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10 Tips & Tricks For Bangalore in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games out there. It features fast, action-packed gameplay, a wide variety of weapons, and an incredible cast of fun characters. One character who has been with Apex since the very beginning is the professional soldier, Bangalore!

Given her relationship with the most recently added Legend in the game, there’s never been a better time than now to give some advice on how to use her effectively. In this article, we’ll cover ten tips and tricks for Bangalore in Apex Legends, going over how you can make the most out of her abilities.

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10 Tips & Tricks For Bangalore

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Apex Legends Bangalore: Character Overview

Apex Legends Bangalore: Character Overview
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Before we get into the top ten tips and tricks for Bangalore in Apex Legends, let’s go over a brief history of her character. She’s rich in lore, and many fans of the Titanfall franchise may recognize a certain faction she was once a part of.

Bangalore’s real name is Anita Williams, and she’s thirty-eight years old at the time of Apex Legends. She was always expected to sign up for the military once she came of age, as that was a tradition in her family. She served for the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, or the IMC. It was a very large and influential collection of corporations battling for control of The Frontier against other companies and The Militia.

Bangalore fought for this major faction alongside her brother Jackson Williams, who was believed to have been killed while in the line of duty. After this event, she eventually joined the Apex Games as a way to collect some much-needed money. She planned on using her prize money to book a space flight back home so she could be with her family once again.

That is, until she discovered that her brother Jackson is alive and well. As it turns out, he survived and changed his name before eventually joining the Apex Games as a new contestant. You may recognize him as Newcastle, the newest Legend to join the game at the time of this article.

This information was sourced from the official Apex Legends wiki. For more information on this very interesting and unique character, you can read more about her by following the link posted here.

Abilities & Playstyle

Apex Bangalore Abilities & Playstyle
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Bangalore is not the most popular Legend in the game compared to certain other characters, but she still has a decent pick rate and was once the main of pro player ShivFPS. Bangalore’s abilities are useful for a good mix of offensive plays and for retreating, as well as supporting your team. Recommended for the versatility of her kit.

Passive Ability — Double Time

When an enemy shoots at or near you, Bangalore gains a quick boost of speed, allowing her an easy exit. This buff increases your speed by +30%. It can last for a small time of 2 seconds, so make the most of it. The ability is activated by both bullets and grenades alike.

Tactical Ability — Smoke Launcher

If you press the tactical button, Bangalore fires off a special canister. This detonates into three smaller smoke bombs upon contact with an object or surface. The smoke cloud makes it harder for you to be seen and lasts for 23 seconds. You can have up to two canisters charged up at once.

Ultimate Ability — Rolling Thunder

Toss down a flair that summons an artillery strike down onto the map. Unlike Gibraltar’s artillery strike, the missiles do not detonate on impact. They will land first and then detonate a few seconds later. This ability does damage, has a concussion effect, and slows down enemies.

For more information on Bangalore’s abilities, check out her abilities section from the Apex Legends Wiki, where we sourced most of our information.

1. Use Smoke as a Distraction and to Throw Off Enemies

Use Smoke as a Distraction And to Throw Off Enemies
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

When the enemy team sees a cloud of Bangalore’s smoke, they usually suspect her to be where the smoke lands. That’s the main purpose of her ability, of course. However, you can usually trick enemy players into focusing on the area where you dropped the smoke. This allows you to sneak around the other side, flanking them. Just shoot the smoke in the opposite direction to where you’re pushing.

This also works if you’re retreating. If you’re out of sight and there are multiple pathways to take, fire a smoke grenade at one of the pathways. Then just go a different direction. This usually results in the other players thinking you went down that pathway, and they will take that one instead. Be warned, this won’t work if there is a Bloodhound on the enemy team, as they can track your movements.

2. Use Bangalore’s Ultimate After Downing an Enemy

Use Your Ultimate After Downing an Enemy
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

If you manage to down an enemy player but are unable to finish them off or push the enemy team, it’s a great idea to throw down your ult on top of them. This rains artillery down on the area they got knocked down in, making it more difficult and risky for the other team to revive him. It also sometimes kills the knocked player in the blast.

Once the smoke clears, you and your team can push the enemy squad when they go in to help their teammate. Be warned — they’ll probably expect you to push after the artillery strike ends. While you’re waiting for the strike to end, it’s a perfect opportunity to either shoot at the retreating enemies or for you and your team to heal up and reload for the next attack.

3. Change Direction When in Bangalore’s Smoke Cloud

Change Direction When in Your Smoke
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

If you’re retreating from an enemy squad and need to get away, it’s a good idea to quickly change directions when you enter your smoke cloud. You can throw a smoke bomb at your feet and quickly turn left or right, or shoot it farther ahead so that the enemy can clearly see you run into it. The latter is usually the best option, as running straight forward and then turning confuses the enemy.

This is really good to use if you’re out in the open and don’t have any cover available. It minimizes your chances of getting shot and taking damage. You can also shoot the smoke grenade inside a linear pathway (such as a hallway or in-between a canyon). Then, instead of continuing to run forward, hide inside the smoke. Crouch down off to the side behind some cover.

This usually results in the enemies assuming you ran down the linear path, causing them to run right past you! This is a pretty risky strategy ,and not one that I would ever use in ranked matches. Smarter players will be sure to check the smoke cloud for you, leading to you being caught. Just like the first tip, it also will not work if the enemy team has a Bloodhound on their side.

4. Play Bangalore with Bloodhound or Seer

Play With Bloodhound or Seer
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Bangalore’s smoke bomb ability is very difficult to see through, for both the enemy team and your squadmates alike. That is why it’s a good idea to combine Bangalore’s abilities with that of recon Legends. Bloodhound and Seer are both great options, as they can scan enemies through the smoke.

This is a great synergetic ability, as you can throw down some smoke grenades at your feet and have your teammates use their abilities to scan for the other team. This will highlight them in the smoke cloud, making it very easy to gun them down. They won’t be able to see you unless they also have a recon Legend on their team. And even if they do, you’ll still have the advantage if you scan them first.

5. Use the Right Weapons

Use The Right Weapons
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

Bangalore is typically meant to be played aggressively. Her speed boost from Double Time makes her harder to hit, which helps a lot in close-quarters engagements when you’re dodging enemy fire. I recommend carrying close-range weapons to complement this sort of playstyle.

Any SMG will do, preferably the R99 or the CAR SMG. The Prowler has a very high DPS, but players may not like its burst fire and would prefer an automatic weapon. I like to use a Mozambique shotgun pistol in addition to the SMG I am carrying, along with the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up. This attachment allows the gun to do extra damage to flesh, making it a good secondary weapon.

6. Trick the Enemy Into Triggering Bangalore’s Passive

Trick The Enemy Into Triggering Bangalore's Passive
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

A friend of mine filled me in on this trick — you can fool the enemy into triggering your passive ability on purpose. If you need a quick boost of speed, either to escape or to make yourself harder to hit, there is an easy way to trigger it. Simply walk out of cover and pretend to shoot at the enemy. The other squad will fire back at you, activating Double Time and giving you the speed boost.

You don’t actually need to be hit by the enemy to trigger the ability. Just one bullet firing past you is enough to activate it. I don’t recommend trying this out if you’re low on health or out of healing items. While you don’t need to take damage, there is a risk that you will. This can be a bigger issue if you know the enemy has a kraber or other high-damage weapon aimed at you.

7. Fire Smoke at the Enemy

Fire Smoke at The Enemy
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Many people don’t know this, but chucking a smoke grenade at an enemy will actually do damage to them. It isn’t a lot — only 10 points of damage — but it is there. The real benefit to firing smoke bombs at the enemy isn’t the damage, however, it’s the blinding smoke. If you fire your tactical at an enemy team, they will have a harder time seeing you coming at them and they will be confused.

Attack them while they’re blinded by the smoke. I really only recommend you do this if you have a coordinated team with either a Bloodhound or a Seer (see the previous tip). You can also get some use out of this if you have a digital threat or a digital sniper threat. Both of these attachments will allow you to see the enemy clearly through your smoke.

8. Rolling Thunder Is Great for Escaping

Rolling Thunder is Great For Escaping
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

Bangalore’s ultimate ability is a great tool for flushing out enemies and playing offensively. It’s also very good for certain situations where you need to haul ass in the other direction. If you’re being chased by an enemy or want to make an easy escape from a fight, you can throw down your ult at your feet and run. Doing this will trigger your artillery to fall down and crash all around you.

While this is happening, you should have enough time to run through the fallen bombs. If you’re being chased by an enemy, they should get caught in the blast as you’re making your escape. This will slow them down (or even knock them out if they’re low on health). Either way, it’s a good way for you to mask your escape. And it buys you some time if you need to fall back and heal or respawn your team.

9. Fire Smoke Before Running Out of Cover

Fire Smoke Before Running Out of Cover
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

If you know that there are enemies in the area who will see you when you run out of cover, it might be a good idea to use your smoke bombs to hide. I’ve often seen players run out into the open, get shot at, then use their smoke bombs to hide. This is the wrong order to do things, as all it does is get you hit. It can even be deadly if the other team has a sniper or two.

Instead, fire your smoke bombs out of cover before running through it. This may seem like a very obvious and common sense trick, but in practice, many players forget to do it in the right order. Next time you’re out with your team playing as Bangalore, don’t forget to fire smoke bombs at an open area before you run out of the safety of cover.

10. Hold Down the Tactical Button to See an Arc

Hold Down The Tactical Button to See an Arc
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

If you’re trying to drop smoke bombs at a particular location, but it’s too far away to see where the smoke will land, there’s an easy solution. If you press and hold down the tactical button instead of outright pressing it, it will reveal an arc that shows how far your smoke will travel and what location it will land at on the ground.

This can be very useful in a variety of different circumstances. For example, if you have a teammate who needs some cover and is being shot at, or you need to get to a certain location and need to use your smoke to get there without taking fire, you can use this arc to your advantage. In Apex Legends, information is key to survival, and every little bit of it can help you win.

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