Best Legends for Arena in Apex Legends (+Tier List)

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Best Legends for Arena in Apex Legends (+Tier List)

Ever since its release back in Season 9, Arenas has been the go-to mode for Apex Legends players looking for intense, tactical gunfights without all the fluff of Battle Royale. It accomplishes this perfectly — every match is intense and fun, regardless of your skill or which Legend you roll with.

There’s plenty of debate over which Legend is best for Battle Royale, but not so much for Arenas. Which :egend is best-suited for this game mode? Which Legends are must-picks in ranked play? What if you’re just a casual player?

We’ll be covering all of this and more in greater detail in this guide to the best Legends for Arena in Apex Legends. In this guide, you’ll find our Apex Legends Arena tier list, followed by breakdowns of our top picks. Let’s jump right into the tier list!

Apex Legends Arena Tier List

This list may be a little controversial given how often I see some of the lower-ranked Legends when playing with randoms. But just hear me out, alright? There are several Legends I feel are a little overrated, and others that I think never got a chance because they’re seen as “bad” in Battle Royale mode.

Before we get into our breakdowns, I’d like to quickly address some of the lower-tier picks. Loba is excellent in Battle Royale because of her Black Market ability (which teleports all nearby loot to one easy location). However, since the maps in Arenas are so small and loot is limited to the heals we can find in supply bins, she just doesn’t matter as much here.

Valk is also a pretty common Battle Royale pick, and while she’s good, she’s not that good. Her jetpack is useful but has litlte team value, and her ultimate is pointless in Arenas (again due to the map’s small size). Her missile barrage is good, but there are better Legends you can use to help your squad.

Enough about which Legends aren’t good for Arenas. Let’s get to our top picks.

S-Tier Legends for Arena

Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG


Let’s start this ranking off strong with a must-pick if you’re serious about winning matches. Lifeline is the combat medic of the Apex Games, and a really useful one at that. Her ability to heal and support her squad in all types of engagements makes her difficult to play against. Any squad without a Lifeline is automatically at a disadvantage if their opponent has one.

Her passive ability allows her to automatically revive a squadmate. While her shield was removed several seasons ago, this ability is still incredibly useful. It forces enemy squads to either push or thirst a downed enemy, otherwise they will have to be knocked down again a few seconds later.


Say what you will about Seer being annoying to play against — he’s an incredibly effective Legend in Arenas mode. Seer is great at determining enemy location, which can benefit your squad with good coordination.

His passive allows him to see the direction enemies are in through walls. You can use this to call them out to squadmates or use his tactical to track them. His tactical sends out a beam of microdrones that track their target’s location and even show you their health bar.This gives you plenty of information for who to push and when. His ultimate tracks enemies in a decent-sized range, which is better for the smaller, more confined Arena maps.


Ahh, Gibraltar — everyone’s favorite shielded fortress! While his main strengths are best used in Battle Royale, he is just as useful in arenas. Gibraltar is great for two main reasons.

First, his passive ability gives him an arm shield when aiming down sights. This makes him great for shooting enemies at longer ranges while minimizing damage taken himself. A great strategy to use, considering heals are more scarce in Arenas.

His ability lets him provide emergency cover to teammates who are downed or need to heal. While cover is plentiful in arenas, there are some areas where you’re exposed and out in the open. I love to throw down his shield on top of supply bins, allowing me or my squadmates to grab some heals without fear of being shot at.


Bloodhound’s abilities are similar to that of Seer’s, as both can be used to track and pinpoint the location of enemies. While his passive ability to track the footsteps of enemies is less useful in Arenas, his kit still allows him to scan semi-big areas for enemies.

He differs from Seer in that his tactical scan isn’t focused, but covers a whole area. It doesn’t provide as much information, but it still reveals enemy locations which are more than enough to help you win fights. His ultimate lets him use this ability more often and even gives him a notable speed boost, making him a deadly adversary if being played aggressively.


Rampart is an interesting legend for the S-tier category. Historically, she has never been that popular among the Apex Legends community. This is because her abilities are situational, and she is typically best played defensively. So why then is she such a good pick for playing in Arenas mode?

Her tactical ability lets her place down defensive walls that provide cover for teammates. Not only this, but shots fired from behind this wall let you deal additional damage to enemies at a distance. This is good if you manage to get the high ground early and can set up some cover for your team. Her ultimate ability — a fast-firing minigun — can be used aggressively and is devastating when combined with a mobility-based ability such as Octane’s jump pad.

A-Tier Legends for Arena

Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG


One of my personal mains, Revenant is a legend with a seemingly simple kit that can be used to wreak havoc across any battlefield. He is one of the few Legends I hardly ever see in arenas, which is odd considering how good his abilities can be in the right hands.

His passive gives him the ability to silently crawl around the map, giving him opportunities to flank opponents. This is good in arenas, due to all the close quarter’s engagements. His tactical sends out a “silence bomb” which can disable the abilities of enemy legends. This is great for stopping enemy Lifelines from reviving squadmates.

For an ultimate ability, Revenant places down a “death totem” which can be activated by him and the team, essentially giving them a second life. This encourages much more aggressive plays.


Fuse is one of the most underrated legends in not just Arenas, but the entire game. This explosives enthusiast from down under is great for dishing out loads of damage at once! His passive ability — which lets him hold more grenades and chuck them at farther distances — is borderline overpowered in Arenas. Allow me to explain why.

At the start of every round, you can purchase throwables from the menu. One of these throwables is arc stars. You can stock up on loads of them (double the normal amount of grenades), and spam them at enemy players! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to take down enemies without even firing a single bullet.


The most recent legend to join the Apex Games, Ash is a simulacrum that excels at trapping opponents with her tactical and aggressively pushing them with her ultimate. She is a good legend to use and surprisingly has a lot of synergy with other legends and their kits.

Her tactical is a throwable projectile that lands on the ground and tethers any nearby enemies to it. This is great to use in combination with Fuse, who can spam the trapped opponent with grenades.

Her ultimate ability, Phase Breach, lets her and the squad dash forwards through a one-way portal. It’s not all that useful given the small maps, but it can come in handy for getting to supply bins early or getting out of a sticky situation.


Horizon is a fun Legend to use, both in Battle Royale and in Arenas. Her passive ability allows her to land from great heights without staggering as much. Great in BR, not so much in Arenas, where few high drop off-points exist. Her tactical let her rise great distances quickly, which (unlike Valk) can be used by both her and her teammates.

Her ultimate, however, is where she really shines. Horizon can throw down a miniaturized black hole that sucks in nearby legends, similar to Ash’s tether ability. This is great for pulling enemies out of cover, and it can be used alongside other Legends’ abilities (Caustic’s nox grenade, Fuse’s passive, etc.) to cause loads of chaos!


Last but not least, we have another Legend whom I feel is very underrated in Arenas — Crypto. He is a surveillance expert with the ability to send out a recon drone to scan enemies. This ability falls flat in Battle Royale for one main reason.

Using the drone requires Crypto to remain stationary, forcing him to fall behind his squad if they aren’t willing to defend him. This is an issue in the big maps from Battle Royale, but not in the small maps found in Arenas mode.

If you purchase Crypto’s ultimate ability, he can send out a powerful EMP to destroy enemy traps and disrupt opponents’ shields! Since there is less open space, pulling this off without your drone getting shot out of the sky is much easier to do.

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