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Apex Legends: 10 Rarest Badges (2024)

Apex Legends is a game all about skill. In order to win matches and make it out on top, you are going to need good aim, good mastery of your legend’s abilities, and (preferably) good teammates. If you have at least two of those three things, what better way to show off your skill than with badges? We’re going to take a look at the rarest badges in Apex Legends.

Badges are cosmetic items that you can equip to your player card, which flashes on the screen for your teammates to see before a match. There are many rare and challenging badges to unlock in the game, and here in this ranking we will be listing ten of the best ones that you should try to unlock.

With that introduction done and over with, let’s hop right into the ranking! I’ve ranked them from least to most hard to acquire.

#10 Assassin IV Badge

Assassin is a badge that rewards players for getting a minimum of five kills in one game. To unlock the first rank… You will need to have gotten a total of five games where you got at least five kills in each game. The rarest and most difficult to achieve rank of this badge would be rank IV, which requires you to obtain a total of one hundred games in which you’ve obtained at least five kills.

This is a pretty good badge to go for if you are decently good at the game, but not a god. Getting five kills in one game is challenging, but not impossible. If you are pretty experienced at the game then this shouldn’t be a huge challenge for you to unlock at least the first rank of the badge. I’e been able to unlock up to rank three of this badge. And I don’t really consider myself to be that good at the game.

#9 No Witnesses Badge

No Witnesses requires you to kill a total of 15 people in one match using a pre-made squad. This one is still challenging, but it’s not as stressful to get as some of the other badges. This is because the 15 kills can be done by ANY squad member, it doesn’t have to be you or one specific player.

So if you have a few friends that are really good at the game, this one shouldn’t be too tough to knock out. It will still be challenging and it might be a grind fest, but it won’t be downright impossible to beat. There are a total of 57 other players in a match. So killing at least 15 of them as a squad shouldn’t be too tough.

#8 Legend’s Wrath IV Badge

The Legend’s Wrath asks players to get a certain level of damage in one game. The highest rank of this badge is rank IV. This rank requires you to get a total of at least 4,000 damage in a single match. Legends Wrath is perhaps one of the most recognizable and sought-after badges out there. This is mainly due to the fact that while it is very challenging to acquire, it is easier to get than some of the later badges we have on this ranking.

The reason why it is an easier badge to get is because you only need to get damage, not kills. This means your teammates can’t steal your kills (though they can still steal damage). In my experience, it’s a lot easier to rack up high damage than kills. You can get your hands on a sniper rifle and do a method called “poking.” This is where you take potshots at enemies to deal damage to them. It’s normally used to rank up evo shields, but it can also be used to earn the Legends Wrath IV badge.

#7 Win Streak 4 Badge (Battle Royale)

Win Streak 4 requires you to win 5 games in a row. This is a pretty tall order, unless you are quite good at the game. The nice thing about this badge is that it gives you a lot of freedom in how you want to obtain it. It doesn’t matter how many kills you get, how much damage you do, or what legends you use… All you need to do is win a total of 5 games in a row.

This is a lot easier to do if you have two good teammates with you. You can play this in trios or duos, but I recommend that you play it in trios more as you are facing off against less squads in total, meaning that you chances of winning are a lot higher.

#6 Triple Triple Badge

Triple Triple requires you to kill all three members of a squad not once, but three times in the same match. Meaning, you have to wipe out a total of three different squads in one game! This badge does not have additional ranks and will be permanently unlocked once you do it a single time.

This is pretty difficult to do for casual and moderately skilled players. I don’t consider this badge to be as difficult as the Assassin IV badge. That one is really more of a grind than anything… Whereas this one can really take some high skills and some luck as well. I say it takes some luck because oftentimes your squadmates will shoot the other team alongside you. Which sometimes results in them getting the kill instead of you. This badge is a lot easier to get if you have a pre-set team with mics.

#5 Legends’ Wake Badge

Legends’ Wake requires you to get a total of 20 kills in a single game of Apex Legends’ battle royale. This is very difficult to do, considering the fact that there can only be a total of 60 players per game (including you and your teammates). You’ll need to be quick to move around the map and kill lots of enemies fast, as the longer the match goes on the fewer and fewer players there will be to kill. Landing in hot zones at the start is essential to get this badge.

Additionally, this badge is also difficult to get due to the fact that your teammates may take some kills away from you. A lot of players who have this badge earned it by playing alongside two friends who they coordinated with in order to ensure they got all the kills. This is one of the most sought-after badges in the entire game. Not only is it a true test of skill to get a whopping 20 kills in a game, but it’s one of the rarest badges in the game.

#4 Apex Predator Badge

Apex Predator… The that badge needs no introduction. The Apex Predator is the highest possible rank that you can achieve in ranked games of Apex Legends. Only a total of 750 people for each and every platform can achieve this rank, which makes it one of the rarest and most difficult to achieve badges in the game. This is a badge of honor that will surely turn some heads in any public lobby.

I really, really don’t recommend you go for this badge unless you’re either really good at the game, or really determined to get good. The people who play in predator lobbies are basically gods at the game, and you’ll need to be one too in order to compete. If you live stream Apex Legends or you just play it non-stop, then this is a good achievement that you can aim for. It’s not impossible to achieve, but it’s definitely a challenge.

#3 Win Streak 4 Badge (Arenas)

This variant of Win Streak is dedicated to the Arenas game mode, not the battle royal game mode. Though this time around, you need to win a total of 100 games in a row! This is a really insane number, and it’s really difficult to achieve. Especially when you consider the fact that Arenas matches tend to be much sweatier than battle royal matches.

This challenge is even more difficult to complete due to the fact that Arenas has been discontinued as a permanent game mode. This doesn’t mean its gone forever, as it has shown up again as an LTM. So while this badge is very, very rare in Season 18, it’s not impossible to achive.

#2 Team. Work. IV Badge

Team. Work. rank IV is arguably the most difficult badge in the game (that can still be obtained). In order to unlock this badge, not only do you need to get 10 kills in a single match, but each of your teammates also has to get 10 kills as well. This means that your squad has to kill a total of 30 people in a single match in order to unlock this badge. That’s crazy! Legends Wake’ does require you to kill 20 people instead of 10, but at least it doesn’t ask your teammates to get a certain number of kills as well.

This is a very difficult badge to get because not only do you have to be good at the game, but you have to find two other people who are also great at the game and are willing to help you unlock this badge. Considering that 30 people is literally half the lobby, there is lots of luck involved as well. Some matches you might not be able to get 30 kills due to the fact that there are enemy squads out there also looking for kills, so the population of the lobby might get too low before you’re able to reach 30 kills.

#1 Elite 888 Badge

In first place, we have Elite 888, a badge you probably haven’t heard of before. This is objectively the most difficult badge to obtain on this list… Because it’s literally impossible to obtain. This is because the only way to get this badge is to play a limited-time game mode (that was released way back in Season 1) called Apex Elite Queue. In this game mode, you would play battle royal like normally, but if you placed top 5 you would go up against other players who made it into the top 5 in your next match.

This game mode was essentially ranked before ranked was added. Going back to the Elite 888 badge, you had to win a total of 8 different matches of this game mode–each time playing with a different legend–and in each match, you had to get a total of 8 kills. This really wasn’t that difficult to do (compared to some of the other badges), but due to the fact you can’t play this game mode anymore it is quite literally possible to obtain. It’s one of the rarest badges in the game for this reason.

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Happy gaming!

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