Apex Legends: Best Team Compositions

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Apex Legends: Best Team Compositions

One of the strongest aspects of Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is how much it rewards teamwork and coordination. Maybe you can get away with playing solo if you’re especially good at the game, but the best players use their legend’s kit to play in harmony with their squadmates.

Whether you’re looking to get better in casual lobbies or wanting to hit the next level in ranked, you are going to need to get your squad figured out. But with dozens of legends to choose from, and thousands of different combinations between them, which squad layout fits your playstyle the most?

We’ve taken a look at each of the legend’s abilities and put together a guide to show you the best team compositions in Apex Legends. Good teammates not included.

Caustic, Fuse, & Horizon

Starting out our top three picks, we have the toxic trapper Caustic, the explosives expert Fuse, and the gravitational manipulator Horizon. One defensive and two assault legends. These three don’t seem to be paired together very often, which is a shame considering how well they work together.

Horizon a character in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG

Caustic and Fuse experienced quite the rough history in Apex Legends. When they were released on launch day and Season 8 respectively, they were regarded as incredibly weak and underpowered legends. It wasn’t until much later on that they finally received the buffs they needed to excel in the Apex Games.

Horizon, on the other hand, experienced the exact opposite! During her debut in Season 7, she was the strongest legend in the game and quickly became one of the top-picked legends. Her kit made her incredibly annoying to play against. It was only after several nerfs that she became a balanced legend.

So how do these three legends — with their wildly different personalities, play styles, and histories — make one of the best combinations to use in this season?

Why They’re So Good Together

This composition of legends all comes down to one thing: area of effect. Their combination of abilities makes them one of the best ways to take down multiple targets at once. More impressively, they can do it without even firing off a single bullet. But how exactly can they accomplish such a feat?

Fuse’s ultimate, The Motherlode, is a flaming mortar cannon that rains down a ring of fire on his enemies. The problem with this ability is that it doesn’t do any damage to legends in the center of the ring. Additionally, escaping from it is pretty easy for many legends. This is where Caustic comes in.

With his ultimate ability, the Nox Gas Grandede, he can throw it into the center of the ring and deal massive amounts of damage and give a slowing effect to any legends inside. Fuse recently received a buff that marks enemies inside the ring. Because of this, it is much easier to see enemy players inside the gas cloud. This makes gunning them down all the more straightforward!

But how does the lovable scientist Horizon fit into all this? Well, her ultimate allows her to throw down a miniature black hole, which sucks nearby enemies towards it. This is great for keeping enemies locked in place while they try to escape the trap Caustic and Fuse laid for them.

Additionally, Fuse’s passive ability, Grenadier, lets him store more grenades at once at fling them at much greater speeds and distances. This means that if Caustic doesn’t have his ult ready, Horizon can throw down her ult while Fuse rains arc star after arc star on his opponents before they even know what hit them!

Lifeline, Gibralter, & Seer

For our next set of legends, we have the combat medic Lifeline, the shielded fortress Gibraltar, and the ambush artist Seer. This is our most diverse composition of legends on this list, which includes a support, defensive, and recon character respectively. It is no surprise that these legends’ abilities work so well together, considering Lifeline is canonically friends with Gibraltar and Seer.

Lifeline and Gibraltar have been fighting in the Apex Games since day one. Lifeline enjoyed huge popularity among the community for her ability to heal faster (which has since been removed) and her useful reviving abilities. Gibraltar, on the other hand, quickly became one of the least played legends due to his underwhelming kit.

Fast forward to Season 11, and Lifeline has been reworked to become a much more balanced legend. Gibraltar went through a roller coaster of buffs and nerfs before finding a spot amongst one of the best legends in the game.

Gibraltar a character in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG

As for Seer, after his drop in Season 10, he quickly became one of the most devastating fighters in the arena. He became widely regarded as one of the most overpowered characters ever released in Apex Legends. His abilities were so strong it made many recon legends in the game obsolete! Thankfully, he has since been nerfed (but not so hard that he isn’t an effective legend).

Why They’re So Good Together

This is arguably the best team composition for playing Arenas. Their kits work great together, and the diversity in classes means they have many different abilities at their disposal during a match. The main benefit of this composition is the ability to support one another during firefights

Lifeline is a no-brainer. Her ability to automatically revive teammates makes her a must-play during Arenas. Ever since Respawn removed her revive shield, however, she has lost some of her utility. Thankfully, we have Gibraltar for that.

Gibraltar’s tactical is an indestructible bubble shield that he can throw down at any time. This reinforces Lifeline’s revive ability and allows her to revive out in the open. Alternatively, if the squad finds themselves in a crossfire, Gibraltar can throw down his bubble while Lifeline uses a healing drone.

Now speaking on Seer, his ability to send out a directed scan through walls is incredibly useful in Arenas. This scan lets him and his teammates see the health of their opponents, giving them important information on when to push.

His passive lets him know where enemies are when aiming down sights, encouraging him to get up close and personal with the enemy. It’s a little risky, but with Lifeline and Gibraltar to have his back, he can afford to be aggressive.

Revenant, Ash, & Crypto

For our last and arguably most lethal composition, let’s take a look at the synthetic nightmare Revenant, the incisive instigator Ash, and the surveillance expert Crypto. This is without a doubt the most aggressive combo of legends, featuring two assault characters and one recon character with an ult that encourages players to push. This composition also takes the most coordination to use, so I’d only advise you to use it if you have good teammates with mics.

Revenant — introduced in Season 4 — is designed to counter enemy abilities and play aggressively. At the time of his release, he was underpowered, but still viable if players knew how to use him properly. Fast forward to today and he is one of the strongest legends in the game and has a solid spot in ranked.

Revenant a character in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG

Ash, the newest legend in the Apex Games, is regarded by many players to be a balanced legend. She was also the most anticipated legend before her release. Respawn’s been hyping up her release since Season 5’s “Broken Ghost” questline. Now she is finally here, and players have found her a strong place in the meta.

Talking about Crypto, he is one of the most underpowered legends on this list. Ever since his release in Season 3, he never received much of the love and care he should have received from Respawn. His kit requires players to be more slow and tactical, which makes him an unpopular legend. Considering all of this, how can Crypto possibly find a spot among the most aggressive team compositions in the game?

Why They’re So Good Together

You might know of something called the “Rev-Tane Combo,” a nickname used by players for squads that use Revenant and Octane’s abilities together. It worked by having Octane throw down a jump pad. Revenant would place down his ultimate ability (Death Totem), and his squad would all activate it at once. Everyone would push at the same time using the jump pad and immediately use it again after respawning at the totem.

While this combination still works great, a better combination in my opinion is Revenant and Ash. It accomplishes the same basic thing. Revenant uses his totem to give squadmates an extra life, as always.

But instead of using a jump pad to push, the squad uses Ash’s ultimate ability Phase Breach. This gives Ash’s team a one-way portal to the enemy team. The main advantage of using Ash over Octane is that traveling to the enemy squad is faster. Additionally, you cannot be shot down mid-air using the portal.

Now combine this with Crypto’s ult: the Drone EMP. This creates a massive blast of energy that disables enemy traps, slows down nearby players, and dishes out 50 points of shield damage. This composition is so lethal and aggressive it’s almost overkill. Almost.

As an added bonus, if Crypto’s drone isn’t destroyed by the enemy squad it will scan all enemies nearby. This allows you to spot enemies much easier, giving you an extra edge in combat.

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What did you think of our take on the best team compositions for Apex Legends? Did you agree with our choices? Have any of your own? Let us know down below!

A portal in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG

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