How to Get Crafting Materials in Apex Legends Fast

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How to Get Crafting Materials in Apex Legends Fast

One of the best ways to level up your Evo-shield and stock up on important items in Apex Legend’s Battle Royale mode is by using crafting materials. These valuable items were added to the game back in August 2020 with the launch of Season 6, and are highly sought after for their unique ability.

Materials can be used with replicators. These are machines that can be found on certain parts of the map or fall down from the sky mid-game. These replicators can then be activated and used to craft everything from ammo and shield batteries to purple backpacks and rare hop-ups.

But how does a player reliably get their hands on these crafting materials? The price to craft certain items using replicators is no joke! Today, we’ll be sharing three of the best ways to get crafting materials in Apex Legends fast!

Finding Canisters

The most straightforward and obvious way to earn yourself crafting materials in Apex Legends is through material canisters. These canisters are distinguished by their orange color and the glowing cyan-colored liquid that they hold inside them.

The in-game map in Apex Legends with the location of canisters
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

If you open up your in-game map, you can find them in groups of three across the battlefield. They are distinguishable by their cyan-blue icons. They always spawn with a replicator nearby. Simply travel to these locations (or land there if you can) and walk around the area collecting from all three canisters using the interact button.

Collecting one canister will net you 25 crafting materials, for a grand total of 75 materials for each location! Additionally, when you collect materials this way, your teammates will still be able to harvest the same amount of materials from the same canister. That means each one of your squadmates will be nice and stocked up on crafting materials!

Opening Supply Bins

Another quick (but not nearly as efficient) method of gathering crafting materials is by opening supply bins. Many people do not know this, but every time you open up a supply bin on the map you gain 5 crafting materials each!

A supply bin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

One of my favorite methods of gathering materials using this method is by walking ahead of my squad into an area and opening up as many supply bins as I can, letting my teammates have most of the loot. It’s a quick and easy way to snag 15–25 crafting materials fast (depending on the location) while pretending to be a team player.

That may not seem like a lot of materials to some people, but considering how many are on each map and how often you’ll find them clustered together, it makes it a viable option. Just keep in mind that crafting materials will only be rewarded to the player who opens the bins first. Your teammates will have to get their materials some other way….

Prowler Den’s & Spider Nests

One of the best additions that came with Season 11 is the new Storm Point map. And one of my favorite traits of Storm Point is the PVE locations scattered around the island! These events are purely optional, but players who choose to complete them can gain valuable loot (including those precious crafting materials)!

A spider nest in Apex Legends - one of the best ways to get materials
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Regardless of which enemy you choose to fight — prowler den or spider nest — you will get the same number of crafting materials for each one. Clearing out one location will grant you and your squadmates 30 crafting materials each!

Considering how many of these locations are scattered across Storm Point, you are sure to gain heaps of materials in no time. Don’t stress about your ammo usage, as every time you kill an enemy they drop your respective ammo. And don’t forget to kill every prowler/spider in each location! Forgetting just one will not net you any crafting materials.

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We hope you found this article informative! Do you know any other ways to get crafting materials in Apex Legends? Be sure to let us know down in the comment section below!

Apex Legends character holding a gun
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG

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