Elden Ring is a vast, unique game set in a beautiful open world. The Lands Between features a huge cast of interesting and diverse characters, ranging from an enigmatic moon witch to a sentient warrior jar! Of course, none of these characters could exist without the amazing actors and actresses who voiced them.

In today’s article, we will be listing some of your favorite Elden Ring voice actors. We won’t be covering every single voice actor in the game, just some of the ones who played the most well-known characters. We’ll be going a bit into who they are and some of their past voice acting roles.

So without any more delays, let’s get right into the article!

Melina – Martha Mackintosh

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The first actress on this list is Martha Mackintosh, who does the voice of the maiden Melina! Melina plays a very important role in the game. She gifts you your trusty steed Torent and is the one responsible for helping you level up after you collect enough runes. She is a fan-favorite, and plays a very crucial role in helping you become Elden Lord.

As for the actress, she has done jobs for several other video games in the past. She played as Company Captain Yorshka from the FromSoftware game Dark Souls III. She also played as a woman named Katie Jackson in the television show Stella!

White Mask Varre – Pip Torrens

“Oh? Tarnished are we?” “Unfortunately, for you, you are maidenless.” These are the two most recognized and iconic lines from White Mask Varre, played by the actor Pip Torrens. He is one of the very first NPCs you meet in the game, and he quickly reached meme levels of fame following Elden Ring’s release date due to his insult that the player has no maidens.

The actor Pip Torrens is a famous actor who has done many, many roles over the years. While he doesn’t have much of a space in the gaming world, he is known for many roles across television and movies. He played roles on the show Doctor Who as well as Black Mirror.

Iron Fist Alexander – Kevin Howarth

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for one of my favorite characters in all of Elden Ring it’s the legendary warrior jar himself, Iron Fist Alexander! He is a fan-favorite character who you will first encounter out in the wilds, where he is tipped over and stuck in the ground. After helping him out, you can later find him during the festival in Ranni’s questline. He is a very memorable character, and his voice actor did a really good job.

He was voiced by a man named Kevin Howarth. In addition to voicing Iron Fist Alexander, he also did roles for several other creatures in the Lands Between, such as the Wormfaces. He also played as the character Georgie in the 2013 game The Wolf Among Us. He even did a minor role in the 2012 Pixar movie Brave!

Margit The Fell Omen – Anthony Howell

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

You may recognize Margit The Fell Omen as being one of the first major bosses you encountered in Elden Ring. He is located at the gates of Stormveil Castle, and he acts as a gatekeeper for the rest of the Lands Between (although you can technically skip him). Many players have painful memories of fighting him again and again and again. And hearing his voice quips again, and again, and again…

As for the voice actor–Anthony Howell–this isn’t his first time voicing for a video game. He also played roles in Alien: Isolation, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Demon’s Souls, and many other great titles. Anthony even played a role in one of my favorite horror games, Soma! Considering his past role in Demon Souls it’s no surprise FromSoftware cast him to play as Margit The Fell Omen in Elden Ring.

Godrick The Grafted – Ramon Tikaram

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Next up on our list for your favorite Elden Ring voice actors, we have Godrick The Grafted! He is the king of Stormveil Castle and a major boss you’ll most likely encounter on your adventure. Despite his similarities to Margit The Fell, he does enough to stand out and give you a very memorable fight. And his fight wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable if not for his amazing voice acting!

The voice actor for Godrick The Grafted is none other than Ramon Tikaram. He is a voice actor from Singapore known for his roles in other video games. He played a role in games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, the 2016 game Hitman, as well as Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You will probably be shocked to know he also played the voices of the Pumpkin Head Berserkers, another enemy in Elden Ring.

Blaidd – Scott Arthur

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for everyone’s favorite part-man part-wolf, Blaidd. Blaidd is the personal bodyguard of Ranni The Witch, gifted to her to watch over her and protect her. He is a very large creature that is difficult to miss. He has a short quest in the starting area of the game and plays a very major role in Ranni’s questline. It is no surprise that this character is so beloved.

His voice actor is a man named Scott Arthur, a Scottish actor who has done roles in a huge variety of different TV series. In addition to voicing the half-man half-wolf Blaidd, he also plays the voice of certain merchants found throughout the Lands Between. Due to Blaidd’s popularity, the actor has been invited for a variety of interviews and video projects on YouTube, one of which you can watch by clicking here.

War Councilor Iji – Aneirin Hughes

Another personal favorite of mine is the War Councilor Iji! He is another loyal servant of Ranni The Witch and serves as a blacksmith. He can be found peacefully reading a book in an isolated spot of the Lands Between, offering his smithing work for anyone with runes. Iji is fairly popular among other Elden Ring fans due to his friendly personality, cool character design, and soothing voice.

Aneirin Hughes does most of his acting for a variety of different TV shows and TV movies, with video games being a not-so-common gig for him. The man is a Welsh actor, and is known for roles in EastEnders and Cameleon.

Ranni The Witch – Aimee-Ffion Edwards

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Halfway through our list for all your favorite Elden Ring voice actors, it’s the moon witch Ranni! This is a very popular and beloved character due to her fantastic design and enigmatic personality. She is one of the major characters in the game, and without her, certain story events would not have unfolded. Ranni is needed to complete one of the major endings in the game, and she appears to you in the early game.

Her voice actress is named Aimee-Ffion Edwards, and she has played roles in several other video games besides Elden Ring. She was in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as Mio. She has also played an actress in several different TV shows before. One of her most noticeable examples is the show Peaky Blinders as Esme Shelby.

Rennala, Queen of The Full Moon – Mali Harries

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Next up, we have the mother of Ranni The Witch: the Moon Queen Rennala! This very interesting and beautiful character can be found as a major boss in the legacy dungeon Raya Lucaria Academy. She is the character you talk to to get your character re-specced. Her boss fight is one of the most memorable in the entire game, and she is a fairly popular character in Elden Ring.

Her voice acctress Mali Harries is known for her role in Leap Year, as well as the TV series New Blood. She is also a Welsh actress and has been performing for many years. Despite her role in Elden Ring, she does not have any roles in any other video games. It would be interesting to hear her voice again in a future FromSoft game, as she did an excellent job in Elden Ring.

Sellen – Kezia Burrows

Next up, we have the mage Sellen! This is another interesting character who many players have come across on her journey. She was banished from the Raya Lucaria Academy for trying to practice forbidden sorciers. Mage players love her due to her quest giving you access to some of the most overpowered spells in the entire game! Therefore, she is a must to encounter for magic builds.

Her actress is named Kezia Burrows, and she regularly does roles for other video games besides Elden Ring. She played Cass Vallon in the game Star Citizen and was a UK soldier in the hit strategy game XCOM 2. In addition to her roles in games, she also does acting roles in TV series such as Doctor Foster: A Women Scorned.

The Loathsome Dung Eater – Jim Johnson

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Next up, we have The Loathsome Dung Eater! This very… unique character with an even more unique name is first introduced in the opening cutscene of Elden Ring. He is one of the characters you need to talk to if you want to get one of the six endings for Elden Ring. The character quickly reached meme status after Elden Ring’s launch due to his name and is still a decently popular character.

The voice actor for him is Jim Johnson, who has done several other voiceovers for other characters in other games. He has done voice acting work for Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Jim even appeared in an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball!

Malenia – Pippa Bennett Warner

Now, for without a doubt one of the most hated, despised characters in the entire game. I am referring to Malenia, Blade of Miquella, who has never known defeat. Of course, you’d already know that if you have fought her in-game before. Many players have died countless times to this katana-weilding boss, only to hear those exact words repeated. Again. And again. And again…

The actress for this character is named Pippa Bennett Warner. When it comes to video games, she has only ever done voice work for World of Warcraft before landing her role for Elden Ring. Instead, she prefers to do acting work for various TV shows. You may recognize her from Gangs of London, Chloe, and Roadkill.

Miriel, Pastor of Vows – Matthew Marsh

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Last but most certainly not least on our list for all of your favorite Elden Ring voice actors, we have Miriel, Pastor of Vows! He is a giant turtle (dog?) who watches over the Church of Vows. He is a kind and wise old turtle who is willing to teach you various spells and incantations in exchange for runes. Due to his unique design and kind-hearted nature, he became a popular character in Elden Ring’s fanbase.

The voice actor for this wise old turtle is Matthew Marsh. He is a London actor who has done roles in other video games before. He played the voice of Karl Marx from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, as well as AL-AN from Subnautica: Below Zero. His popularity extends to various different TV shows, such as Knightfall and Father Brown.

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