Apex Legends: Mad Maggie Tips and Tricks Guide (Season 12)

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Apex Legends: Mad Maggie Tips and Tricks Guide (Season 12)

With the launch of Season 12: Defiance, Respawn brought an old friend back from the dead. Joining the arena this season is none other than Mad Maggie, the rebellious warlord from the planet Salvo! She’s found herself being sentenced to death by combat for her crimes against the Syndicate. She is aiming to make quite the impression in the Apex Games.

But just how will Mad Maggie make her mark in the arena? What are her abilities? How can you make the most of her kit? Does she have any good cosmetics available at launch? What else should we know about her? We’ll address all these questions and more in this Apex Legends: Mad Maggie tips and tricks guide. Let’s get started!

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Mad Maggie’s Kit

Mad Maggie Abilities
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby “Gibson” Ross

To kick off this overview, let’s start with the basics. Mad Maggie is a breach-and-clear Legend who specializes in close-quarters combat. She’s designed around countering defensive/camping Legends, such as Caustic and Rampart.

Passive: Warlord’s Ire

Warlord’s Ire gives Maggie the ability to highlight enemies upon being damaged with any weapon. This allows her and her team to see damaged enemies through walls for a short period of time. This may not have its uses in the open field, but is very beneficial indoors and when chasing down opponents.

Additionally, Mad Maggie moves much faster when carrying a shotgun. From my experience, she seems to move at the same speed as when you have your weapon holstered. This makes running and gunning much easier, as you no longer have to holster your weapon when chasing after an enemy.

Tactical: Riot Drill

Her Riot Drill is a throwable tool that can attach itself to nearly any wall or surface. Upon contacting a wall or ceiling, the device will drill through it and send out fire damage to enemies camped on the other side. The drill itself doesn’t deal that much damage, but it forces enemies to get out of the way or get burned, interrupting any potential heals or revives.

Ultimate: Wrecking Ball

Maggie’s ultimate ability is an interesting one. Upon activation, she sends out a big electric ball that deals 20 damage to enemies and gives them a concussion debuff. Additionally, the ball bounces around the area, sending out blue pads that give you and your teammates a speed boost when you walk over them. This speed boost does not stack, unfortunately.

Mad Maggie Tips & Tricks

Now that you know her abilities and how they work, why don’t we go over some tips and tricks for how to use her more effectively? Some of these may be a little obvious, but they are still important to go over.

Playing Mag Maggie and doing targeting practice
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby “Gibson” Ross

Warlord’s Ire Tips

This first one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s one I often forget to do when out on the field. Always carry a shotgun with you when playing as Mad Maggie! Like we mentioned before, she gets a boost to her movement speed when she has one equipped.

And be sure to have it out at all times. One of the downsides of holstering your weapon to run faster is that if you’ll get shot first if you run into an enemy with their guns out. Having a weapon out at all times ensures you’re always prepared for the worst.

Riot Drill Tips

The Riot Drill doesn’t make a good replacement for a thermite grenade — it just doesn’t deal as much damage. I was hoping you could stick the drill to enemies, but this isn’t the case. Be sure to keep all of these limitations in mind when using it!

This drill can be used on practically any Legend’s abilities, such as Gibraltar’s dome and Rampart’s Amped Cover. The range on it is very good, so don’t be afraid to use it from far away, either.

Additionally, you can shoot the drill while firing your weapon. I once shot at a Rampart’s Amped Cover while firing at the enemy hiding behind it, allowing me to deal damage to her and break her Cover.

Wrecking Ball Tips

The cooldown time on this thing is honestly too good! It only takes one and a half minutes to charge up, so don’t be afraid to use it as often as you can. I love to throw it in front of me when traveling around the map, as it allows me and my squadmates to get from Point A to Point B quicker.

Wrecking Balls can bounce off of walls and floors, so it’s a good idea to chuck one into a room full of enemies whenever you can. This causes a repeated debuff and deals damage, giving you and your team the perfect opportunity to strike.

If you press and hold the throw button, Maggie will aim instead of just throwing it right away. There’s a visible arc when aiming, and the area the ball will land in is highlighted as well! This is very useful when trying to hit enemies from farther away, or if you’re still getting the hang of using it.

Cosmetics & Skins for Mad Maggie

Just like the other Legends in the game, Maggie launched with several cosmetics to make her stand out above the rest. While cosmetics may not impact gameplay, they’re still one of the best and most enjoyable aspects of Apex Legends! So without further ado, let’s go over some of her best (and only) legendary skins.

Mad Maggie mob boss skin
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby “Gibson” Ross

The Mob Boss skin (shown above) gives her a sick pair of aviator shades, a yellow snake-skin jacket, and plenty of other awesome details. It’s definitely an intimidating skin, and her black and gray color scheme with green highlights is just the icing on the cake.

Above The Law shares the same model as the above skin, but re-colored. The snake-skin jacket is blue this time around, and the whole outfit has a blue and yellow color palette. Personally, I like the other one better, but this one looks great too.

If you want something a little more intimidating, get the Outside The Law skin, which is another re-color of the same model. It gives her a more imposing orangish-red and black color scheme. You can acquire it from the in-game store using Legend Tokens.

Mad Maggie Steamed skin
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby “Gibson” Ross

Steamed is another one you can craft at any time from her cosmetic menu for only 1200 crafting metals. It gives Maggie the look of a general, with a brown military coat. I don’t think it really fits her personality all that well (even if she is a Warlord), but if you love military-themed cosmetics, then by all means go for it!

The last one I want to talk about is called Maori Warrior. This skin gives her a Polynesian-themed outfit and a half-painted face, making her look plenty intimidating. The color scheme is red and greenish-blue. You can purchase the Maori Warrior outfit by grabbing the “Mad Maggie Launch Bundle” from the store. It even comes with a unique Peacekeeper skin and a matching Holospray!

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We hope you learned something helpful from in this Mad Maggie guide for Apex Legends! What do you think of Season 12 so far? Do you think Mad Maggie is all she was hyped up to be? Let us know down in the comments!

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