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Why Is Apex Legends so Hard? 5 Reasons Why and How to Improve

Apex Legends is one of the most enjoyable games released in recent years. It combines fast-paced action with a huge variety of different characters to play as. While the game can still be enjoyed by new and inexperienced players, if you aren’t skilled enough to get kills, the game can become more frustrating than fun.

So just how can you overcome the challenges that come with playing Apex Legends? What are some reasons why you may be struggling with the game, and how can you get better? We’ll be answering that in today’s article on why Apex Legends is so hard, and offering ways to improve at the game.

5 Reasons Why Apex Legends is so Hard and How to Overcome Them

With that introduction out of the way, let’s hop right into the guide!

Reason #1: You’re Positioning Yourself in Bad Spots

Positioning in the right spot is hard, but essential, in Apex Legends
(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG)

The first and most obvious explanation for why you are dying so soon in the game is that you’re putting yourself in bad positions. Many new players get so focused on getting kills and doing damage that they forget to restrain themselves and will rush forwards into a vulnerable position. I’ll often see other players run out into the open with no cover to get closer to an enemy they are shooting at, only to die shortly after due to their aforementioned lack of cover.

Another common thing I’ll see is people pushing another team when their squad isn’t with them. If you see an enemy and your team is not with you at that moment, it’s best to go back to regroup. This is especially true if you’ve been spotted by them. Even if you are a good player… It’s usually best to fall back to the team instead of staying in a position where you have no one to back you up.

And lastly, I’ve seen many randoms I play with head for parts of the map where they can be easily flanked by the enemy, or where they don’t have a way to exit in case of emergencies. This is all too common in Arenas mode. They will often run into a building at the center of the map with a back and front exit. They will start shooting out the front exit. And — surprise, surprise — they’ll be caught in a crossfire as the enemy can easily reach around back and flank them.

How Do I Fix It?

Overcoming bad positioning in Apex Legends
(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG)

The first thing to remember is that you should always have cover when possible. Only ever run out into the open if you’re sure it’s safe to do so, and you’re only doing it to reach a protected position. Holster your weapon before you start running, as that will make you move faster, allowing you to get to safety quickly. Try to get the high ground if possible, as that will make it harder for the enemy to shoot at you.

Since Apex Legends is a team-based game, you should always stick with your squad. It’s okay to be away from them sometimes if you’re looting or scouting ahead. But at the first sign of danger, you should fall back if you know you’re not skilled/well equipped enough to take on the threat by yourself. Request your team to come help you through pinging and fall back to the position they’re at.

Learn the map layouts and the layouts of buildings. Try to avoid going into areas where you can easily be flanked. Don’t put yourself in the center of an Arenas map unless you have to, as that’s a good way to get overrun by the enemy. If you really do need to hold up in an area with weak points, pick a defensive Legend and throw down some defenses to cover yourself.

Reason #2: You Aren’t Using Legends Properly

Choosing the right Legend in Apex Legends
(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG)

This next reason is something that I’m often guilty of doing, even with +1,000 hours in Apex Legends. Every Legend in the game has a particular role/playstyle that they fulfill. Wattson, for example, is a purely defensive Legend. She does not have any offensive abilities that make her great for pushing squads. Mad Maggie, on the other hand is all offensive and has no defensive capabilities whatsoever.

There are some Legends in the game whose abilities encourage them to use a certain weapon. Ramparts passive allows her to have bigger magazine sizes for LMGs. And the previously mentioned Mad Maggie is faster when moving with shotguns. But many people who play these characters don’t bother to pick the appropriate weapons to fit their character’s intended playstyle.

In practice, this means that lots of Legends are misused in battles. I’ve seen Wattsons and Caustics not throw down any defenses when arriving at an area with enemies. I’ve seen Ramparts running around with SMGs and shotguns and walking right past LMGs (which they should be using). And I’ve seen so, so many Lifelines being played aggressively when they are meant to be a support Legend for the team!

How Do I Fix It?

Knowing the right character for the situation
(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG)

It’s important then that if you pick a certain Legend, you learn the best way to play them and stick to that playstyle as best as you can. If you’re playing Lifeline, for example, don’t play aggressively. She is a support Legend and acts as the medic of the squad. If you play aggressively and go down first, your squad is at a huge disadvantage. She is meant to be played at the back of the team while they play aggressively. That way she can swoop in and revive when needed.

Another important thing to do in the game is to remember to use your character’s abilities when you need to. If you’re traveling from one area to the next as Octane, don’t forget to throw down your jump pad for you and your teammates. If you need to move across an open area as Gibraltar, don’t forget to throw down a dome shield.

Obviously, there are ways to play certain defensive Legends offensively and vice versa, and there are times when you need to diverge from a Legend’s main playstyle. But speaking generally, it’s best to play defensively if you are playing a defensive Legend. Don’t be too aggressive if you are a Support Legend. And pick weapons that work well with your legend’s abilities. Get a sniper rifle if you’re using Vantage, and an LMG if you are using Rampart.

Reason #3: You Aren’t Using Movement Effectively

Taking advantage of your movement is critical to surviving in Apex Legends
(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG)

Our next reason is that you aren’t using movement effectively. Movement is a very, very big part of Apex Legends. It is something that every player — from the pros down to the people new to the game — needs to use effectively. Apex Legends is similar to most other shooters in the sense that you can walk, run, and crouch. But there are aspects of the game that make movement more advanced and create many opportunities for maneuvering around your opponents.

Many times, I’ll see players make mistakes that can be easily fixed by using movement properly. I’ve seen players stand perfectly still outside of cover, only for them to get sniped down a second later. I’ve seen players who don’t strafe or move around much while shooting/getting shot at. This has led to them losing the fight or needing some help from another teammate.

How Do I Fix It?

Tactical Placement on the battlefield
(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG)

The first thing to recognize is that you should always be moving/strafing when in a dangerous situation. If you are aiming out of cover, you should be moving left to right. Making yourself a moving target means you’ll be harder to hit and the guy shooting at you will be more likely to miss. It may take you a bit to get used to aiming while strafing, but it really isn’t that hard once you’re used to it.

Next, when you’re running across an open stretch of land and are getting shot at, move in a zig-zag pattern. Running in a straight line makes your movement easy to predict, making you more likely to get shot. You should also do something called slide jumping. This is where you run for a few seconds to build up momentum, then slide. After the end of your slide, jump forwards. This maximizes your movement speed, helping you to get to safety much, much quicker.

Last and most importantly, when you are in a firefight with someone in close range, try to spam the crouch button as you strafe back and forth. Doing this makes you even more of a moving target and it makes you less likely to be hit, as they will usually aim for your chest. In addition, you can also jump from side to side every few seconds. The more movement the better, as it confuses your enemy and makes you harder to shoot.

Reason #4: You Have Poor Aim

Poor aim makes everything harder in Apex Legends
(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG)

If you are having some trouble killing enemies, it is probably because you are not very good at aiming. There is no shame in this. All players struggle with their aim at some point — it’s a very common problem. I have 1,000 hours in Apex Legends and I still feel like I can’t aim properly.

If you are in close or medium-range combat, it’s important that you learn how to control the recoil on your gun and hold your aim steady as you shoot a moving target. Players who don’t know how to do this will find many of their shots missing, and they will have to reload or switch to a different weapon before they can kill their target. This is a big problem, as it gives the enemy time to flee for cover or even shoot back.

And it’s also important that you learn how to predict where your bullets will land at long distances. Sniper rifles are an important part of the game, and since there are so many wide open areas in Apex Legends, chances are you’ll be using them often. If you don’t know how to reliably hit targets with a sniper rifle, then you’ll lose valuable opportunities to kill enemy players from a safe distance.

How Do I Fix It?

Take advantage of the practice range to improve your aim until it's second nature
(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG)

The first and most obvious fix is to practice, practice, practice. Apex Legends has a firing range that lets you get a feel for every weapon in the game and practice on some non-moving target dummies. This is the perfect way to learn how to control the recoil of every gun and get a steady aim. You can also test out sniper rifles here and learn their bullet drop, as well as how to effectively shoot from a distance.

If you want to take things a step further, you can download a game like Aim Lab. This is essentially a “training program” that increases your reaction times and helps you to aim better. It’s a really great way to get better at aiming not only in Apex Legends but in all first-person shooter games. If you are a casual FPS fan, maybe skip this tip. But if you’re planning on playing ranked or really want to get into FPS games, then I recommend picking it up. It is free to download on Steam!

If you don’t feel like practicing with your aim in the firing range or another game/program, there is another solution. Most people tell you to increase your sensitivity in shooters. While this is usually a good idea, if you’re not used to the sensitivity, it can make your aim worse than normal. Set your sensitivity lower and you won’t be able to aim as quickly, but it will be easier to maintain a lock on a target. Play a few matches with this new setting and slowly increase it over time as you get better.

Reason #5: Bad Teammates/Skill-Based Matchmaking

Sometimes you get stuck with bad teammates. This makes Apex Legends REALLY hard.
(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG)

Last but definitely not least, you may just be getting stuck with bad teammates. Apex Legends has something called skill-based matchmaking. This is where you are put up against other players/teams who are at a similar level of experience as you and your teammates are. On the surface, this sounds like a perfect idea. It (theoretically) ensures you are always on a level playing field with other players. But despite its pros, it also has some drawbacks.

In practice, however, bad players are often teamed up with very good players. This is true of the opposing team as well. One good player can completely dominate your squad in the open field — if you and another noob player are teamed up with an out-of-practice veteran, a very good player on the opposite team can easily wipe the floor with you.

Now, I’m not shaming new players. We all have to start somewhere. I used to be terrible at the game, and in some areas, I still am. But it feels like every match, I get squadmates who are a much lower level than I am due to skill-based matchmaking. This can lead to losing games, as they may not be as good at movement or may behave more recklessly.

How Do I Fix It?

Make friends of similar skill levels
(Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG)

Sadly, we cannot do anything to get rid of skill-based matchmaking. If you’ve been playing a long while, you may have to put up with being paired with lower-level players. The only solution I can think of is to play with friends who are reasonably experienced in the game. This, combined with access to Discord/microphones, will make communication much easier. And therefore, the game shouldn’t be as frustrating.

If you don’t know anyone that you can hang out with, you can try reaching out to others over forums. You can go to Reddit or the Steam forums to find other players interested in playing with you. There are also clubs in Apex Legends that allow you to find players with certain parameters. There are some clubs that only allow users with microphones, for example. This makes finding good teammates much easier.

You will still likely be put up against players of a similar level to you. So just know that even with good teammates, the match won’t automatically turn into a cakewalk. One thing that I have seen a lot of players do to circumvent this problem is to switch servers to a different region. Different regions can have players of different skill levels, leading to matches becoming easier than playing on your own region.

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