Apex Legends: Best Sniper Rifles, Ranked

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Apex Legends: Best Sniper Rifles, Ranked

Apex Legends is a high-octane, action-packed first-person shooter set in the Titanfall universe. Its sandbox offers a huge variety of weapons, from versatile assault rifles to hard-hitting shotguns and silent-but-deadly bows. But no weapon in the Outlands is more deadly — or more reliable — than a long-range, high-damage sniper rifle.

Below, we’re reviewing and ranking every sniper rifle in Apex Legends, listing their history, stats, and even touching on some of their best skins. Leave your mozambique back at the firing range — these aren’t children’s toys we’re playing with.

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Every Sniper Rifle in Apex Legends Ranked

Without further ado, let’s get into the rankings.


Charge Rifle

Picture of the charge rifle in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Beginning our list is the Charge Rifle. This futuristic energy gun began as an anti-Titan weapon in the first Titanfall game. The Apex games introduced the Charge Rifle to its champions back in 2019 to kick off the start of Season 3. It was widely feared throughout the arena due to its incredibly high damage output before eventually being nerfed and tossed aside for other sniper rifles.

What makes this sniper good? Stat-wise, this gun has gone through a lot of ups and downs. As it currently stands in this season of Apex Legends, it is a reliable and easy-to-use long-range sniper rifle with zero bullet drop and a solid — but not overpowered — DPS. It also has the best accuracy out of any firearm in the game, making it effective at every range. I would recommend this gun to new players due to its ease of use and lack of bullet drop.

Does it have any weaknesses? The Charge Rifle consumes two rounds of sniper ammo per shot, making it an inefficient gun to use in battle royale. It can only hold eight shots per magazine, which (in practical terms) means you can only fire four shots before having to reload. It also doesn’t have the best DPS compared to guns farther down on this list.

Does it have any good cosmetics? One of the most unique weapon skins of the Charge Rifle — or any gun in the game, for that matter — is the Japanese-inspired “Charged Warrior” skin. If you are looking for something a little more high-end, try the “Elegant Experiment” legendary skin, which coats half the gun in gold while giving the rest of it a polished obsidian paint job.


Longbow DMR

Picture of the Longbow DMR in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Taking the bronze medal on our list for every sniper rifle in Apex Legends ranked is the Longbow DMR. It pains me greatly to put this gun in third place, as it’s been one of my favorite guns since Season 0. Like the Charge Rifle, it’s fairly easy to use, making it a good choice for newbies and experienced players who still haven’t figured out how to aim.

What makes this sniper good? This gun does solid damage with each shot, dealing 55 damage for each body hit. Being a DMR, it has a good rate of fire compared to other sniper rifles. The Longbow also sports the largest magazine size out of any other sniper rifle. Overall, it’s a very versatile and balanced long-range firearm, making it a good pick for any champions seeking to make it big in the arena.

Does it have any weaknesses? Despite its solid damage output and rate of fire, it suffers from high levels of recoil. It also features a slower bullet travel time than many guns, making it tricky to pull off long-range shots effectively. Regardless, if you’ve got the skill to land your shots, this makes a deadly and efficient long-range killer on any battlefield this side of the Outlands.

Does it have any good cosmetics? If you are a Bloodhound main, you may want to take a look at the “Big Game Hunter” skin, which coats the gun in a deep shade of jungle green and adds a prowler skull along the front of the gun (at least, I think that’s a prowler skull). There is also the “McFly” skin, which gives it an 80s aesthetic you never knew you wanted on a gun until now.



Picture of the Sentinel in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

In second place, we have the Sentinel. This bolt-action sniper rifle saw its debut all the way back in Season 4 and quickly became a fan favorite for its high damage output, satisfying sound design, and ability to be amped up for extra damage.

What makes this sniper good? The Sentinel does the second-highest damage out of any sniper rifle in the game, with a total of 60 damage per body shot. Additionally, if you have any extra shield cells, you can charge up the rifle for extra damage! This will do an additional damage output of 25%. This makes it an excellent damage dealer for players who know how to consistently hit their shots. The Sentinel features a very low bullet drop, making it easier to line up shots from farther away.

Does it have any weaknesses? Like most high-damage weapons, the Sentinel has a noticeably slower rate of fire. Since it’s bolt-action, you’re going to need to chamber each round after every pull of the trigger. This downside can be negated somewhat with the use of the Deadeye’s Tempo hop-up. This attachment is rare to find out on the field, however.

Does it have any good cosmetics? The legendary skins on this gun are (in my opinion) the weakest out of all the sniper rifles. “The Law Dispenser” gives it a brown and gold color scheme and a wild-west theme to round it all off. If you are looking for something a little more…unique, try the “Biomechanics” skin, which paints it a shade of olive green and gives it a creepy biopunk look.



Picture of the Kraber in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Taking the number one spot on our list, we have the Kraber. This is a signature weapon of the Titanfall franchise, so it’s not really surprising that Respawn brought it back for Apex Legends. This weapon can only be found in care packages, making it fairly uncommon to spot on the battlefield (especially since its spawn rate was nerfed at the start of Season 11).

What makes this sniper good? The Kraber has by far the highest damage per shot out of any other weapon in the game. If you’re able to land a headshot, you can knock down any player instantly from across the map, regardless of the legend they are using or their helmet level. This is due to the Kraber featuring a x3 headshot multiplier. The Kraber uses a unique ammo type that doesn’t get placed in your inventory, leaving you with a few extra slots for other equipment.

Does it have any weaknesses? The Kraber features an incredibly slow rate of fire, requiring you to rechamber every bullet after you pull the trigger. It has a very slow reload time, which isn’t helped by its small magazine capacity of only four bullets. It isn’t exactly a forgiving weapon to use. New players are more than welcome to try out this heavy-hitting .50 cal sniper rifle, but they should take a quick trip to the firing range beforehand.

Does it have any good cosmetics? The legendary skins on this sniper rifle are all excellent. For starters, we have the luxurious and gold-plated skin, “The Pioneer.” There’s also a mountain rescue-inspired skin known as “The Life Saver.” Both of these skins can be purchased from the main menu and cost exactly 1,200 crafting materials each.

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Special thanks go to the volunteers at the Apex Legends Wiki for filling us in on each weapon’s exact statistics. We hope you enjoyed reading out rankings of every sniper rifle in Apex Legends. Did you agree with our list? Let us know down below! And after you do that, why not subscribe to our newsletter? We offer regular content on all the latest and greatest games.

Happy gaming!


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