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Apex Legends: Gibraltar Legendary Skins, Ranked Worst to Best

Hey bruddah — today we’re talking about all things Gibraltar. Anyone who has followed the Apex Legends competitive scene knows that Gibraltar has been a mainstay of top teams since his buffs two years ago. Thankfully, this consistency is mitigated by the positive energy of the character and his relatively low play rate in pubs. For those dedicated enough to main the gentle giant, there are plenty of skins to choose from. Today, we’ll be ranking the best Apex Legends Gibraltar legendary skins.

Let’s get started!

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15 Gibraltar Legendary Skins, ranked worst to best

As per usual, we’ll start out slow and ramp up to our pick for Gibraltar’s best skin.


Bunker Buster

Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

One of Gibraltar’s base skins, Bunker Buster, gives the defensive legend a fitting militaristic vibe. Making him look more tanky is definitely a plus, since he’s the premier tank in Apex. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this skin, it’s just a bit boring. As with some other tier lists, older skins often have a difficult time keeping up with the newer, more detailed ones.


Dark Side

dark side
Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

The other of Gibraltar’s base skins, Dark Side, highlights the heritage of the character, coloring him with white face paint that stands out against the inky shades of his armor. This skin gets a leg up on the Bunker Buster line for being more fitting for the character, and tops the pallet swap with the cool contrasts. All that being said, this is the best of the Gibraltar skins if you’re just starting out in Apex.


Call to Arms

Call to arms gibraltar legendary skins
Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG

Leaning even more into tattoos and war paint is the Call to Arms skin from the Iron Crown collection event. This skin changes up Gibby’s hairstyle and garb, really leaning into the native themes. Perhaps the most striking quality of this skin are the eagle wings on the back. While solid, especially as Iron Crown skins go, Call to Arms doesn’t measure up to the new standard of Gibraltar legendary skins.



Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG

During the System Override event in Season 4, the Gibraltron skin gave the legend a cybernetic makeover. The only remaining human feature, Gibby’s head, stands out against his battle suit. The vibe here echoes that of a Warhammer 40k space marine, and for that it gets extra points. This skin does a much cleaner job than its recolor, Golden God.


Lost Dynasty

lost-dynasty gibraltar skins
Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

Part of Season 8’s Chaos Theory collection event, Lost Dynasty translates Gibraltar into a kind of samurai warrior. This skin does really cool things with texture work, and looks great in game. The highlights are definitely the helmet and the rope belt. If it did more interesting things with color, it would undoubtedly rank higher on this list.


Monster Mashed

Monster Mashed- Gibraltars Legendary Skins
Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via shrugtal /HGG

Gibraltar’s addition to the Fright Night collection event, Monster Mashed, infuses him with all things Frankenstein. The choice of costume is perfect, and the execution is quite good. The highlight is the arm shield, which has been replaced with a biohazard sign. The one spot that didn’t quite make the grade is the head. The iconic Frankenstein shape is absent, and there was an opportunity to do something more interesting.


Glorious Combatant

Glorious Combatant
Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

A recent addition to Gibby’s wardrobe, the Glorious Combatant skin, arrived in the Season 11 Battlepass as the reward for reaching Level 50. This skin ranks so highly because of its interesting theme. The combination of sci-fi and dinosaurs is very reminiscent of Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Glorious Combatant nails it. The color palette is a win as well, since combining light blue and orange makes any cosmetic pop.


Bruddah Bear

Bruddah Bear
Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

The Holo-day Bash event introduced Apex Legends to the Winter Express game mode and a line of wintery skins. Gibraltar received Bruddah Bear, a full bear costume complete with a red sled arm shield. This was the best skin from this event, and was Gibby’s best skin for quite some time. Thankfully, this skin returns to the store each winter.


King of the Sea

Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via shrugtal /HGG

The Gibraltar edition skin might be similar to others he’s received in the past, but this one nails his character the best. The details on this skin are sharp, and the tattoos are some of the best in the game. All that being said, it’s a great bundle if you’re looking to main Gibraltar straight out of the gate.


Imperial Defender

Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

The Lost Treasures Collection event was one of Apex’s best and this skin is no exception. Outfitting Gibraltar in ancient armor, this cosmetic pops with an elegant blue and gold color scheme. Located on the skin itself are multiple “Lost Treasures,” including coins and other artifacts. The only reason this skin doesn’t land higher is because there are other similar skins, making it a personal preference.


Gentle Giant

Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Reddit / HGG

The Gentle Giant skin dropped in the Genesis Collection event in Season 9. Excitingly, it brings Gibraltar to his roots as a SARAS (Search and Rescue of Solace) member, outfitting him in the planet’s rescue gear. This outfit is core to his character as the premier rescue legend in Apex, but unfortunately it hasn’t reappeared yet in the store.


Blazin Hot

Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG

One of the sub-themes of Gibraltar’s character is his past as a motorcycle rider. Gibraltar legendary skins like Ride or Die took on the idea, but Blazin Hot was the first to perfect it. Arriving as a part of the Aftermarket Collection event in Season 6, Blazin Hot immediately became a streamer favorite. All the more fitting since Gibraltar was just beginning to take over the meta. The mohawk combined with the demolition derby flames sell the look. Hopefully it returns soon.


Ring Leader

Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Reddit & KralRindo / HGG

The Thrillseekers Arenas event back in Season 9 introduced a set of skins into the game to hype up the arenas game mode. Gibraltar received this skin to much applaud, as it shows him off as the meta bully he truly is. Speaking of bulls, the animal is the central theme, combined with an understated toreador tone with the jacket. All in all, A+ skin.


Golden Guardian

Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG

If you want a tough skin that matches Gibraltar’s character, look no further. Arriving in the Anniversary Collection Event in 2022, Golden Guardian immediately rose to the top of the list. This skin hits all the color successes of Ring Leader but less busy and more effective. The textures are impeccable, the mask/collar combination is perfection and the arm shield pops. Truly the most complete Gibby skin, but not quite number 1.


Booming System

Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

Oh yeah, no looking back now. Released alongside the Apex Legends X Market Store collaboration, Booming System does what no other Gibraltar skin manages to do. It’s both cool and hilarious at the same time. Easily the flashiest skin on this list, and maybe in the game, Booming System breaks the mold of Apex Legends while still managing to fit in.

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