9 Best Legends for Sniping in Apex Legends

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9 Best Legends for Sniping in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale FPS. Players are given a huge roster of different characters to play as, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. These “Legends,” as they are called, have a huge diversity of different skills that can dramatically alter how they play through a match.

If you have a particular playstyle, it helps to know which Legends complement that playstyle. This will help you play the game how you want to play it. If you enjoy playing as a sniper, then you’re in luck! In today’s article, we’ll be covering the top 9 best Legends for sniping in Apex Legends!

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Apex Legends: 9 Best Legends For Sniping

With that out of the way, let’s hop right into this article for the top 9 best Legends for sniping in Apex Legends!



Kicking off this ranking at spot number nine, we have Caustic! Caustic is a mad scientist character who has spent years perfecting his chemistry to create the ultimate toxins. He came to the Apex Games to conduct his experiments on some poor participants. He has been in the game since Season 0 of Apex Legends, and has been my main in the battle royale for a very long time. Caustic isn’t that popular, so you’re almost always able to play him if your teammates got to pick their Legend first.

Caustic’s tactical ability is a deployable gas trap that will trigger when an enemy player gets too close to it. It will send out a blast of toxins that will deal damage them and slow them down. His ultimate allows him to throw down a gas grenade, which deals a lot of damage in a decent-sized area. And his “passive” (if you could even call it that) allows him to see through his gas clouds and spot enemy players before they spot him.

As much as I love Caustic, he is definitely not the best character for sniping. His abilities are usually best suited for CQB, not long-range combat. However, his redeeming quality is his gas traps. Snipers are best suited for camping a position and holding it down for long periods of time. Placing down his Gas Traps allows you to protect yourself and your position. They will alert you when an enemy player tries to sneak up on you.



For spot number eight on this ranking, let’s talk about Horizon! Horizon is a lovable, compassionate scientist with a variety of different gadgets and abilities at her disposal. She was extremely popular after her release back in Season 7 due to her overpowered abilities, but this popularity has since died down due to various nerfs. Still, she is a fairly well-liked Legend played by a small but dedicated fan base.

Horizon’s tactical ability allows her to place down a gravity lift that will send her and any other nearby players quickly upward. This ability has quite a lot of reach, so it’s good for getting up high quickly. Her ultimate allows her to throw out a miniature black hole that sucks in all nearby players so they can be shot or spammed with grenades. And her passive allows her to not stagger when she falls from a great height.

As previously mentioned, her tactical lets her get up to high places very quickly. This is needed for sniper characters as it allows them to get good vantage points. And her ultimate, while not the best ability for a sniper, can still be used effectively. You can throw it down onto a group of enemies from a high vantage point and snipe each one off one by one as they struggle to leave escape the event horizon.



Next on our list at spot number seen, we have the lovable robot Pathfinder! Pathfinder has been in the game since Season 0, and has been one of the most popular Legends to play as. While I personally do not main him, I do enjoy picking him every now and then. He is one of the funnest and most enjoyable Legends due to his high-mobility abilities that let him swing across the map!

Speaking of which, let’s talk about Pathfinder’s abilities. His tactical allows him to send out a grappling hook that can stick to nearly any surface in the game, allowing him to go flying through the air with style! He also has access to a zipline gun for his ultimate, which lets him and his team quickly reposition somewhere else. Lastly, his tactical allows him to scan survey beacons to reveal the next ring.

As a sniper, it is crucial that you get the high ground on your enemies ASAP. This is because having a good vantage point over the map allows you to quickly and easily spot targets. Using Pathfinder’s grapple, you can quickly get up to these high locations for a better view of your enemies. And when they start to close in on you, you can use his grappling hook or his ult to fall back to a safer location.



Now for our next Legend, Crypto! Crypto is a really unique legend that not many people play. Crypto is a strong, stoic character with an introverted personality and an intimidating aura. He’s an enigmatic character who keeps to himself, which is fitting for a hacker. He first came to the game way back in Season 3 in October 2019. While he did enjoy some time in the sun, most people dropped him when they realized that his playstyle just wasn’t for them.

Crypto has a very slow, tactical approach to gameplay. He has the ability to deploy a manually-controlled drone that can be sent out to scan enemies. Additionally, his ult allows him to send out an EMP blast that tears through enemy shields and slows them down, leaving them vulnerable to an attack. Last and definitely least, his “tactical” lets him and his teammates see what his drone scans. He can also scan survey beacons, however, which is great for knowing where to go next round.

I love using this character for sniping due to the fact that his abilities are centered around a tactical playstyle. You can deploy his drone and leave it to guard a spot behind you so that it can alert you to any enemies trying to flank you. You can also use it to scout out areas and find enemy players to snipe. His ultimate ability is better for CQB, but if you find enemies out in the open, they can be weakened up for a few good sniper shots to finish them off.



Up next on our list, we have one of my mains, Lifeline! Lifeline is a combat medic with abilities that are centered around healing and supporting her squadmates. She is one of the OG legends and has been in the game since Season 0. She is popular among the Apex Legends community due to her team value and her very good auto-revive ability. It’s a shame that so few people actually know how to use her effectively…

Lifeline’s tactical ability allows her to drop down a drone that will heal herself and all nearby players. This is good if you are very low on health, as you can drop it down and recharge your shields while it heals you. Her ultimate is a care package that gives you access to strong loot, such as better body shields and lots of healing items. And her passive is the previously mentioned auto-revive, which allows you to get a teammate back into the fight.

While her abilities aren’t that good for sniping itself, they do incentivize her to play as a sniper. I find that Lifeline works best when her teammates are in front of her doing all the damage while she hangs out in the back providing covering fire. You can shoot at enemies from long distances with a sniper rifle, and then swoop in to save the day when one of your teammates gets downed and needs to be revived. And her ultimate ability is just great regardless of your playstyle, even if it makes you easily spotted.



You all knew he’d be on this list, it’s Gibraltar! He is one of my favorite characters personality wise, and many people will agree with me. Gibraltar has been in the game since Apex Legends first launched, and ever since, he’s been seen as a great character for sniping. He has been pretty popular in recent seasons due to the various buffs he has accumulated over the years, turning him into a tank.

Gibraltar’s tactical ability allows him to quickly throw down an invincible bubble shield that protects him from all harm. His ultimate is an offensive ability that can be used to call down an intense air strike onto a concentrated area. And — most importantly — his passive ability is a powerful gun shield that drops down when he aims don’t the sights with any weapon. This ability protects him from some damage.

His tactical is the star of the show here. You can aim down a sniper scope and shoot enemies from a distance, confident that if they shoot you back, some of their damage will be blocked by the shield. This lets you fire off more rounds before having to duck behind cover and heal. His tactical isn’t amazing for snipers, but it’s nice to have when repositioning or when you need to heal and want to look out of cover to see where you’re being shot from.



Next up on our list for the top 9 best legends for sniping in Apex Legends, we have Wattson! Like Horizon, she is a friendly and compassionate scientist who is beloved by players and the other Legends alike. She came to the game back in Season 2 of Apex Legends, and like Crypto, she saw lots of popularity upon her release, but is now hardly played by anyone, despite all the buffs done to her kit.

Her primary benefit is her ability to set up electrical fences. These fences will block out other players from entering in certain areas, which makes setting up defenses very easy. She also has access to a pylon that will recharge the shields of all nearby Legends. It also destroys any grenades that are thrown her way and it protects her from airstrikes. Her tactical lets her slowly regen shields and she can carry two ultimate accelerants in one inventory spot.

Watton is widely regarded as a camping Legend, which fits in perfectly with a sniper character. She can find a good spot to defend from and put up some fences to keep enemy players from getting too close to her. With her shield recharge ability and her pylon, any damage she takes will be quickly healed. She can hold down the same position for a long period of time while she snipes away at the other Legends.



Taking home the silver medal on our list, we have the defensive legend Rampart! Rampart is one of my all-time favorite legends to play. She was added to Apex Legends back in Season 6. Her popularity was very little back then, and even with the big buff to her ultimate several seasons ago, she still is underused. This is a shame, as she is a very strong Legend that more people would benefit from playing.

Rampart’s main attraction is her tactical ability. She can place down metal walls (called Amped Cover) that provide protection for her and her team. When fully deployed, they create an energy barrier above them that you can shoot out of to deal increased damage to enemies. Aside from this ability, her ultimate is a powerful minigun that can shred through opponents with ease. Last but not least, her passive ability lets all LMGs she uses carry more bullets in each magazine.

While her passive ability is worthless for this playstyle, her tactical ability is amazing. You can set up Amped Cover from high spots and rain down destruction on your enemies with your sniper rifle. I use Rampart all the time in the Control game mode and it’s incredibly effective at killing enemies from a distance while keeping myself protected. Her ultimate is great for when enemies start to push you and get too close for your sniper rifle to be effective.



And last but not least on our ranking of the best Legends for sniping in Apex Legends, we have the character that inspired this whole article, Vantage! Vantage is the newest Legend to come to the game at the time of this article’s release. She is a survivalist from an icy planet where she had to learn to live off the land to survive. Vantage is a Legend specifically designed with sniper players in mind, and her kit perfectly complements this playstyle.

Her tactical ability allows her to order her pet bat around to go to various different spots. She can then jump toward her bat quickly, allowing her to reposition herself to high-up spots fast. Her ultimate ability is a custom-made sniper rifle with good DPS that applies a damage bonus to targets you hit. Lastly, her passive ability allows her to see important information about the players she is looking at when she aims down the sights. She even has access to a bullet drop indicator!

Vantage is great for sniping because her tactical gives you lots of useful information. This is perfect when you are selecting your target through a sniper scope. Her ultimate ability is literally a sniper rifle. And it’s a damn good one at that. And her tactical, while not as useful for getting around as some of the other Legends, is still a nice mobility tool to have for getting up to high locations. Overall, she is a really great character for playing the game as a sniper.

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Happy gaming!


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