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Apex Legends: Best Olympus Map Landing Spots

Season 12 of Apex Legends heralds the return of Olympus, a fan-favorite map that’s undergone some changes thanks to Duardo Silva’s meddling. Today, we’ll be going over the best landing spots for Olympus in Apex Legends.

Our picks will be divided into a few categories. We’ll start with a few good drops for Pubs — one that’ll put a gun in your hands and get you into the action quick. Then we’ll go over some strong drop choices for Ranked, then some drops that are just good fun.

Without further ado, let’s drop in!

Pub Drops


Terminal on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Terminal is a new drop on the map, and is located south of Hammond Labs. As many players already know, the labs end up being a major confluence point. Terminal itself boasts a decent amount of loot, and is fairly uncontested as far as drops go.

Terminal landing spot on the Olympus map 2
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Terminal’s real strength lies in your squad’s freedom of rotation. You can loot toward Solar Array and make use of the many pill boxes on the way, or head to the other new point of interest, Solar Array, to get into a fight. You can also head to the chaos of Hammond Labs or make an unexpected rotation toward Estate.

You’re also pretty much guaranteed to be well-positioned for the next ring. There’s a Trident spawn near where you land, and the phase runner is clearly accessible if you need to quickly traverse to the other side of the map.


Carrier on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment

When Apex Legends introduced the Icarus back in Season 9, the Carrier was instantly overshadowed. This felt fairly natural, as the Icarus had more space to play in and contained a special loot room called “the Bridge.” At this point, however, the Carrier seems to be a better landing spot.

Carrier landing spot on the Olympus map 2
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Fighting on Carrier takes some getting used to, but it’s more or less a three-lane situation. Players can travel down the main corridor of the ship or flank down the sides. If your team is coordinated and sends out one or two flankers, this fight should be yours for the taking.

Once you’ve taken control, you’ve got access to a solid loot pool that often includes a replicator, as one frequently spawns either inside the Carrier or next door at the group of buildings between this POI and Oasis.

Back of Rift

Back of Rift on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Rift is the giant bubble on the map, and is a large enough POI that several squads can land and comfortably find a building to loot. For whatever reason, though, this zone rarely sees more than three squads, making it an ideal place for getting into early-game fights. I personally prefer the high ground marked by a cliffside of broken debris. There are three buildings there — perfect for getting the whole squad kitted out.

Back of Rift landing spot on the Olympus map 2
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

If another squad lands across the way and tries to trap you, fear not. The central phase runner can provide a handy escape in a pinch, and also allows for some good rotation options if you want to hit up Hammond Labs early or travel to a far ring.

If you want to fight it out from up here, keep your ears open. The only way other squads can come up to you is with the ziplines or a mobility skill from a character like Horizon or Ashe. If no one else lands here, popular areas like Gardens, Energy Depot, and Power Grid are just a Trident ride away.

Phase Driver (Main Building Triangle)

Phase Driver on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment

The newest POI, Phase Driver, uniquely hasn’t been as popular as a normal new area. Still, one or two other squads will often land here, so it’s important to go in with a strategy. I recommend looting up the three southern-most buildings and while everyone else dukes it out in the main circle. The cover there is poor, and loot is very dependent on what you open up in pill boxes.

Phase Driver landing spot on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

The buildings, however, tend to produce more consistent ground loot and give your team their back to the edge of the map. Once all other squads in the area are neutralized, drop the supplies from the rift for some bonus loot. Be careful, though, as doing so generates a lot of noise.

From here, you can rotate from Bonzai Tower through the Icarus to the Solar Array. Doing so walks you through some serious loot in a small space. You’re also extremely likely to encounter other squads on this path, and are well-positioned for mid-game ring rotation.

Ranked Drops

Orbital Cannon

Orbital cannon on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Currently my favorite drop in ranked, Orbital Cannon was the least popular drop in the initial seasons of Olympus. The map has since been adjusted to make it more connected to the rest of the POI’s, but player instinct persists. Despite it having a solid loot pool, most still shy away from this landing spot.

Orbital cannon landing spot on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

With a few reps under your belt, though, this relatively flat area can be looted by your squad extremely quickly. From there, you have access to a rift opening, two different Tridents, and your choice of normal side-to-side rotations. Due to the Trident placement, rotating to Gardens (a relatively popular landing spot) is extremely appealing for that early KP.

Power Grid Rear Buildings

Power Grid Rear Buildings on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Power Grid is one of the most versatile landing spots. Landing on the outskirts of this POI offers one of the most stable landing situations of anywhere on the map. If you’re the only squad here, feel free to loot the area and go about your day.

Power Grid Rear Buildings landing spot on the olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

If you’re not and one to two other squads land in this zone, take the back buildings. This might seem like a strange move given that the front buildings offer more loot on average. However, taking a fight there practically begs third parties to rotate over from Fight Night. The back landing spot offers less loot, but you can take the Trident over to the Docks. The back of Docks often stays un-looted for most of the game. This gives you a second chance at a good drop in ranked, where you can’t afford mistakes.

Bonzai Plaza (Long Building)

Bonzai Plaza (Long Building) on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Unlike other landing spots on our ranked list, Bonzai Plaza is a fairly popular and often-contested zone. If you assert yourself early, you might get this spot all to yourself, which is often worth the risk. There’s enough loot here to fully kit a squad, especially if you get the replicator spawn. If you do get contested, I prefer to land on the long building with no second floor. Looting this area is much simpler than looting the tall buildings, even if the overall loot quantity is lower. This puts you in a position to potentially catch the other team off guard if they’ve split up, or contest their loot if they hold the top.

Bonzai Plaza (Long Building) landing spot on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

If they do hold the top, take space in the first floor of whatever building they haven’t looted. This will force them to drop eventually, leading to a fairly advantageous fight for you. They may try to stall out the zone, in which case, there’s a handy Trident for escaping the pain. Remember, you can always just leave!


Elysium on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Elysium is interesting in that I wouldn’t recommend it as a hot drop, but highly recommend it if it’s slightly off the flight path. It’s the fastest-to-loot POI on the entire map. Since the loot is so condensed, it’s really easy to drop, grab, and rotate before the other teams get a chance to.

Elysium landing spot on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

It’s also very easy to then third-party drop fights in Hydroponics. Just be methodical in sweeping each building before engaging, since there are multiple underground paths.

Elysium also has great access to Estates, which almost always turns into a mid-game bloodbath. For players looking to establish ring position, Elysium has access to the rift, a redeploy, and a Trident. That’s why it’s my top spot for ranked.

Fun Drops

Back of Gardens

Back of Gardens on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment

One of the zaniest things about Olympus has to be the inclusion of the Trident vehicle. It’s the premier way of travel, and also leads to some hilarious third-party situations. To achieve instant gratification with this hovercraft, I recommend landing in the collection of buildings behind Gardens.

Gardens is an extremely popular POI on this side of the map, so really only do this if Gardens is fairly hot. By landing here, you get uncontested loot if your team spreads correctly. One player can then pick up the others in the Trident and head into the fray.

Back of Gardens landing spot on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Hilariously, you can often pick off runners with no weapons who were forced to run away from the initial drop. From there, take over the main POI, since your loot will otherwise be a little lacking.

If this fails, moving over to the fairly unpopular Grow Towers is always an option.

Hammond Labs

Hammond Labs on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Sometimes all you want in a Battle Royal is chaos. If chaos is the name, then Hammond Labs is the game. Landing in the tower of Hammond Labs is a guaranteed scrap, as most teams who land there do so looking for a fight. Get used to hitting the internal wall of the spire on the drop. This will greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to land. Precious seconds are what you need to grab a gun first.

After landing, I like to take the high ground space up any of the three staircases. Staying in the middle of the room is a death sentence in Hammond Labs, since there are so many angles where you can get gunned down.

Hammond Labs landing spot on the Olympus map
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

If you’re in recovery mode (since it’s not uncommon that a teammate might get finished during this scrap), there are a few options. Most obvious is a respawn beacon right outside the lab. I tend to avoid this, since you’ll often get aped by teams rotating in to labs. If the fight finishes quickly, though, this is definitely an option.

Otherwise, I tend to go through Terminal and use the respawn beacon on the other side. This option guarantees better loot from an area players are less familiar with at the moment, and reduces your chances of being pushed.

Join the High Ground

And that’s the list of the best landing spots on the Olympus map in Apex Legends! Dropping is crucial to setting up a good game of Apex Legends, and we hope these tips gave you some ideas for your next play session. Any spots that we missed? What map should we cover next? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy gaming!


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