The Best Mouse for Apex Legends: Top 5 Picks

Your eyes are fixed intently on the screen as you make out movement in the upper left corner of the map. Curious, you move your mouse to adjust the viewing angle, sliding it smoothly across the surface of your desk. As your view widens, you see the last squad running right towards your position! You expertly maneuver the cursor to ping them and begin firing shots with pinpoint accuracy. One goes down, then two, then three. You achieve victory, all thanks to the best mouse for Apex Legends. The right mouse makes all the difference in a competitive title, and the best mouse for Apex Legends is crucial for sharpshooting the opposition. Moreover, the best competitive mice offer the perfect balance of weight and ergonomics to optimize your aim, movement, and minute actions. To help you find the perfect match for your unique gameplay style, this article takes you through the top competitive-grade mice around and gives you the inside scoop on the best mouse settings for Apex Legends. Ready to begin? Let’s get started.

Best Mouse for Apex Legends

We’ve rounded up this list of the best gaming mice for Apex Legends to make your search quick and easy.

1. Razer DeathAdder Elite Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Elite 16,000 DPI 5G Optical Sensor Most Popular Gaming Mouse Weapon of Choice for: Timthetatman Timthetatman isn’t just an Apex Legends entertainer, he’s also a damn good player. And, one of the best weapons in his arsenal is the Razer DeathAdder Elite. It’s loaded with a 16K DPI optical sensor combined with durable mechanical switches that are guaranteed to last a whopping 50 million clicks! It also features a sleek form factor with an ergonomic feel for all-day comfort and pleasure. As for extras? This mouse is powered by Razer Chroma, offering 16.8 million color combos for glowing effects that’ll act as the perfect light show in celebration of your countless Apex victories. Snapshot:
  • Weighs 130 grams
  • 5G optical sensor
  • Black design w/ Razer RGB Chroma
  • Wired connection

2. Finalmouse Ninja Air58

Finalmouse Ninja Air58 Built for the Best Weapon of Choice for: Ninja, KingRichard, DrLupo Possibly the best gaming mouse for Apex Legends, the Finalmouse Ninja Air58 was developed with pro gaming in mind. Weighing in at a mere 58 grams, this mouse is light as a feather, and it’ll glide across your desktop with ease. It features the iconic Finalmouse honeycomb design that shaves off weight and adds aerodynamics, and it’s loaded with top and side buttons for easy usage. Moreover, it boasts best-in-class sensors, input latency, and a durable internal frame. As for uniqueness? Each hand painted mouse is checked and double checked for quality assurance. Snapshot:
  • Weighs 58 grams
  • Optical sensor
  • Cherry blossom honeycomb design
  • Wired connection

3. Logitech G305 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse Lightspeed Wireless Precision Weapon of Choice for: Dizzy If you’re seeking a wireless gaming mouse capable of launching you into the upper echelons of the gaming world, look no further. Used by none other than breakout star Dizzy himself, the G305 is the perfect wireless mouse for achieving victory in Apex Legends. It features a 12K DPI sensor alongside a 1ms response time for incredible responsiveness and unrivalled sharpshooting. In addition, the lightweight mechanical design is ultra maneuverable and totally ergonomic for all types of players. It’s compact, portable, and the ultra-long battery life will have you in the battlefield for days at a time. Snapshot:
  • Weighs 95 grams
  • Optical sensor
  • Sleek black design
  • Wireless connection

4. Logitech G303 Daedalus Gaming Mouse

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition Gaming Mouse High Performance; High Price Weapon of Choice for: Shroud The Logitech Daedalus Gaming Mouse is among the best in the business. And… it has the price tag to match. But if you can get past the sticker shock, the G303 boasts incredible one-of-a-kind features like Delta Zero sensor technology for unrivalled precision. It’s designed with gamers in mind, and thus sports an ultra-lightweight design combined with a comfortable ergonomic feel that’s ultra snappy and responsive. You can also expect RGB customizable lighting and on-the-fly DPI switching from 200 to 12K! Perfect for quick settings adjustments in intense situations. Snapshot:
  • Weighs 87 grams
  • Advanced optical sensor
  • Black design w/ RGB lighting
  • Wired connection

5. Finalmouse Ultralight Pro Gaming Mouse

FinalMouse Ultralight Pro Godlike Gaming Mouse Weapon of Choice for: Tfue The Finalmouse Ultralight Pro remains one of the top competitive mice in the industry, and it’s used by star player Tfue himself. This mouse boasts an eSports grade Pixart sensor, high frame rate, and enhanced tracking abilities. You can expect snappy and ultra responsive gameplay with unrivalled aiming and shooting capabilities. Moreover, the Ultra Light Pro’s updated design features a new UV matte coating that reduces weight and offers a cozy ergonomic grip with top-tier durability. This is one of the best gaming mice in the world, and it’s perfect for players serious about winning Apex Legends. Snapshot:
  • Weighs 67 grams
  • Optical sensor
  • Black or white honeycomb design
  • Wired connection

Best Mouse Settings for Apex Legends

Once you’ve got the right mouse picked out, it’s time to adjust your settings to match. Fortunately, Apex Legends makes it super easy to adjust your overall mouse settings. Let’s take a look at your options:
  • Mouse Sensitivity: Overall sensitivity is how quickly your cursor moves as you physically move your mouse. Lower ranges are easier to control, while faster ranges allow you to take quick and aggressive action. Most pros keep it under 5.0.
  • ADS Scope Sensitivity: This is your mouse’s sensitivity when scoped in with a gun. Most players leave it at or around 1.0, as this is the standard among most FPS games.
  • Mouse Acceleration: Mouse acceleration means that the faster you move your mouse, the further the cursor travels. Most pros leave it off in order to build muscle memory.
  • Mouse Invert: This is simply the direction the mouse moves as you move it. Inverted mode is similar to an airplane’s controls. Most pros leave it off.
Note that Apex Legends has its own training mode, and it’s often best to adjust your settings and try things out there before taking the plunge in PvP mode. Apex Map

Apex Legends Pro Player Mouse Settings

The first Apex Legends pro tournament recently came to a close, and the winning team has some familiar faces. We put together this list to show you how your favorite eSports content creators set up their mouses to win. Check it out.


Known for his aggressive playstyle and friendly demeanor, Ninja utilizes a fairly high DPI and very low sensitivity settings for smooth and accurate shooting:
  • DPI: 800
  • Mouse Sensitivity: 2.5
  • ADS Scope Sensitivity: 0.9
  • Mouse Acceleration: Off
  • Mouse Invert: Off


Going from relative obscurity to eSports superstar overnight, Dizzy has the most kills in a single match on Apex Legends. His settings are very similar to Ninja:
  • DPI: 800
  • Mouse Sensitivity: 2.5
  • ADS Scope Sensitivity: 1.0
  • Mouse Acceleration: Off
  • Mouse Invert: Off


The 3rd member of this power-trio, KingRichard uses a lower DPI but makes up for it with slightly faster mouse sensitivity settings:
  • DPI: 400
  • Mouse Sensitivity: 3.0
  • ADS Scope Sensitivity: 1.0
  • Mouse Acceleration: Off
  • Mouse Invert: Off

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