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Elden Ring: All Remembrance Bosses Ranked and Item Rewards

There are many, many reasons why people love Elden Ring. The game features a vast, densely packed open world called the Lands Between, which is populated with a variety of bosses for you to test your mettle against. One particular type of boss are remembrance bosses. These are special enemies that when defeated, drop a remembrance that allows you to access special weapons and abilities. Today, we are going to be discussing every single remembrance boss in Elden Ring, ranking them based on how fun they are to fight.

All Remembrance Item Rewards in Elden Ring

Before we jump into the boss ranking, let’s check out all the remembrance items and spell rewards in Elden Ring. Remember, you have two options when it comes to Remembrances — you can sell them for a large number of runes or trade them in for a weapon or spell at Roundtable Hold. You will also earn rune rewards for simply defeating the boss. In our table below, we display the amount of runes you’ll earn if you choose to sell your remembrance.

BossItemsRemembrance Value
Godrick the GraftedAxe of Godrick (Greataxe); Grafted Dragon (Fist)20,000
Rennala, Queen of the Full moonCarian Regal Scepter (Staff); Rennala’s Full Moon (Sorcery)20,000
Starscourge RadahnStarscourge Greatsword; Lion Greatbow40,000
Regal Ancestor SpiritWinged Greathorn (Greataxe); Ancestral Spirit’s Horn (Talisman)30,000
Astel, Naturalborn of the VoidAsh of War: Waves of Darkness; Bastard’s Stars (Flail)30,000
Hoarah Loux, WarriorAxe of Godfrey (Colossal Axe); Ash of War: Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker30,000
Maliketh, The Black BladeMaliketh’s Black Blade (Colossal Sword); Black Blade (Incantation)30,000
Rykard, Lord of BlasphemyRykard’s Rancor (Sorcery); Blasphemous Blade (Greatsword)50,000
Fire GiantGiant’s Red Braid (Whip); Burn, O Flame! (Incantation)30,000
Morgott, The Omen KingMorgott’s Cursed Sword (Curved Greatsword); Regal Omen Balm (Item)30,000
Dragonlord PlacidusaxDragon King’s Cragblade (Heavy Thrusting Sword); Placidusax’s Ruin (Incantation)30,000
Lichdragon FortissaxDeath Lightning (Incantation); Fortissax’s Lightning Spear (Incantation)30,000
Malenia, Blade of MiquellaHand of Malenia (Katana); Scarlet Aeonia (Incantation)50,000
Mohg, Lord of BloodMohgwyn’s Sacred Spear (Great Spear); Bloodboon (Incantation)30,000

Elden Ring | All Remembrance Bosses, Ranked by How Fun They Are to Fight

So what are we waiting around for? Let’s hop right into the article!


Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

Elden Ring Remembrance Bosses | Renala
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Rennala’s Full Moon, Carian Regal Scepter or 20,000 Runes

First up on our ranking, we have the boss Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon! This is the final boss of the legacy dungeon Raya Lucaria Academy. She is a magic-using boss that has two phases. In the first phase, you run around the room she’s in to find and kill three NPCs. After that is done, the second phase teleports you to a really breathtaking scene where you face off against her and the various spirits that she summons.

I really, really dislike the first phase of the right. It’s boring and it gets repetitive, especially since you’ll die in her second phase a lot and be forced to do this part again and again. It’s a shame, as I really like the tone and vibe of this fight. The music is great and the scenery in the second phase is beautiful.


Fire Giant

Fire Giant
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Giant’s Red Braid, Burn, O Flame! or 30,000 Runes

Next up is the Fire Giant, the first of many end-game bosses. You can find him guarding the Forge of the Giants, which you need to get to beat the game. This boss is an interesting one. While he is fun to fight against for the most part, the camera can sometimes get a little wonky during this fight and it can make fighting him a bit of a pain. This seems to be a common complaint from what I can find online.

Design-wise, I think he is really cool. I love the eye in his chest that opens up during the second phase of the fight. I don’t know what the lore reason is for it, but those swirling patterns in the eyes make him look really twisted and evil. Overall, this is a pretty okay boss fight that could have been much better if not for the camera problems.


Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Waves of Darkness, Bastard’s Star or 30,000 Runes

For our next pick on this ranking of every remembrance boss in Elden Ring, we have Astel, Naturalborn of the Void! This is a really disturbing creature that you can only find by playing through Ranni the Witch’s quest line. He is a large and menacing foe with some attack patterns that can sometimes feel unfair to fight against. I found myself getting really annoyed during this fight. Then again, maybe I’m just bad at the game…

Visually speaking, this is definitely one of my favorite bosses. I absolutely love the creepy, Lovecraftian design that Astel has going for him. I was super intrigued and disturbed by his design when I started his fight for the first time. It’s a shame they practically copy-pasted this design for another boss later in the game. But I won’t let that affect my opinion of Astel.


Lichdragon Fortissax

Lichdragon Fortissax
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Fortissax’s Lightning Spear, Death Lightning or 30,000 Runes

Up next, we have the underrated boss, Lichdragon Fortissax! I really enjoyed this boss fight, even with its flaws. I’ve always been a sucker for fighting dragons in video games, and the dragons in Elden Ring are no different. This particular one can be fought by playing through Fia the Deathbed Companion’s quest line. For the most part, dodging its attacks and retailing against it is satisfying, but there are a few gripes I have with it.

First, this thing is 80% resistant to holy damage. This doesn’t really make sense given its lore, and it makes fighting it as a Faith build unnecessarily difficult. I also had a few problems with the camera during this fight, which are a bit of a pain to deal with. Its visual design is great, though, and I love the undead look combined with the red lighting.


Godrick the Grafted

Godrick the Grafted
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Axe of Godrick, Grafted Dragon or 20,000 Runes

Onto our next spot, we have the early-game boss Godrick the Grafted. He acts as the final boss for the legacy dungeon Stormveil Castle. While I found him to be enjoyable to fight, his move set and design had enough similarities to Morgott, the boss we fought not too long before Godrick. Because of this, fighting him didn’t feel as unique and special as it did when we got to Morgott for the first time. This didn’t ruin the fight, but it did make it less enjoyable.

The part where he pulled off a dragon head and used it as a weapon was pretty sick, however. As previously mentioned, his design is similar to Morgott. He looks cool, but he is not as unique as he could have been.


Maliketh, the Black Blade

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Makliketh’s Black Blade, Black Blade Incantation or 30,000 Runes

Next up is Maliketh, the Black Blade! This is a late-game enemy that acts as the final boss for the legacy dungeon Crumbling Farum Azula. Some of you may be surprised that this boss is so low on the list. Personally, I just found him to be too aggressive during his second phase. His first phase is a great balance of being both aggressive enough to challenge you but slow enough to give you some breathing room.

Then the second phase kicks in and he suddenly gets much harder. Him being so aggressive makes you feel really annoyed, as you have a lot less control over the fight and have to spend most of your time on the defensive. However, since I’ve only ever played through Elden Ring once, it’s entirely possible I’m just bad and that I’ll appreciate this difficulty spike more on a future play-through. So if you disagree with me, I entirely understand.

Visually, I did like the look of him. He’s intimidating in both phases, but especially in his second phase. And the background of Crumbling Farum Azula is too cool to ignore.


Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Elden Ring Remembrance Bosses | Rykard
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Blasphemous Blade, Rykard’s Rancor or 50,000 Runes

Taking spot number ten on our ranking of the Elden Ring remembrance bosses is Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. If you didn’t already click off when you saw me putting Maliketh low on the list, you’ll most definitely be clicking off now. But hear me out!

Rykard is overrated, in my opinion. The first time I fought him, I stayed clear of the lava surrounding him, believing that it would kill me very fast when I touched it. During my first few tries, the fight felt intense and satisfying as he would swing at me, I would dodge, and then I’d hit him when I had the chance.

Then I realized that you could just walk into the lava and tank all of the damage, only having to heal every now and then. After I discovered this, I spent most of the fight just spamming my attacks at him while standing in the lava. The battle became a lot more repetitive and less satisfying at this point, which is a shame, as I love his design. Speaking of which, if we were ranking just based on appearance, then he’d be much higher. I love how creepy he looks, and his voice is really terrifying.


Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Hand of Malenia, Scarlet Aeonia or 50,000 Runes

Now it’s time for the infamous boss Malenia, Blade of Miquella. I really went back and forth on this boss. On one hand, I really like her — she’s a challenging late-game boss that rewards precise timing and parrying. On the other hand, her air slash attack is incredibly strong and difficult to avoid and it almost ruins the boss for me.

You can run away from her first swing, and I’ve seen people dodge her second and third swings before. That said, you have to be really precise with the timing, and it’s tricky to do even with practice. I just feel like this move of hers is too strong and a big difficulty spike compared to her other attacks, which are for the most part very fair. It is frustrating when you die of this attack after doing the rest of her fight flawlessly. Mad respect to anyone out there who can consistently dodge this attack.

Visual-wise, this fight is really great. Her second phase with all the butterflies is really well done stylistically and makes an already memorable fight even more memorable.


Morgott the Omen King

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Morgott’s Cursed Sword, Regal Omen Balm or 30,000 Runes

Coming in at spot number eight, we have Morgott the Omen King! He is the first major, story-driven boss that you encounter in the game. He can be found inside of Stormveil Castle, a legacy dungeon in Limgrave. I really appreciate this boss, both from a gameplay standpoint and a game design standpoint. He is fun to fight against, with a move set that feels challenging but fair to overcome.

I also really love how this boss encourages under-leveled players to go and re-explore the map so that they can be better equipped to deal with him. It’s a good boss to use as an example of Elden Ring’s design philosophy. Visually he looks good, and I thought his speech in the intro cutscene was great.


Regal Ancestor Spirit

Regal Ancestor Spirit
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Winged Greathorn, Ancestral Spirit’s Horn or 30,000 Runes

Our next spot goes to the Regal Ancestor Spirit! This is a secret boss you can only find in the underground sections of the game. His move set is fun to play against, and it was very satisfying to fight this boss. It also helps that this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful bosses in the game.

Aesthetically, he looks like an undead deer spirit. His ghostly appearance makes him very memorable, and the music during this fight is great.


Mohg, Lord of Blood

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear, Bloodboon or 30,000 Runes

At this next spot, it’s Mohg, Lord of Blood. This boss also shares a somewhat similar model to two other bosses — Morgott and Godrick — which makes him and his move set feel less unique. Still, he ranks higher on our ranking of Elden Ring remembrance bosses because his fight manages to be enjoyable and still feel special. It also helps that we don’t fight him until many, many hours after facing Morgott. So some of the sameness from Morgott’s fight has worn off at this point. The bleed damage he does can be annoying, but overall, the fight was pretty fun.

I really like the setting and overall vibe of this fight. The creepy mausoleum underneath a false sky underground is really great. Mohg’s design is really good and I really liked his intro cutscene.


Radagon (Phase 1 of Elden Beast)

Elden Ring Remembrance Bosses | Radagon
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now onto our next pick, we have Radagon! He is one of the two final bosses that you need to beat when arriving at the Erdtree in order to finish the game. He is a challenging boss to face off against, regardless of what level your character is. His attacks are a mix of physical swings with his weapon and magic-based attacks. All of which feels fair and challenging.

Visually, he has an almost undead look to him, with a cracked-open body full of a strange black mist. He looks really spooky! And I love the intro cutscene of him coming down from a crucifix.


Dragonlord Placidusax

Dragonlord Placidusax
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Dragon King’s Cragblade, Placidusax’s Ruin or 30,000 Runes

Onto spot number four and one of my favorite dragon bosses in the game, Dragonlord Placidusax. This is a secret boss that you can find by reaching a hidden area in Crumbling Farum Azula. He is a flying boss with several attacks that involve him swooping down from the sky to strike. And he can cast lightning magic, which is as beautiful as it is deadly.

The presentation of this boss is great as well. The whole area you fight him in feels wide and imposing, and I love the background scene.


Starscourge Radahn

Elden Ring Remembrance Bosses | Starscourge Radahn
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Starscourge Greatsword, Lion Greatbow or 40,000 Runes

The first of our top three picks for the best Elden Ring remembrance bosses is Starscourge Radahn! This is another boss that you need to fight in order to complete Ranni’s quest line (although you don’t need to do the quest to fight him). This is a fan-favorite boss that many people really loved fighting against. In it, you have a wide open area and you can run around the arena summoning various NPCs to help you out during the fight. It feels incredibly epic to go up against such a huge boss while fighting alongside a small army of NPCs!

The visual design of this boss is great. He rides a small pony into battle, which is both comical and heartwarming (once you read about why in the lore). His armor is some of the best-looking armor in the game, as well.


Hoarah Lous, Warrior

Hoarah Lous
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Axe of Godfrey, Ash of War: Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker or 30,000 Runes

Taking the silver medal on our list, we have the boss Hoarah Lous! He is the Chieftain of The Badlands, and a mandatory story boss. This fight — especially the second phase — feels fast and intense. I had some trouble avoiding his attacks during the second phase, but after some practice, I was able to get the hang of it and it became really satisfying. I dislike that we have technically fought this boss before (the golden spectral shade) but the second phase makes up for it.

I love the barbarian-esque look of this dude, especially in the second phase of his fight. He looks intimidating and the lion he fights alongside makes him feel very memorable.


Elden Beast

Elden Ring Remembrance Bosses | Elden Beast
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

💎💎 Item Rewards: Marika’s Hammer, Sacred Relic Sword or 50,000 Runes

And last but not least on this ranking, we have the Elden Beast! This is the final boss of the game, and oh boy, does it make a good impression! During this fight, you’ll encounter a wide variety of different attacks. The boss battle is pretty challenging and really tests the skills you’ve honed in over the course of the game. Each attack felt fair to me, and it was really satisfying learning all the move sets of the Elden Beast.

The visual aspect is probably the best part of this fight! The creature itself looks fantastic! Like someone took an entire galaxy and wrapped it up in gold trim. And the background showing a multitude of other erdtrees? It was great!

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