Apex Legends: Who is the Best Support Character?

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Apex Legends: Who is the Best Support Character?

Support legends are a class of character that is centered around helping out your teammates. Whether it’s healing them or giving them access to better loot, support legends are incredibly valuable for their ability to buff their teammates. Support characters are great for players who aren’t very good at aggressive plays, prefer to let their teammates do the fighting, and have excellent timing and game awareness.

1. Lifeline

(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross)

Lifeline is without a doubt the best support legend in the game, and one of the best legends overall. She basically takes on the role of team medic. She has access to a drone for her tactical ability that lets her heal herself and any nearby allies. Her ultimate allows her to call in a care package that will reward her and her squad with valuable loot. But most importantly, her passive allows her to revive someone automatically! Looks aren’t everything, but we can’t fail to mention she’s got some great looking legendary skins too. We ranked them all here.

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This means that while that person is being revived, Lifeline can still shoot, heal, and/or revive another squadmate. This is great for many, many different scenarios. It’s the reason why so many people target Lifelines in an enemy squad because this ability is so strong and so useful to have.

2. Loba

(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross)

The only other support character in the game besides Lifeline is Loba. Loba is a great legend, although she definitely isn’t good enough to be meta-defining (yet). Her tactical is a bracelet that lets her teleport a short distance away. This is good for getting around the map fast and for getting up to hard-to-reach areas. Her ultimate is a teleportation device that allows you and your team to teleport nearby loot to you. You can take all the ammo nearby as well as up to two items (armor, guns, etc).

Her passive ability lets her see valuable loot through walls, such as purple and gold-tier gear. This is good for quickly getting a good loadout set up in the early game, and it’s useful for helping your squadmates get their fair share of loot too. Overall, Loba is a good legend for getting quality loot fast but she just isn’t as useful in most encounters as Lifeline is.

For a full ranking of her available legendary skins, navigate through that link.

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