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25 Best Apex Legends Skins

Since its surprise release back in 2019, Apex Legends has wowed the video game world with its diverse and impressive character designs. A huge part of the appeal stems from the ways you can customize your aesthetic loadout to best outfit your favorite Legend — most prominently with Legend skins. Some can be found in standard Apex packs, but others are fleetingly rare. Between craftables, store exclusive, event and specials, here is our ranking of the top 25 best Apex Legends skins.



A screenshot of the Inconspicuous skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

We start our list with the least-picked Legend in the game, Crypto. Fittingly, his Inconspicuous skin makes the cut, as it totally captures the spirit of the character. Despite not being the flashiest skin, Inconspicuous helps capture the fantasy of playing Crypto, which is, essentially, to just be an average guy with a drone. Appearing only in the Genesis collection event back in Season 9, there’s currently no way to get this skin besides it reappearing in the shop.


Dark Matter

A screenshot of the Dark Matter skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

One of the starting legendary skins for Horizon, older players may get flashbacks of this skin back when this Legend dominated the meta. Despite Horizon’s generally genial mom-energy, the Dark Matter skin captures the more nefarious qualities she possesses in gameplay. With the ability to quickly gain positional advantage and conjure black holes, Horizon can bring a universe of pain. Luckily, this skin is found inside standard Apex packs or can be crafted for 1,200 crafting materials.


Crafty Kistune

A screenshot of the Crafty Kitsune skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

For a long time, dedicated Rampart mains had little to work with outside of this Legend’s standard skins. Thankfully, back in Season 9, she got the Crafty Kitsune skin as part of the Battlepass. The interesting appeal of this skin is how perfectly it matches the weapon released at the time, the Bocek Compound Bow. Since Crafty Kitsune has Rampart carrying a quiver on her back, it makes sense that she’d be firing the bow behind the cover of her walls.


Boogie Down

A screenshot of the Boogie Down skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Back in Season 7, the Fight Night event gave a slew of Legends skins fitting for a fancy party. No other Legend embodies the glamour of a night on the town quite like Mirage. This skin, while hilarious, also includes some quality texture work and design. The bonus being that you get to see the skin more often than other Legends’ due to Mirage’s ability to spawn clones.


Pirate Queen

A screenshot of the Pirate Queen skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Season 5’s lost Treasure Collection included a lot of gems (ha), but few have withstood the test of time quite like Lifeline’s Pirate Queen skin. Maintaining the overall vibe of the fan-favorite healer while adding a bit of nautical flare makes this skin one of the best. Unfortunately, this skin has been impossible to acquire for some time now, so fans can only hope for a recolor or reappearance at some point.


Dread Captain

A screenshot of the Dread Captain skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Sticking with the pirate theme, we have the Dread Captain, one of the release skins for the explosive Legend Fuse. As the highest-rated base legendary skin on this list, Dread Captain makes the cut by being wholly unique with its undead pirate theme (and by being the best Fuse skin out there). Newer players rejoice — this skin can always be crafted or found within standard Apex packs.


The Last Laugh

A screenshot of the Last Laugh skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Part of the first set of Halloween skins for the Fight or Fright event back in 2019, The Last Laugh stands out as the best of the bunch. It’s easily one of the best skins in Apex Legends, turning Caustic (an already somewhat creepy character) into a terrifying gas clown. The only downside of this skin is that teams may focus on getting rid of you in-game because they suffer from coulrophobia.  



A screenshot of the Clocktane skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG

Part of the Grand Soireé event back in Season 3, Clocktane still stands out amongst the host of good Octane skins. The event focused on a steampunk theme, and this skin takes the cake. The color scheme looks great on the character, the details are impeccable, and the name itself features the best pun on this list. That’s enough to earn a high ranking for us!


Sundown Desperado

A screenshot of the Sundown Desperado skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Sundown Desperado, part of the collaboration event between Respawn and streetwear brand Market, adds a unique flare to the character. The skins in this crossover each reflect the style of the brand, making them an interesting blend of video game and real-world fashion. Interesting too is that the release on these skins got pushed back several months as Market went through a rebranding process.


Airship Assassin

A screenshot of the Airship Assassin skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via Reddit User Plastic Fantastic

A recolor of the Void Specialist skin, Airship Assassin made its debut back in the Black Friday sale of 2020. Costing 6500 Legend Tokens to craft and requiring ownership of Void Specialist, Airship Assassin was so rare that some people thought it wasn’t even real. That, combined with the obviously cool black and gold color scheme made it a must-have for Wraith mains. Thankfully, it reappeared in the store during the Black Friday of 2021.


Sacred Divinity

A screenshot of the Sacred Divinity skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Another skin from the Fight Night collection event, Sacred Divinity gives Revenant a flair reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed. Y’know, combined with a sci-fi death robot and an overall elegant, sleek look. This skin is locked away for now, but Revenant skins are pretty much always fantastic, so the next great one is likely just around the corner.


Blazin’ Hot

A screenshot of the Blazin' Hot skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Have you ever wanted to mow down your enemies while painted up like a monster truck? Then Blazin’ Hot is the skin for you. A member of Season 5’s Aftermarket collection event, Blazin’ Hot gives Gibraltar the kind of look we’d expect to see on Guy Fieri if he were an Apex Legend. That alone makes this skin an absolute must for a Gibraltar diehard.


Radical Action

A screenshot of the Radical Action skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

The Season 8 Battlepass was a good one, and this skin is a big reason why. The Radical Action skin gave Bangalore her best skin in a long while, and fans of the character were overjoyed. Between the shades and the camo, the high-tempo legend feels appropriately Rambo-esque. This original Legend is finally getting the attention she deserves, and this skin marks that turning point.


Outland Explorer

A screenshot of the Outland Explorer skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Another skin from the Lost Treasures Collection event, this skin absolutely captures the essence of Wattson’s character while adding an interesting bit of flavor. Wattson has a very innocent and adventurous personality, as far as the Legends in Apex are concerned, and seeing her in a classic explorer outfit absolute compliments those traits. This skin did make a reappearance in the store in 2021, so it may come back again.


Show Stopper

A screenshot of the Show Stopper skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

The exclusive skin came with the Mirage Edition of Apex Legends, and is now available anytime as part of the $20 bundle. Mirage’s roguish personality is a perfect fit for a cyber cowboy, and the skin features an eyepiece that immediately evokes Cyclops from the X-Men series. If you don’t own the game yet, be sure to check out these editions to get the most bang for your buck. If you do own the game, they often go on sale and include in-game currency with purchase.  


Chain of Command

A screenshot of the Chain of Command skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via Shrugtal

The newest legend, Ash, got her best skin in her launch bundle, the Chain of Command. An absolute beauty, the design reflects the coolest aspects of the cybernetic assassin, enhancing her menace and diminishing any human-like traits. The colors also serve to highlight this, as the metallic chrome of her exoskeleton stands out amidst highlights of black and red. This skin appeared during her release and hasn’t returned yet.


Fast Fashion

A screenshot of the Fast Fashion skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Reaching Level 50 in the Season 7 battle pass nets you Fast Fashion, the best skin Octane has to offer. Despite being relatively common, this skin is certainly eye-catching. The frequency in which Octane mains use this fashion statement reflects the top-notch quality. Combining a stunning pair of goggles and some sweet blue hair proves to be a real winner. It’s unknown if this skin will return or possibly get a recolor.


Arms Dealer

A screenshot of the Arms Dealer skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

The best edition skin and the best Loba skin, Arms Dealer helps Apex Legend’s number one thief feel like a superspy. Loba’s skins have been rather hit or miss, but one can never go wrong with all-black. This one is worth the edition price point with all the other bonuses you get. Any true Loba mains will have already gotten this skin or put it at the top of their wish list.



A screenshot of the Necrosis skin in Apex Legends

Image: Respawn Entertainment via Shrugtal

Back in Season 4, the System Override event introduced cybernetic skins for some of the original Legends in the game. The best one went to Caustic, who got the absolutely fitting Necrosis skin. Featuring an intimidating facemask and an uncannily shaped robotic hunch, this skin is Caustic at his most frightening. For a character all about experimentation with death, that’s a good thing.


A Gaze Eternal

A screenshot of the A Gaze Eternal skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

The Chaos Theory collection event back in Season 8 gave us a Revenant skin unlike anything we’d seen before. Featuring a statuesque design, this skin went above and beyond other similar skins like Wraith’s Marble Goddess. Simply put, A Gaze Eternal is a work of art. An expressionless face suits an emotionless robot like Revenant, and the other faces on the skin make him look like a collector of souls.


Blue Bomber

A screenshot of the Blue Bomber skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via Shrugtal

A recolor of Valkyrie’s launch bundle skin, Birthright, Blue Bomber reflects her origins as the daughter of a Titan pilot. The color scheme of this skin pops a little more than the original, with the blue and yellow complementing each other nicely. This skin ranks so high because of the history behind it. Any fan of the Titanfall games who moved on to Apex must feel this design pull at their heartstrings.


Booming System

A screenshot of the Booming System skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Released at the same time as the Respawn X Market collaboration, the Booming System skin for Gibraltar is by far the funniest skin the game has ever seen. The details are as bombastic as the name implies, with golden letters and a surround sound arm shield. This kind of skin could only exist on Gibraltar, whose jovial personality often clashes with a serious battle royale like Apex.


Bloody Buccaneer

A screenshot of the Bloody Buccaneer skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

The most recent skin on this list, Bloodhounds’ Bloody Buccaneer released during the Raiders Collection event midway through Season 11. Maybe we just like robots and pirates. The different parts of Bloody Buccaneer come together in a package that evokes sci-fi swashbuckling like Disney’s Treasure Planet. Bloodhound takes advantage of this, especially as the one Legend with a bird already on his arm.



A screenshot of the Voidwalker skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via Alpha Intel

The first unique event skin, Voidwalker, released back in 2019 during the Wraith-themed Voidwalker event. This skin still holds up, clearly a cut above the competition at the time of release. Featuring a unique intro animation and an incredible helmet, fans of Wraith’s character will be torn between this skin and its recolor. Most recently, Voidwalker was available for purchase during the Summer Splash Sale of 2021, so the odds of it returning are good.


Memoir Noir

A screenshot of the Memoir Noir skin in Apex Legends
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Jake Bosee

Fans of Pathfinder might have been wondering where the robot would appear on this list. Well, wonder no longer — Memoir Noir makes the top cut as the absolute best Apex Legends skin. The story behind the skin is fantastic, as it explores the enigmatic backstory of one of the most beloved characters in the game. The neo-noir theme fits Pathfinder and the game as a whole, combining sci-fi, humor, wit and coolness all in one package.

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