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Top 10 Tips & Tricks For Lifeline in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a fast-paced first-person shooter set in the Titanfall universe. It gives players a wide roster of different characters to play as, known as Legends. Each Legend features their own unique abilities and playstyles, leading to a variety of different ways to play the game.

One of the most unique of these Legends is the combat medic Lifeline. She’s a support character with the ability to automatically revive squadmates. Additionally, she can call in for a supply drop, among other things. If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to play Lifeline correctly, you’ve come to the right place!

Basic Overview of Lifeline

Lifeline, Apex Legends Medic
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Before we begin, let’s give a brief overview of Lifeline and who she is as a character. Lifeline’s real name is Ajay Che, and she was born in the wealthy city of Olympus on the planet Psamathe. Her parents were both war profiteers, which is something that Ajay never approved of. This leads to a strain on her relationship with her parents. This relationship is occasionally a source of conflict in the comics.

Once she was old enough, she volunteered for a humanitarian organization known as the Frontier Corps in the hopes of helping the less fortunate. This led to her eventually joining and fighting in the Apex Games alongside the other Legends. This allowed her to donate her prize money from winning games to the organization. She is twenty-four years old at the time of Apex Legends.

This information was sourced from the Apex Legends Wiki, and you can read more about her here.

Lifeline’s Abilities

Lifeline's Abilities
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Let’s continue our walkthrough by briefly summarizing some of Lifeline’s abilities. As previously mentioned, she’s a support Legend. Her kit revolves around helping out her squadmates when they need medical aid, as well as giving them the supplies needed to win every engagement.

  • Passive Ability — Combat Revive: When reviving downed teammates, Lifeline deploys a drone that automatically gets them back up on their feet.
  • Tactical Ability — D.O.C. Heal Drone: Lifeline deploys a medical drone that automatically heals her and all other players standing directly next to it.
  • Ultimate Ability — Care Package: Lifeline requests an air-dropped supply package that gives her and her team heals, armor, and other supplies.

Having these abilities is great and all, but they don’t mean much if you don’t know how to use them properly. So why don’t we give you a rundown of some basic tips and tricks?

Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Lifeline

Let’s get right into the rest of this article for the top ten tips and tricks for Lifeline in Apex Legends!

10. Stay Behind Your Squadmates

stay behind your squadmates
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

There are four different types of Legends in the game: assault, defensive, recon, and support. Different Legends are better positioned in different areas in accordance with their squad. Assault Legends should usually stay on the front lines, for example. Support Legends — such as Lifeline — belong behind the squad whenever possible.

The main reason for this is because Lifeline lacks the offensive abilities that other Legends have, and she doesn’t have any defensive moves up her sleeve. You can still play Lifeline aggressively if you’re good at the game, of course. But generally speaking, it’s for the best if you let your teammates take most of the fire so they can protect you.

In the event that one of your teammates gets knocked down or needs some assistance, you can easily swoop in to save the day since you’re right behind them!

9. Use a Long-Range Weapon

Use a long range weapon for Lifeline
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Since Lifeline is the kind of Legend best played behind teammates, you should really be using the kind of weapons that support that playstyle. Sniper rifles and marksman rifles make a great choice. You can use these weapons to hit targets from farther away while you hang back in relative safety.

You can also use them to thin out and weaken enemy Legends. This will make it easier for you and your teammates when you finally decide to push. Of course, you shouldn’t just use a long-range weapon. It’s a good idea to keep a shotgun or an SMG as a secondary weapon for when things get a little too close for comfort.

8. Deploy Health Drone Before Healing

Deploy Health
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

Lifeline’s health drone, DOC, is very handy for healing up your wounds when you need a quick fix. He can only fill up your health bar, not your shields. So when you’re injured and need medical aid, it’s a good idea to deploy the drone and allow it to heal you before you start recharging your shields. This is much more time-efficient.

And, if you see one of your squadmates in the middle of recharging their shields, there’s no better opportunity for you to run up to them and drop down your drone to fix them up. Don’t be afraid to use your drone too much. Even if you or a squadmate still has 80% or so of their health, it’s still a good idea to deploy it. Every little bit helps! Not to mention that the drone’s recharge time is under a minute.

7. Take Full Advantage of Auto Reviving

Take Full Advantage of Auto Reviving
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

One of Lifeline’s absolute best features is her ability to automatically revive fallen allies. The big benefit of this is that it allows you to defend your teammates while they’re busy getting back on their feet. You can stand in front of them to give them some rudimentary cover. And, while you’re doing this, you can fire back at the enemy team.

You can also revive up to two teammates at once with Lifeline! If things are safe and you have the opportunity to do so, use auto revive on one teammate and then go pick up your other teammate. This gives you a big advantage over the enemy teams. This is because your squad will be able to re-heal and re-equip much much faster after they get knocked down.

6. Open Up Blue Containers ASAP

Open Up Blue Containers ASAP
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This next one is being included because it’s a personal pet peeve. Often when I play with random players who pick Lifeline, they’ll forget about one important ability she has. Throughout the game, there are special blue supply bins that contain a special secret compartment. This secret compartment can be opened to reveal extra items, usually shield cells and other important heals.

As of Season 13, this blue supply bin can only be opened by Lifeline. If you happen to see one of these blue bins out on the battlefield, don’t forget to crack it open! Even if you don’t need the loot yourself, you can always ping it for your teammates to pick up. You never know when they might come in handy later on!

5. Be Careful When Calling in Care Packages

Be Careful When Calling in Care Packages
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

One of Lifeline’s most useful abilities in the game is her ability to call down a care package (or “Lifeline Package”) down from the sky. This valuable loot is always great to have, and it’s a big buff for her and her teammates. Unfortunately, it can have the side effect of attracting unwanted attention from other teams in the arena. The smoke trails from the care package can be seen across the map.

It’s always a good idea to call in your care package at the right spot, or to at least be prepared for a fight when you do call it in. I try to call for it if I have the high ground or if I’m close to an interior where I can defend easily. Try to avoid calling it out in the open where you have little defenses. And if it’s the late game and you’re trying to stay hidden while other squads fight it out, it’s best to not call it in at all.

4. Use the Gold Backpack

Lifeline - Use the Gold Backpack
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

In Apex Legends, there are several different tiers of items you can find out on the field. This includes common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and mythic. Legendary items are gold in color, and each item has a special unique perk that other pieces of equipment don’t have. One of these legendary items is the gold backpack, and it has a special perk that centers around reviving teammates.

If you’re wearing a gold backpack and you revive a teammate, they will come back on their feet with additional health and shields. This is a very useful item to have, especially if you’re playing as Lifeline. Since you can revive two people at once, you can get your whole squad back up and gunning with extra shields and health!

If you aren’t playing as Lifeline but one of your teammates is, be sure to ping the gold backpack if you find it. It’s a small thing, but it can really come in handy in certain situations.

3. Use Ultimate Accelerants Whenever Possible

Use Ultimate Accelerants
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Getting into the top three on our article for the top ten tips and tricks for Lifeline in Apex Legends, we have tip number three — use ultimate accelerants whenever possible. Ultimate accelerants are a special item that you can find out in the field. When using one, it will dramatically decrease the time it takes for your next ultimate ability to be used. This is really good for a character like Lifeline.

As previously mentioned, her ultimate ability — the Care Package — allows her to give her teammates extra loot and upgraded gear. You’ll want to use this ability as much and as fast as you can. This will allow you and the team to get purple body armor as well as other needed supplies before other teams will have time to scavenge for them.

So if you happen to find one out in the arena, be sure to not let it go to waste. And if you have a Lifeline on your team, try not to keep it for yourself. Ping it for Lifeline and everyone on the squad will benefit!

2. Punch Teammates to Move Them Behind Cover

Punch teammates in order to move them
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

This next tip is something I’m really excited to share, as it’s not something that many people know that they can do. Everyone knows that you can melee your teammate to knock them down, of course. But did you know that if you crouch down to a fallen teammate’s level and hit them, they will be knocked back as well? Well, you can, and Lifeline is the best Legend to do it as.

This is because if your ally falls in the middle of an open area, you can crouch next to them and punch them to cover. Once they’re out of harm’s way, you can revive them and deploy DOC to fix them up. This is something I’ve used loads of times out in the arena, and my teammates are always surprised when I do it.

1. Try Not to Play Too Aggressively

Try Not to Play Too Aggressively with Lifeline
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

This next one is another big pet peeve of mine. Whenever I see someone else pick Lifeline, they tend to play very aggressively. They’ll push enemies, stay on the front lines, and put themselves in vulnerable positions. This is generally something you should try to avoid, as if you go down there won’t be anyone to provide medical aid and auto-revive for the squad.

Lifelines are generally prioritized over the other characters in the game because of their auto-revive ability. So if you are playing Lifeline, you can expect to have a target painted on your back at all times. The best way to play Lifeline is to hang back and let your teammates do most of the shooting, so you can provide aid to them when needed.

The only times you should ever play aggressively is if you are helping your squad push an enemy team with one or two downed players. Even then, you should still stick close to your other squadmates. And you should make sure to revive them ASAP if you see one of them go down. There are exceptions, but generally speaking, reviving is more important than shooting when playing as Lifeline.

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Happy gaming!

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