What Does the Arcane Stat Do in Elden Ring?

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What Does the Arcane Stat Do in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a game all about stats and building up your character. Choosing a class with certain starter attributes and leveling those attributes up is a very important part of the game. So important, in fact, that you’d be wise to understand what each and every stat in the game does. In today’s article, we’ll be explaining the Arcane stat in Elden Ring.

The Arcane stat is one of the least used attributes in the whole game. If you ask the average player what exactly it does, they might not give you a concrete answer. Luckily we’re here to fill you in on every detail you need to know.

Arcane Stat, Explained

Let’s get right into the breakdown!

Arcane Overview

The Arcane stat is one of the eight main attributes you find in the game. This attribute controls how high your Discovery stat is, which affects the chances of an enemy dropping an item upon their death. Additionally, there are certain weapons and spells in the game that can only be used with a certain level in Arcane. Lastly, Arcane can increase your resistance against death blight and holy damage.

Overall, Arcane is probably one of the less useful attributes in the game. You’re better off leveling up Endurance for more stamina and Vigor for more health, especially early on. The only times you’ll want to level up Arcane is to increase your rate of discovering items, if a weapon you use requires it, or if you want to do an Arcane build. The dragon priest is a very popular Arcane build in Elden Ring.

Best Weapons, Spells, & Class for Arcane

Best Weapons, Spells, & Class For Arcane
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

There are many different weapons in Elden Ring and many different weapons that scale with arcane. The Rivers of Blood katana — one of the most popular katanas in the game — scales with it. This is something to consider if you are doing a bleed build. Another great Arcane weapon is Marais Executioner’s Sword, which is perfect if you are doing a Strength and Arcane hybrid build.

Out of all the classes in the game, the class that starts with the highest level of Arcane is the Prophet. This is a great class if you want to do lots of incantations in this game. Dragon communion incantations are an especially popular type to go for with the Prophet class, as you need a high Arcane stat to use many of them. These incantations let you do things like breath fire and shoot poison rot at enemies!

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