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Apex Legends: Season 13 Battle Pass Overview

On May 10th, Apex Legends released its newest season, Saviors! With this exciting launch, we saw a batch of brand new content delivered into the game — a new Legend, new maps changes, fixes to the weapon meta, and an exciting new Battle Pass!

But just what exactly comes in this new Battle Pass for Season 13? How much content is in it? How can you unlock the battle pass? Are the skins and rewards worth the price? We’ll be sure to fill you in and answer all of your burning questions in today’s article.

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Season 13 Battle Pass Overview

Let’s get into the Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass overview!

What Are the Rewards?

Season 13 Battle Pass Rewards
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Let’s start out with the most exciting part of the Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass — the rewards! Just like in every season, there are a total of 110 tiers of rewards to unlock. These rewards include everything from Legend skins and gun skins to unique music, in-game currencies (such as crafting metals), and much, much more!

Whether or not you’ll like these cosmetics is really up to personal taste.


Not every Legend gets a skin with each new Battle Pass, so keep in mind that you might not see new content for your favorites. The new skins are as follows:

  • Pathfinder: Epic skin
  • Mad Maggie: Epic skin
  • New Castle: Epic skin
  • Fuse: Legendary skin
  • Bloodhound: Legendary skin
  • Crypto: Rare skin

Skydive Emotes

There are also several skydive emotes available in this Battle Pass! These are cosmetic unlocks that can only be used by a specific Legend. You can activate them while dropping down to the map to emote! Another great unlock is the music packs. These are special cosmetic items that can be activated at any time from the main menu, and change the soundtrack that is played in the game.

Backgrounds and More

While not as exciting, there are also special backgrounds that you can acquire through the Battle Pass. These backgrounds are original artworks that can be displayed on loading screens and provide in-game lore when viewed from the game’s main menu.

Additionally, you can earn several Apex Packs, one of which can be unlocked at Level 3 and guarantees a random legendary item!

How Do I Unlock Them?

How to Unlock the Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

In order to unlock the premium version of the Season 13 Battle Pass, you might need to spend some real money to unlock it first. You can purchase an in-game currency called Apex Coins, which you can buy from the game’s main menu or from the Apex Legends store page on Origin.

You can buy these coins for the following prices/bundles:

  • 1,000 Apex Coins: $9.99 USD
  • 2,150 Apex Coins: $19.99 USD
  • 4,350 Apex Coins: $39.99 USD
  • 6,700 Apex Coins: $59.99 USD
  • 11,500 Apex Coins: $99.99 USD

After you’ve made your purchase, you can buy the Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins (shown in the image, left side). This method allows you to acquire all of the premium rewards, but you’ll need to gain plenty of XP and complete many in-game challenges in order to use them first.

You could also buy the premium bundle (shown in the image, right side) for 2,800 Apex Coins. This one also allows you to unlock all of the premium rewards. But in addition to that, you will automatically gain +25 levels in the Battle Pass, giving you access to some of the premium rewards instantly. This includes Fuse’s legendary skin “Sir Fitzroy”!

Just keep in mind that if you purchase the premium bundle, you won’t be able to earn back all the coins you spent. You can only earn back 1,000 of them by completing the Battle Pass.

Should I Buy the Season 13 Battle Pass?

buying it
Image: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for the most important question — should you buy the season 13 Battle Pass? Is it worth the 950 Apex Coins you need to spend to unlock it?

Considering the fact that you can earn all of those Apex Coins back by finishing the pass, I’d say the price isn’t something you should worry about.

What you should worry about is how much Apex Legends you plan on playing for the three months that Season 13 will last. If you’re a hardcore player who intends to play every day, then by all means, get it. Having something to unlock as you play makes the game much more enjoyable and exciting.

If you’re like me and are starting to get a little burnout from playing Apex Legends season after season, then it may be harder for you to motivate yourself to finish the pass. If you’re just a casual fan who only plays every now and then, then you might want to consider getting the premium bundle that starts you out at Level 25. This will make it easier for you to finish the pass by the end of the season.

As for the cosmetics themselves, most of the unlocks and rewards are pretty good, but not all of them are really for me. I’m glad the C.A.R. SMG got a legendary skin, but personally, I don’t like the look of it. The gold reactive Spitfire skin unlocked at level 100 looks great, but I’m not a big fan of the red re-color unlocked at Level 110. Again, everything is down to taste, and you might disagree with me.

Completing the Battle Pass does reward you with 1200 crafting metals, however, which is enough for you to craft one legendary legend or weapon skin of your choice. That alone makes the battle pass worth getting if you intend on playing every day this season.

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So concludes our overview of the Apex Legends Season 13 battle pass. What do you think of this season’s rewards? Let us know down below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter! We offer regular content on all the latest and greatest games, including more Apex Legends.

Happy gaming!

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