darkly wry joke about the ease with which human beings are slaughtered. 

Master of dark, scary voices, Darin De Paul is a veteran of the voice acting industry. Noteworthy roles include Samuel Hayden in Doom and Doom Eternal, Truman Zanotto in Psychonauts 2, Owl in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and lots of voices across all of World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. De Paul is friends with JB Blanc and has trained in dialects with him.

“I was fascinated by how nihilistic [Revenant] was,” De Paul said. “[He’s] like Jonathan Banks in Breaking Bad…that very stoic, quiet evil.”

Loba — Fryda Wolff

Loba Andrade was orphaned at a young age. Revenant targeted her father, and everyone she knew was slaughtered in the process. Circumstances forced her to begin practicing burglary as a means of survival.

By the time she was an adult, she had developed the skills and reputation of a master thief. In all that time, revenge against Revenant was always at the forefront of her thoughts. When reports surfaced that he had become an Apex Legend, Loba knew that her chance had arrived. Loba is coolly confident and approaches every battle with a sultry charm. She rarely passes up an opportunity for flirtatious banter…unless there’s good loot nearby. 

Fryda Wolff voiced characters like Poison Ivy on DC SuperFriends, and DJ Suki on Trolls: The Beat Goes On! In the gaming world, she’s known for voice work in games like Guild Wars 2, Killer Instinct, Octodad, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Octopath Traveller, Cyberpunk 2077, and Solar Ash.

“My mother is from Mexico City, moved to America and learned English in her thirties,” Wolff said. “Loba’s accent is basically just my mother’s accent, but making sure to be super clear… If I put on a super authentic accent but you can’t understand what I said, these callouts are meaningless to Apex players.”

Rampart — Anjali Bhimani

A weapons design prodigy, Ramya “Rampart” Parekh owned her own shop by age twenty. She would build and mod custom gear for clients on both sides of the law. She refused to kowtow to a local gang leader, and they burned her shop to the ground.

Far from disheartened, she saw it as a sign that it was time to graduate to bigger and better things. Now as a Legend, the Apex Games provides her with the resources she needs for a brand new shop, not to mention infinite opportunity to test out all her gear. Brash and outspoken, the only thing that fires off faster than Rampart’s snarky banter is her custom minigun, lovingly called Sheila.

Anjali Bhimani has mostly worked in live action TV. She’s worked on shows such as Law & Order: SVU, All My Children, Modern Family, and Blind Spot. Most recently, Marvel fans saw her play Aunt Ruby in the Disney+ Ms. Marvel series. Critical Role fans saw her in the spinoff series Exandria Unlimited.

In addition to Rampart, Bhimani voices another playable character in a popular character shooter — Symmetra in Overwatch.

“There’s probably a lot of [Rampart] in me, except I’m not quite as mean. So many of the voice lines are so, so mean,” Bhimani said. “I do have that snarky side, I just don’t let it out much in public, which is why it was so much fun to just go full bore.”

Horizon — Elle Newlands

Quirky astrophysicist Dr. Mary Somers promised her young son she’d soon return safely when she embarked on a dangerous mission to extract resources from the rim of a black hole. Instead, she found herself betrayed and abandoned by her assistant. She survived and escaped, but not before the time dilation effect of the black hole shifted her nearly a century into the future. Dr. Somers was wrecked by the fact that she missed her son’s whole life.

She joined the Apex Games as the gravity-wielding “Horizon.” She fights in hopes that her winnings will let her develop time travel tech to go back to her son. Despite her past, Horizon is a perky and kind presence on the battlefield. She’s become something of a surrogate mom to the younger Legends. She’s always quick with a goofy joke, some encouraging sentiment, and plenty of Scottish slang.

Elle Newlands has lent her voice to a few animated TV shows, but has primarily acted for video games. She has voiced characters such as Moira Thaurissan in World of Warcraft, Forge Sister Alya in Darksiders II, and Avril in the Skylanders series. She also contributed voices to games like Bioshock Infinite, The Order 1886, Final Fantasy XV, and Doom Eternal.

A natural born Scot, Newlands helped shape Horizon’s character: “I sent [Respawn writer] Sam [Gill] Scottish colloquialisms and Scottish ideas… He wrote back and said ‘I think that’s a good idea, we should get a folder going’ (laughs).” 

Fuse — Ben Prendergast

Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy hails from the warlord-run world of Salvo. He grew up on the streets with his best pal, “Mad” Maggie, scraping by on their wits. They became a formidable mercenary team, but Fuse never stopped dreaming about the spotlight. He fought in local arena matches between merc jobs.

In his heart, though, he craved a chance on the biggest stage around — the Apex Games. Now he’s on the Apex battlefield showing viewers everywhere what made him the best on Salvo — bigger BOOMs than anybody else, and explosively in-your-face charm to match.

Fuse is an old-timer by Legends standards. He’s always eager to tell stories of glorious battles past, and just as eager to show he can still run circles around the kiddos when the explosives start flying.

Ben Prendergast began his career in Australian film and TV. This included projects like William Kelly’s War, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. He voiced General Hux in Star Wars: Resistance and Lego Star Wars and played Patroclus in indie hit Hades. Soon, players will hear him voice Tyr in the hotly anticipated God of War: Ragnarok.

Speaking on his Australian heritage and how that informed the performance of Fuse, Prendergast said:

“[Fuse] is a mix between every VB [Australian beer Victoria Bitter]-drinking 70s cricketer, and the better parts of [Australian sports-comedy series] The Footy Show, but also a little Crocodile Dundee, a little Steve Irwin, and a lot of my old man and my uncles from when I was growing up.”

Valkyrie — Erika Ishii

Kairi Imahara’s father was a loving man, and a kind teacher. He was also the Titan Pilot known as Viper, master of flight combat in the legendary Apex Predators mercenary squad run by Apex Games’ founder, Kuben Blisk.

When Viper was killed (by the player character in a climactic boss battle late in Titanfall 2), Kairi was devastated, and vowed to carry on her father’s legacy. She modifed the jet tech used in Viper’s Titan, and created a personal flight suit. This would allow her to dominate the skies in much the same way her father had years before.

She took on the callsign Valkyrie, and has since made a name for herself on the Apex battlefield. Fans and haters alike can’t deny her flashy aerial domination combat tactics and her irreverent personal style.

Erika Ishii has been a prolific voice acting presence in web animation, actual play webseries, and indie games. She’s lent her talents to projects like Natural 20, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Monster Prom, Vampire the Masquerade: LA By Night, River City Girl, Dimension 20, and Critical Role. She’s played the role of JunJun in the Sailor Moon series since 1995, when she was just eight years old.

Ishii identified with the role of Valkyrie immediately:

“When I read the character breakdown…I was like, ‘oh, she’s like me! She’s just this hard-partying, snack scarfing, mixed-Japanese flyboy who’s, like, a total lady killer.’”

Seer — Ike Amadi

The Legend known as Seer only ever wanted to express himself. He was born under a catastrophic astrological event and dubbed cursed from that day forward. He is an artist whose canvas is combat. His medium is the cloud of nanotech moth drones that swarm to his desire. He is as gentle and soft-spoken off the battlefield as he is flamboyant and vivacious on it. Seer boldly innovates on what it means to be an Apex Legend.

Nigerian actor Ike Amadi has worked some in animation. He played Jax in both of the Mortal Kombat Legends direct-to-DVD movies, he acted in Netflix’s Trollhunters and Marvel’s What If…?. That said, he primarily voice acts for video games. Starcraft II, Mass Effect 3, Knack and Knack II, Halo 5 Guardians, Fallout 4, Prey, MK11, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and the upcoming Starfield are all on his resume. Amadi also plays DC villain Atrocitus in a variety of games since 2014, including Injustice 2 and Lego DC Supervillains.

Ash — Anna Campbell

Ash is a simulacrum Titan Pilot, and another member of the Apex Predators. Like Viper, Ash fought Jack Cooper as a boss fight in Titanfall 2. Her defeat there resulted in her utterly scrapped condition when the Legends found her at the culmination of Season 5. Long before she became an AI, Ash used to be Dr. Ashleigh Reid, the astrophysicist who, secretly working for a rival faction, abandoned Dr. Mary Somers to a black hole.

Ash approaches combat with an air of detached superiority and icy efficiency. As far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t need to prove she’s the best — she’s already calculated it to be true.

Anna Campbell has mostly performed in live action roles, with only a handful of voice over credits — all games. She had parts on shows like Veronica Mars, Mad Men, Castle, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Grimm, and NCIS, and played a role in Lost Planet 3. Most notably, she played Ash in Titanfall 2.

She revived the part when Ash joined Apex, first as the Arenas announcer, and later as a Legend.

“This character has been part of my life and my career for a decade. There was certainly a dead spot in the middle there where I was like, ‘Well that was cool, I got to play an evil robot’. When they told me it was happening [making Ash a playable character], I honestly just started crying… The scope of this thing is bigger than anything I’ve ever seen.”

Mad Maggie — Nicola Kawana

“Mad” Maggie Kohere grew up in the slums of Salvo with her best mate, Fuse. Where he craved an escape, she longed to fight for her people’s freedom. Even if that meant fighting her way to the top of Salvo and declaring herself its new warlord.

After years of her criminal gang ruling the planet, Syndicate operatives finally apprehended and exiled Maggie. Her sentence: to fight in the Apex Games. Maggie brings the same grit and take-no-prisoners attitude that served her through decades of scrapping for advantage on Salvo. She’s as tough as they come, but she’s also got a good sense of humor…as long as you stay on her side.

Nicola Kawana is a Maori actor who has primarily performed in New Zealand-based productions. These include roles on Mercy Peak and Jackson’s Wharf. Her two-year run on NZ soap opera Shortland Street from 2005–2006, was much beloved.

Her character’s death continues to resonate in that show’s story to this day. Kawana said she most appreciated being able to contribute her own culture and perspective to the role of Mad Maggie. She considers this especially important given how limited representation is for Maori in general, especially older Maori women.

Newcastle — Gabe Kunda

Not long ago, Lamont Craig was a friendly neighborhood mechanic. He lived and ran a repair shop in the small community of Harris Valley. Local masked hero Newcastle was galactically infamous for unsucessfully auditioning more times than any other prospective Legend in Apex history. He contracted Lamont’s shop for repair work on his suit and custom shield.

By chance, Lamont found himself in the right place at the right time to inherit Newcastle’s gear and title. Specifically, when he witnessed gangsters killing the original Newcastle over debts he couldn’t pay. Fortunately, “Lamont” is actually Jackson Williams, famed IMC Pilot long thought dead, and brother to Anita “Bangalore” Williams.

For years, the foes that still hunt him led him to live in hiding under a new name. Now, Newcastle finally made it into the Apex Games, and the Williams siblings are finally reunited. 

Gabe Kunda got his start in voice acting providing background voices for the American dub of One Piece. He’s been appearing in animation and games ever since. You may have heard him in Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and Attack on Titan. Players will hear him in games like CoD: Black Ops Cold War, Orcs Must Die 3, and Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. He also plays Kel in Mattel’s Barbie animated movies.

He had auditioned for the role of Seer previously, and says he found out he had gotten the part of Newcastle in an unusual way:

“One of the writers, Amanda [Doiron, Narrative Director], she had followed me and messaged me on Twitter, and said ‘Great job on your callback audition, you sound amazing,’ and then I looked at her bio, and it said ‘Respawn’… I don’t think my agent had called me yet, but I start getting followings from the other Respawn team… I was like, ‘I think I got it?’ (laughs)”

Vantage — Natalie Canizares

Vantage is a young woman who was raised in seclusion from society. Her mother, the only other person Vantage interacted with for most of her life, is a dedicated survivalist who taught her daughter how to live in the wild. Despite being barely an adult, Vantage has become a master sniper, and can gain detailed information about enemy status by aiming at them.

She has a pet bat-like creature named Echo, and she can rapidly rocket to its location. Vantage’s mother was arrested by the IMC as a political prisoner and imprisoned. Vantage now fights as a way to try to gain her mother her freedom back.

Much like her Apex character, Natalie Canizares, the actor who provides Vantage’s vocal performance, is a relatively new arrival with little known about her. She’s had minor roles in a few series, such as Mayans M.C., Hulu’s Good Trouble, and the Netflix animated film The Mitchells Vs The Machines. 

Now she’s voicing a Legend, who is, perhaps fittingly, aching to prove herself and stand tall alongside the veterans. As she fights to draw attention to her mother’s plight, Canizares’ stellar performance will help players slowly but surely glean occasional snippets of insight into Vantage, her mother, and most importantly, her goofy little bat buddy, Echo.

Announcer — Zehra Fazal

The neutral voice of the Apex Games’ AI Announcer calls out the vital facts of each match across the battlefield. Whether the round is ending, the Champion has been taken out, or a winner has been declared, the Announcer’s peaceful dulcet tone is the voice who lets you know. She is, in a very real way, the voice of the Apex Games.

Step into the Fight Night boxing ring on the Olympus map, however, and you’ll hear her embody an entirely different announcer (or maybe a different facet of the main Announcer — who knows? AIs are tricky that way), hilariously egging on the brawling in the ring.

Zehra Fazal performed in a wide array of voice roles across games and animation. She appeared on shows like Amphibia, Glitch Techs, Bojack Horseman, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Trolls: The Beat Goes On, Young Justice: Outsiders, and Craig of the Creek. Her gaming performances include roles in Shin Megami Tensei V, Maneater, Borderlands 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Eliza, and Final Fantasy XV. Most relevant is her appearance in Titanfall 2.

“I played a bunch of different AI characters in that game. Including the medical robot you hear in the opening of the game, as you’re crashing… That was such a great experience, the Respawn team was awesome. Then when it came time for Apex Legends, they decided they wanted to use that same AI voice in that game as well. I’m super stoked, and love that.”

Fade — Josh Keaton

Ignacio Huamani worked with his family as recovery specialists. Mysterious clients contracted them to retrieve an experimental suit from a crashed IMC freighter. He recovered the suit, but the job turned out to be an ambush. Ignacio’s family died, and he only escaped by activating the suit’s dimensional shifting capabilities.

Now, he’s back in this dimension, and well practiced in using the suit’s abilities. He’s ready to join the Apex Games as “Fade,” dimension shifting warrior. With luck, he’ll draw out those who killed his family, and serve justice by turning the tables on them. Fade is the first Legend to be exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile. Nothing has been announced, but Respawn hasn’t ruled out adding him to the core game eventually.

Josh Keaton has been voice acting since he was a child. One of his earliest roles was Jules Brown, one of the two children of Doc Brown in Back to the Future: The Animated Series. He’s also had had a long-running relationship with the Spider-Man video game franchise.

He played Harry Osborn in the game based on the first Spider-Man movie, and voiced Peter Parker in Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time, and Marvel vs Capcom 3. Then he played the villain Electro in Insomniac’s Spider-Man for PS4. Other notable roles include Ocelot in MGS 3: Snake Eater and Portable Ops, and Steve Rogers in Marvel’s What If…?.

Though he’s now starring in Apex Mobile, when asked, Keaton expressed preference for a classic of the genre.

“I’m dating myself here, but y’know what? It’s still the best first-person shooter game that’s ever been put out, and that is Unreal Tournament 99.

Rhapsody — Xanthe Huynh

The second Apex Legends Mobile-exclusive Legend, Linh My Vo comes from a corporate-controlled planet. Company higher-ups are controlling Linh and her family, to prevent them from revealing damaging corporate secrets.

A DJ by trade, she agrees to join the Apex Games as “Rhapsody” and fight as representative of the corporation. In truth, she’s only fighting to earn winnings — enough to try to find a way to get her and her family out from under the company’s thumb. She brings the party with her via her support bot/DJ gear, Rowdy. Together, they’re always ready to turn the vibes around for any squad she joins.

Xanthe Huynh has a wide array of game and anime roles on her resume. Gamers may have heard her as Haru in Persona 5 and its offshoots. She performed in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Triangle Strategy, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Three Hopes. She’s also on Aggretsuko, Demon Slayer, FLCL Progressive, One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter, and Sword Art Online.

Catalyst – Meli Grant

Tressa Smith hails from the world of Boreas, a once-beautiful planet now subject to destructive weather and atmospheric events in the wake of its moon, Cleo, being struck by a meteor. The Hammond Corporation began massive extraction efforts there when it was discovered that Boreas was rich with ferrofluid, a form of liquid iron with extreme potential for construction and technology applications. Tressa is an expert in the substance, having used it for years in the rebuilding and reconstruction projects necessitated by their chaotic atmosphere.

When corporate interests began draining her planet dry, Tressa stepped up to fight back. She took the name Catalyst and equipped herself with her beloved ferrofluid. Catalyst is fighting in the Apex Games in an attempt to disrupt Hammonds’ mining and protect her homeworld. Kind yet gothic, Catalyst will bewitch foes with her style before wrecking shop with her disruptive and destructive ferrofluid capabilities.

Meli Grant

Meli Grant has performed voices for many popular anime series. She’s done roles on shows like Dragon Ball SuperGoblin SlayerOne PieceMy Hero Acadamia, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. She’s had a few minor roles in games, notably Borderlands 3 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. She also voices two of the playable characters in MOBA hit SMITE. Catalyst is by far her largest gaming role to date, as well as one which is personally representational.

Catalyst is Apex Legend’s first trans character, and as a trans woman herself, Grant is able to bring an honesty and depth to Catalyst’s dialogue. “To me, it’s very important that this character is very up-front about the fact that they’re trans,” Grant said. “We get so little representation for the trans community… I think it’s kinda cool when the media we watch and consume, and the games we play, kinda look and sound like the actual world that we live in.”

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