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Best Duo Combo(s) in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a game all about teamplay and combining different Legends together for unique playstyles. Most combinations you find online are for three-person squads, but what about duo players? Today, we’ll be going over what teams make the best duo combo in Apex Legends.

With such a huge variety of different characters to play, there’s no shortage of different combos for you to try out. We’ll share what we love to play in public lobbies and why they’re so great for two-person teams, going over their abilities and how each of their playstyles complements the others.

Best Duo Combos in Apex Legends, Ranked in No Particular Order

Let’s jump right into this article for the teams that make the best duo combo in Apex Legends!

1. Wattson + Rampart: Defensive Powerhouse/Campers

The first team combination on our list is two defensive Legends — Wattson and Rampart. Wattson is an electrical engineer who made her debut in Season 2. She can place electric fences that prevent enemies from getting inside certain areas. And she can set down a pylon that will charge her and her team’s shields while protecting her from any thrown projectiles. This includes grenades, but also things like artillery strikes and certain Legends’ abilities!

Rampart — added back in Season 6 — is a weapon smith with the ability to put down “Amped Cover,” a defensive barrier that lets you deal extra damage to enemies when you shoot from behind it! She also has access to a powerful minigun that’s perfect for holding down zones from enemies. When combined together, they become a defensive powerhouse perfect for campers and late-game plays!

When playing with this combo, it’s best to find an area inside the next ring where you can bunker down for a bit. The inside of buildings is usually the best, preferably ones with a good vantage point. You can use Amped Cover to block doors and put down some fences to cover the back exits. Using all this and Wattson’s pylon, you can safely snipe other squads to level up your armor and wait for the next ring.

2. Pathfinder + Octane: High-Mobility

For our next spot, let’s talk about two of the most popular Legends in the game: Pathfinder and Octane! Pathfinder is one of several OG Legends who has been in the game since day one. He is a recon Legend with the ability to swing around the map using his grappling hook. He also has access to a zipline gun that lets him throw down ziplines to help him and his team relocate to other parts of the map quickly.

Octane was added to the game back in Season 1. While his kit is pretty simple, it’s incredibly fun to use. He can use a stim to give himself a good boost of speed at the cost of health. His ultimate is a jump pad that can be thrown down to give himself and his team a big boost up into the air to reach vantage points. Octane also has a passive health regeneration, which is useful if you want to save on med kits.

This combination is great for players who want to get right to the action ASAP. Both their tacticals allow one another to quickly get to a new location, ensuring the other never gets left behind. They can coordinate to use their ultimate one after the other to quickly cover ground. This is great both for looting new locations ASAP, finding enemy squads to fight, and for retreating when things get tough.

3. Bloodhound + Bangalore: Classic Combination

For our next pick, we have one of the most long-standing combination of Legends — Bloodhound and Bangalore! Bloodhound has been a popular recon Legend since the beginning, thanks to his ability to scan a large area quickly to detect any nearby enemies. His ultimate allows him to scan much more often and gives him a big speed boost for even more power!

Bangalore, much like Bloodhound, has also been in Apex Legends since the beginning. She is an assault class Legend, and her tactics allow her to send out multiple smoke bombs to cover the tracks of her and her teammates. Her ultimate is an artillery strike that will rain down missiles onto her enemies! These missiles will explode after a period of time, which will not only do a good amount of damage to enemies, but also slow them down noticeably.

These two work so well together because of their tactical abilities. Bangalore can throw down her smoke grenade at a group of enemies and Bloodhound can scan, allowing them to see any enemies hidden inside the smoke but preventing themselves from being spotted. This is a great way to see your enemies without them seeing you. It’s been a very popular strategy since Season 0, and it’s still effective to this day. Naturally, this duo combo had to make our list as one of the best in Apex Legends.

4. Revenant + Ash: Fast + Aggressive

The next best duo combo in Apex Legends that we’ll be covering is Revenant and Ash! Revenant was brought into the game during Season 4 several years ago. His tactical is a Silence Bomb that will temporarily disable the abilities of other Legends. His ultimate lets him put down a dark totem, which can be activated by him and other players to enter “Shadow Mode.” When in this mode, their shields are gone, but they’ll respawn at the totem with half health instead of dying when they drop.

Ash is a fan-favorite character who has returned from the Titanfall franchise. Her tactical ability allows how to send out a device that can chain someone down to the ground, preventing them from leaving. Her ultimate lets her send out a one-way portal that can be taken by other players. The portal works similarly to Wraith’s in that you take no damage while inside the portal.

Many Apex Legends players have probably heard of the “Rev-Tane Combo” before. Revenant will put down his totem, and Octane will throw down a jump pad. Both will activate the totem and use it to rush the enemy before respawning quickly and taking the jump pad again to rush the enemy a second time.

While this is still a great combination, I think this is better done with Revenant and Ash. Ash’s portal is faster than the jump pad, and while you’re in it, you’re not in danger of being shot out of the sky! This is the perfect Legend combo for more aggressive players who like using team coordination to rack up kills and damage.

5. Horizon + Fuse: Grenade Spammers

Taking the next pick on our list, let’s talk about Horizon and Fuse! Horizon is a scientist who came to Apex Legends during the launch of Season 7. Her tactical lets her throw out a grav-lift that sends you and your teammates up to high vantage points! Her ultimate is a miniature black hole that sucks in nearby enemies into one spot so they can easily be shot at or spammed with grenades!

Speaking of which, let’s talk about Fuse. Fuse is an explosives lover from down under, who came to the game just after Horizon in Season 8. His tactical lets him throw out a cluster grenade that deals a good amount of damage to enemies. His ultimate ability is a mortar cannon that will rain down a ring of fire onto enemies, trapping them in one area and scanning them so they can be seen by teammates.

Horizon’s ultimate is great for getting enemies all together in one spot and trapping them there. When you combine that with Fuse’s tactical and ultimate, you can very easily do a lot of damage to several enemies at once! An incredibly deadly duo combo when played correctly, they’re easily one of the best teams in Apex Legends.

Additionally, Fuse also has a passive ability that lets him hold more grenades and throw them farther. This lets you spam grenades at enemies, including the ones trapped by Horizon’s ultimate! Cackle as your enemies are turned into ludicrous giblets!

6. Caustic + Fuse: Crowd Controllers

Up next on this list we have Caustic and Fuse! Caustic is another OG Legend, and also my personal main for the battle royale. He is a mad scientist with a strange fascination for chemical substances. His tactical ability lets him throw down gas traps that send out a deadly neurotoxin when triggered by enemies. And his ultimate is a gas grenade that deals a good amount of damage in a big open area! The damage on both of these devices increases the longer a target stands in the gas.

And as previously mentioned, Fuse came to the game back in Season 9. His tactical is a cluster grenade that deals lots of damage to nearby targets. He can have two cluster grenades charged up at once, and his ultimate allows him to shoot out a mortar of flames that circles an area and traps enemies inside the ring, scanning them for him and his allies to easily see. He has a fairly basic kit, but it’s good for DPS.

These two work well together as the best crowd control duo combo in Apex Legends. Caustic can throw down some gas traps and Fuse can force enemies to walk into them using his cluster grenades. And if Fuse uses his ultimate to trap enemies in a ring of fire, Caustic can chuck his gas grenade into the ring to deal loads of damage to any enemy players unfortunate enough to be stuck inside! And with Fuse’s scanning ability, picking them off will be easy as pie.

7. Rampart + Vantage: Sniping Duo

Last on our list, we have Rampart and Vantage. As discussed previously, Rampart is a defensive Legend with the ability to build Amped Cover. This is a type of barricade that not only protects you from enemy fire, but allows your guns to do more damage when you shoot with them from behind cover. She also has access to a minigun that she can use to tear through enemies! It has very high damage, but low accuracy and strong recoil when it first starts firing.

Vantage is one of the newest Legends to come to the game. Added in Season 14, Vantage is a recon character whose kit specializes in sniping enemies from long distances. Her tactical is a pet bat that she can direct to certain locations. She can then hold down the tactical button to jump to the bat, letting her relocate to high ground quickly. Her ultimate is a custom sniper rifle that scans targets for a brief period of time when she fires at them.

This is the perfect duo to use when you’re in a high-up vantage point and want to camp in the game with a sniper rifle. Both of you can get a hold of sniper rifles or marksman rifles and find a good spot to set up some Amped Cover. Vantage can use her modified sniper rifle to fire from behind the Amped Cover, dealing loads of damage to enemy players! With the Amped Cover, you can also barricade yourself in behind some doors inside buildings to avoid getting flanked.

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