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All Legendary Bloodhound Skins, Ranked Worst to Best

Bloodhound was part of the original Apex Legends character roster, and is still one of the most-played Legends in the game. Their base appearance combines the sci-fi setting Apex Legends is known for with Nordic marauder themes — the success of this initial design is reflected in the quality of their alternate skins.

We’re following up our guide to the 25 Best Apex Legends Skins for 2022 with a deep dive into all of Bloodhound’s legendary skins, ranking them from worst to best.

Ready félagi fighter? Let’s get into the list.


Imperial Warrior

The Imperial Warrior Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

The first skin on the list is the Imperial Warrior, a base legendary skin for Bloodhound. This samurai inspired attire is available in Apex Packs or craftable for 1,600 materials. The unique part of this skin (and its palette swap, Royal Guard) is how many times they’ve been recolored. You have a whole host of coloring options rotating through the store. Despite that, the original Imperial Warrior is my favorite of the bunch, as its varied color scheme makes it stand out from the pack.

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The Centurion

The Centurion Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Bloodhound’s first event skin was The Centurion, debuting back in Season 2’s Iron Crown event. The skin gives Bloodhound a gladiator feel, which mixes their Viking background with a Mediterranean theme. Since the event, the skin has reappeared in the store as an individual purchase a number of times. It also got one recolor, the Royal Huntmaster, during the War Games event.


The Intimidator

The Intimidator Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

In late 2019, Respawn released the Bloodhound Edition of Apex Legends, a bundle that included The Intimidator skin. The demon-like armor is suited for a hunter character, but the monochrome holds this skin back. It can be acquired at any time by buying the Bloodhound Edition, but in my opinion, there are better edition skins out there.


Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Plague Doctor is the other base legendary skin for Bloodhound, and takes inspiration from the classic plague doctor mask. It’s a common look in many games these days, but this skin elevates it with some sci-fi flare (not to mention that Bloodhound is already a bird-like character). Despite being in the game since launch, this skin and its recolors absolutely hold up.


Hunter Within

The Hunter Within Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

From the recent Monsters Within event in 2021, the Hunter Within skin is Bloodhounds’ newest Halloween-themed skin. While the asymmetrical optical headpiece is cool, it looks too much like the standard skin to really stand out. Luckily though, fans of this skin can craft it for 2,400 materials at any time.


Protector of the Patch

The Protector of the Patch Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via Twitter user Shrugtal

Part of the 2019 Fight or Fright event, this skin still stands a head taller than Bloodhound’s other spooky option. Featuring a dynamite recolor (rare for this character) and a whole jack-o-lantern on their head, Protector of the Patch is an iconic skin in Apex Legends. It’s even got pumpkin knee-pads! Look for it to possibly return next Halloween.


Young Blood

The Young Blood Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment

The headline of 2020’s The Old Ways event, Young Blood gave fans a depiction of the hunter from before their time at the Apex Games. Bloodhound is far more tribal than technological in this rendition, and the skin echoes their appearance in their origin cinematic. Fans of this character will want this skin, but it falls short of other event headliners and even other Bloodhound legendary cosmetics.


Wise Warrior

The Wise Warrior Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via Reddit user Ahal011

Also from The Old Ways event, the Wise Warrior skin gave fans a different option on how to outfit Bloodhound. Featuring an owl head design for the helmet and plumage galore, the Wise Warrior succeeds in adding new elements to the character while staying true to the theme. This skin received an anniversary recolor and has popped up in the store a few times.


Dangerous Game

The Dangerous Game Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

The Fight Night collection event from Season 7 got a lot of love in our Top 25 Apex Skins last week, and this list is no exception. Bloodhound’s fancy getup has the hunter sporting a magenta jacket and plenty of triangular pieces. The helmet stands out (as it must on any good Bloodhound skin) but this one makes it look uniquely beautiful.


Road Warrior

The Road Warrior Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Season 6, while underwhelming for some, featured some of the best battlepass skins we’ve ever seen in Apex. Road Warrior is a big reason why. This immediately became the best Bloodhound skin on release, giving the character a menacing, motorcycle racing look. With the signature phrase “vinna” stylized as “VNNA” and Bloodhound written in Japanese kanji on the shoulder pads…need I say more? Unfortunately, this skin hasn’t reappeared since its initial release, but we’ve got our fingers crossed.


Sundown Desperado

The Sundown Desperado Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Respawn and streetwear design company Market collaborated on a unique set of skins back in 2021. This event gave Bloodhound one of their spiffier looks, giving the character a cowboy hat and a dynamic color scheme featuring reds, blacks, and yellows. If you want to slay in style, this is the skin for you.


Bloody Buccaneer

The Bloody Buccaneer Bloodhound Skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Coming in as the number one best Bloodhound skin is Bloody Buccaneer. This is no surprise, especially after it was ranked third-best all the skins in the game. From the Raiders collection event in Season 11, this cyborg-pirate themed skin is an absolute treasure to look at. Featuring a pirate hat helmet and the coolest goggles in the game, this recent addition to Bloodhound’s wardrobe is a clear favorite.

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Happy gaming!


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