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Apex Legends: Pick Rates and Most Popular Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale with a huge roster of characters unlock and fight as. These characters range from a friendly ziplining robot to a mad scientist with a love of toxic gas. With so many different Legends to choose from, it can be daunting to decide which one is right for you. Sure, you could choose based on your preferred playstyle or who matches your personality the most. But another good way to decide is to pick which Legends are played the most! They must be popular for a reason, after all.

So who’s the most popular Legend in Apex Legends, and what are the pick rates for the other Legends? Let’s hop into the current Apex Legends Legend pick rates and most popular Legends!

Every Legend’s Pick Rate

Thanks to the website Apex Legends Status, anyone with curiosity and an internet connection can check up on which Legends are currently most played across all servers. We’ll be going into detail about which Legends in the game are the most popular, so let’s first take a peek at the less played ones.

Least Played Legends

Crypto: It pains me to see it, but there is no denying that Crypto is the least played Legend in the game at a measly 1.5%. It’s not that his kit is bad or anything — quite the opposite, in fact. His drone provides plenty of useful information for the team, and his EMP is great for playing the game aggressively.

His issue, however, is the fact that his tactical requires him to stay in place while using it. This is an issue, as it can cause him to fall behind if his squad isn’t willing to stay and defend him. Speaking of defense, he is completely vulnerable during this state and can easily be killed if found by another player.

Rampart: Now, this one is really a shame to see. Matching Crypto as the least-played Legend at 1.5%, Rampart’s kit is also exceptionally good. Her amped cover is great for sniping, and her ultimate’s recent buff allows her to take her minigun on the go and deal massive damage to enemies!

Just like Crypto, however, her playstyle is not very popular. She requires a fair amount of skill to use, and you need to have good positioning to fully take advantage of her kit. I am a little confused why her Rampage minigun doesn’t attract more attention. I mean, it is a minigun, after all.

Wattson: This one is especially heartbreaking, as Watton used to be one of my mains. She is one of the few true defensive legends in the game. Her abilities make it a breeze to hold down an area and prevent others from pushing you, and her ultimate protects you from projectiles while healing your shields!

Despite Respawn’s recent buffs to her kit, no one seems to want to play her. Again, this is most likely down to her playstyle being very defensive and not that aggressive, which is what attracts most players’ attention. If you ask me though, I think it’s all of her horrible puns and wordplays that hold her back.

Most Played Legends

Here are the top 5 most popular Legends right now.

#5 Most Picked Legend: Valkrie

Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The fifth most-played character in Apex Legends right now is Valkyrie with 7.6%! She saw her introduction back in Season 9 and quickly became a fan favorite for her high mobility, and her ultimate’s power to re-located her squad to any other part of the map very quickly. It’s no wonder that she’s still in the top five several seasons later.

I don’t normally play Valk all that much, but I’ve seen her mains do exceptionally well in firefights. Her passive allows her to use a jetpack to reach high-up places quickly. This is great to use when re-positioning yourself in firefights. You can flank opponents and shift out of trouble very easily.

Another great ability of her kit is her tactical! Using it sends out a barrage of missiles that do damage and stun enemy opponents. This is great for stopping other players from fleeing, or for getting that slight edge you need to win a gunfight. The barrage is easy to aim with, and can even be used while you are flying around on your jetpack!

#4 Most Picked Legend: Pathfinder

Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The fourth most played legend in Apex Legends is none other than the lovable robot Pathfinder, clocking in with an 8.8% pick rate. Pathfinder has seen quite the roller coaster of popularity in his lifespan. He was incredibly well-liked during Season 0, but was knocked down a peg with a nerf to his grappling hook in later seasons.

Thankfully, this grappling hook ability is now much more viable in recent seasons. With it, you can travel around the map much more easily than by walking on foot. You can also use it to grab onto enemies and pull them towards you for a shotgun blast to the face! This doesn’t have as much team value as one would like, but that is what the zipline is for.

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability — the zipline — is capable of transporting you and your teammates from point A to point B in a flash. It’s handy for getting out of trouble, making your way towards the next ring, or pushing towards a squad that is trying to escape. Ziplines are also very quick and easy to deploy.

#3 Most Picked Legend: Bloodhound

Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Apex Legend’s third most-played character is the mysterious Bloodhound! They have a current pick rate of 10.2%, and it’s not hard to understand why. Bloodhound has been a popular Legend since they first hit the arena with the launch of the game back in Season 0. They used to be my main!

Their tactical ability allows them to scan the nearby area for enemies, highlighting their location to the whole team. This ability is great for pushing into a building with multiple floors, as it will tell you exactly where the enemies are. Combine this with their passive — which lets them track footprints left behind by enemies — and they can sweep a building clean with no problem!

Their ultimate ability is what really makes them a popular choice. When activated, Bloodhound gains a temporary buff to their speed and scanning ability. They run much faster and can scan much more often. It is also easier for them to see enemies as the screen turns black and white and enemies are highlighted in red.

#2 Most Picked Legend: Octane

Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for the second most-picked legend in the game, we have the adrenaline junkie Octane, with a 12.3% pick rate. This speed demon is by far one of the most enjoyable characters to play in Apex Legends! His abilities may be simple, but they’re such a blast to use that you can’t help but choose Octane over the other characters in the roster.

His tactical ability uses a stim that gives him a big buff to his sprint speed. It has the nasty side effect of taking away a bit of his health, but if you know when to use this ability, it becomes a non-issue. Being able to zoom around the map is great fun, and I can’t blame anyone who chooses to main Octane.

What’s the perfect way to compliment a stim that gives you a speed boost? A jump pad that can send you flying through the air, of course! His ultimate ability lets you and your teammates hop around the map at high speeds with a jump pad.

This is arguably one of the best mobility abilities in the game. It can send you flying at different angles depending on how you walk onto it. Its cooldown is also very small, taking only 1.5 minutes to charge, making it one of the fastest ways to get around.

#1 Most Picked Legend: Wraith

Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Finally, the most playable character on our list for Apex Legends: Pick Rates and Most Popular Legends, we have the poster child of the game herself: Wraith! Her pick rate of 12.5% shouldn’t surprise anyone — she’s a beloved Legend thanks to her incredibly useful abilities and her small hitbox.

Her passive alerts her to important information, such as when an enemy player is targeting her or when there are traps nearby. She can also warn her squadmates of this, giving her good solo and team value. Her tactical is a get out of jail free card that lets her phase for a short period of time, taking no damage.

Her ultimate lets her create a two-way portal between her current location and the second one of her choosing. Unlike most mobility-based abilities, his portal can be used by downed squadmates. It’s very helpful in case your teammates are down in a fight and you need to fall back in order to revive or heal!

Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG

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