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Best Seer Skins in Apex Legends: Legendary Seer Skins, Ranked

Seer is a recon Legend introduced back in Season 10 of Apex Legends. He stole the show with his incredibly powerful abilities, incredible voice acting, and flashy legendary skins! While Seer may not be as popular now as he once was, there are still plenty of players who give him the love he deserves.

So for all of these Seer mains, we are here to provide you with a complete ranking of all legendary Seer skins in Apex Legends released as of Season 14. We’ll be giving you advice on where and how to pick up each skin if you’re interested in snagging them for yourself.

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Best Seer Skins: 9 Legendary Seer Skins, RANKED!

Without further ado, let’s get right into this ranking starting from the bottom and heading to best Seer skins overall!


The Baron

Best Seer Skins - The Baron
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

Kicking off our ranking is The Baron skin! This legendary cosmetic features a dark gray and white color scheme. The model showcases a very well-made and unique-looking headpiece for Seer. I also really love how they did the chest area for Seer, featuring a beautiful chest piece as well as some shiny blue “gems” (for lack of a better word) to add some color to his outfit. The gray really brings it out, too!

This skin has been seen a total of three times throughout the game’s life cycle. The last time was in August of 2022. Before that, it was in the months of March and May, also in the year 2022.

I’m not sure why, but Respawn just really loves re-releasing this skin for players. If you really love the outfit, then you’re lucky! You should be able to get this skin again soon, if its track record is reliable to go off of.


Plain Sight

Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Taking spot number eight on our list for all legendary Seer skins in Apex Legends ranked, it’s the skin Plain Sight. This practical-looking outfit shows off an olive green and light tan color scheme. Perfect for camouflaging yourself in green areas! The model itself looks very nice as well, with an interesting “helmet” that takes up the sides of Seer’s face. I also like the tubes going around his shoulders!

For everyone who wants to get this skin, you are in luck. The skin is available 24/7 from Seer’s cosmetics menu. You can access this from the main menu of the game before a match. Once you find it among the other legendary skins, you can craft it for only 1,200 crafting metals! I really like how easily accessible this skin is, and I think many fans appreciate that just as much as I do.


Light Show

Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The Light Show skin is next on our ranking! This legendary cosmetic showcases a white and light blue color palette combined with a futuristic outfit. The outfit itself looks very interesting, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen on other Legends. I don’t know whether to call it battle armor, a space suit, or something else. All I do know is that it looks really good on Seer in this image!

The skin has been available since day one of Seer’s release back in Season 10. Because of this, it’s an easy-to-acquire skin that you can craft for exactly 1,200 crafting metals. All you need to do is go to the cosmetic menu for Seer and find the section containing legendary skins. Then just craft it with the needed metals and it will be all yours!



Best Seer Skins - Heartthrob
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

Now for our next skin on this guide for all legendary Seer skins in Apex Legends ranked, we have the Heartthrob skin! This model features a purple and gold color palette for Seer, which looks really wonderful on him.

The model itself has some very nice details on it, such as the shoulder design, the gloves, and the design for his jacket across his chest. Everything just blends very nicely together.

This skin has only ever seen the light of day twice in its life cycle. The last time it appeared was in the month of July 2022. And before that, it was the launch date of Season 10, August 2021. Because of how recently this skin was re-released, I would bet you won’t be seeing it again until at least July 2023, give or take a few months.



Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Taking the next spot on our ranking, it’s the legendary skin Afrofuturism! This beautifully made skin features a reddish-orange color palette, with gold highlights here and there. The design of the outfit features a jacket with ammo pouches strapped to either side (not usable).

His headpiece is the most stand-out part of this design, and it features a gold mask that really brings out his eye color here!

The Afrofuturism skin appeared for the first time alongside Seer’s launch back in Season 10. Ever since that date, the skin has been available for crafting from Seer’s cosmetic menu. All you need is 1,200 crafting metals and you can acquire the skin for yourself. I definitely recommend getting it if you have all of the metals that you need!


Out for Blood

Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The next one on our ranking is the Out for Blood skin! This Halloween-inspired outfit for Seer showcases him with an outfit primarily consisting of different shades of red. As for the costume itself, it looks great but it’s a little hard to describe in words. He looks like a futuristic vampire from the Titanfall universe, complete with two sharp metal gloves across both his hands.

The skin saw its release during the Halloween event in October back in 2021, so you would think that this skin is a Halloween exclusive. But currently, the skin is available for crafting at any time from Seer’s cosmetics menu! This means that all you need to do is craft the skin for 1,200 crafting metals. This skin is easy to get, but it comes at the cost of being less rare, so keep that in mind if you like more rare skins!


Tiger Eyes

Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For our next skin, it’s Tiger Eyes! This legendary cosmetic gives Seer an orange and black color palette. His design looks somewhat retrofuturistic (specifically with his headpiece), while the rest of his outfit looks more old-fashioned.

I think the headpiece is a bit out of place, but it still looks really good regardless. I love the spikes on both his arms, as well as the beads draped across his lower chest!

The Tiger Eyes Seer skin is available to all players at any time! Simply by going into the cosmetics menu available in-between matches, you can craft this unique-looking skin for exactly 1,200 crafting metals. If you want something rare and hard to get, this skin isn’t for you. But if you just want a good-looking legendary cosmetic, then I fully recommend this skin!


Envious Attitude

Best Seer Skins - Envious Attitude
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

Up next, we have the fancy and futuristic skin Envious Attitude! This is a skin with an emerald green and gold color scheme. The design for the model is very futuristic and high-tech, complete with several circular objects floating off the side of his outfit.

Are they practical? No. Do they make sense? No. Do they look cool? Hell yes!

Additionally, Seer features a well-designed helmet to complete the outfit.

This skin saw its debut during Season 13 of the game’s life cycle. It was during a collection event that this skin appeared for the first time. As of August 2022, the skin has not yet made a reappearance. But given past skin’s returning from collection events, I think it’s very likely that this one will be making a return sometime in the near future.


Aces High

Best Seer Skins - Aces High Seer
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG

The number one skin on our ranking list is Aces High! I absolutely love this skin! The color combination is a mixture of white and denim blue, which goes incredibly with his outfit. Seer here features a wonderfully made custom jacket complete with spikes on the arms, fingerless leather gloves, and plenty of patches added to the design. Perfect for bikers and heavy metal fans alike!

This skin is sadly a Battle Pass exclusive, having been released as a part of the pass for Season 12 back when Seer was first dropped into the game.

As of right now in Apex Legends, no skin that has been in the Battle Pass has ever made a return outside of it once the season ended. I think the only way that this skin could ever return is in the form of a re-color of some kind, but that isn’t guaranteed.

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Happy gaming!

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