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5 Best Hammers in Elden Ring, Ranked

Whether you’re hitting nails or hitting enemies, you’ll need a good hammer. Luckily, Elden Ring has you covered. Hammers in Elden Ring are not the most conventional looking weapons, but typically offer slow and powerful strike damage attacks on a variety of blunt objects. This makes them prime for breaking through guarding enemies.

Since these are such unique weapons, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your build. That’s where we come in. Today, we’re breaking down the five best hammers in Elden Ring so you know where to find them and how to properly use them in order to pound your enemies into the dirt!

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5 Best Hammers in Elden Ring

Let’s slam into our list of the five best hammers in Elden Ring, ranked from modest to mighty!


5) Monk’s Flamemace

A great, well-rounded weapon that scales with both Strength and Dexterity, the Monk’s Flamemace can find a place in a variety of builds.


Starting off strong with a 126 base Physical attack, the Monk’s Flamemace has the highest base Physical attack of any hammer. It has very modest requirements to wield, needing 13 Strength and 13 Dexterity to use. Damage scales best with Dexterity, with a base D grade that reaches a C by max upgrade. Scaling with Strength is reduced, with a base E grade that reaches D by max upgrade.

Where to Find It

This weapon is dropped by the Fire Monk enemies wielding it. These enemies can be found in multiple locations around Liurnia of the Lakes and the Mountaintops of the Giants, but only the Fire Monks in the Mountaintops of the Giants can drop the Monk’s Flamemace.

A good place to farm these enemies is just outside of Guardians’ Garrison. You can use the Whiteridge Road site of grace just to the northeast to rest and reset the spawns.

How to Use the Monk’s Flamemace

The most notable aspect of the Monk’s Flamemace is its high Physical attack stat. For that reason, you’re going to want to try and maximize your damage output with each hit of this weapon. It thrives in a Dexterity-focused build, and as such, infusing it with an ash of war that grants the Keen affinity is ideal. This is because the Keen affinity changes the Dexterity damage scaling of the Monk’s Flamemace from a C to an A.

There are a few ashes of war that can do this, but we recommend using the Bloodhound’s Step. Not only does it grant the Keen affinity, but the skill is incredibly useful. It allows the user to briefly turn invisible and dodge quickly, effectively allowing you to teleport around your opponents. As of Update 1.06, Bloodhound’s Step has been rebalanced, but is still quite good nonetheless. 

A great talisman to use with this weapon is Millicent’s Prosthesis. This talisman raises your Dexterity by 5 and also boosts your attack power with successive hits. Combine this with Bloodhound’s Step and you can deal strike after strike with increasing power to quickly wear down enemies.


4) Ringed Finger

The Ringed Finger is probably one of the most bizarre weapons in the game. While it is classified as a hammer, in reality it is just a giant finger! However, this finger actually makes a great weapon — there’s nothing quite like smacking your foes around with a severed digit.


The Ringed Finger comes in with a respectable 121 base Physical attack, one of the higher amongst hammers. This weapon favors Strength builds, needing 15 Strength and 9 Dexterity to wield. Although it starts with D grades in both Strength and Dexterity, it scales best with Strength, as it reaches a B by upgrade +8. Meanwhile, Dexterity maintains a D grade throughout each upgrade. 

Where to Find It

Acquiring this weapon won’t be an easy task. You will have to brave the trap-filled dungeon that is Gelmir Hero’s Grave. Here, you’ll face the obnoxious Chariot enemies that can kill you instantly if you allow them to steamroll you.

If that weren’t bad enough, after you make it past the first of these Chariots, you’ll have to continue forward, wading through a river of lava until you finally reach the end of the tunnel. Open the chest found here and claim your prize!

How to Use the Ringed Finger

So what’s the deal with this grotesque severed finger of a weapon? Aside from its solid attack stat, it’s also great at dealing poise damage and breaking enemy guards.

This is partly due to its unique Weapon Skill: Claw Flick. As the name implies, this skill causes the Ringed Finger to grow in size before unleashing a flick that can knock back enemies. As silly as this sounds, it can be incredibly useful for dealing with enemies hiding behind shields. 

Two great talismans to use with this weapon are the Carian Filligreed Crest and the Shard of Alexander. The Carian Filligreed Crest reduces the FP cost of skills so you can use more Claw Flicks without having to refill your FP.

The Shard of Alexander increases the power of skills so you can get even more power out of your flicks. Aside from using Claw Flick, jump attacks work wonders with this weapon. As such, we recommend using either the Claw Talisman or the Raptor’s Black Feathers chest armor, as both increase the damage of jump attacks.


3) Envoy’s Horn

Another oddity of a weapon, the Envoy’s Horn may look harmless, but it boasts great damage scaling and a unique Weapon Skill perfect for a Faith build.


The base attack stats of the Envoy’s Horn are split between 96 Physical attack and 62 Holy attack. To wield it, you will need 10 Strength, 12 Dexterity, and 16 Faith. Damage scaling, interestingly, is balanced across all three stats, with a base D grade in each that reaches a C by max upgrade.

Dexterity has a slightly better upgrade path, as it reaches a C by upgrade +6. This makes this a great weapon on a Dexterity/Faith hybrid build.

Where to Find It

This weapon drops from the Oracle Envoy enemies that wield it. The first place you will encounter them is in Leyndell, Royal Capital. There are many found around the East Capital Rampart.

Head to the nearby site of grace and use it to reset the enemy spawns as you farm for the weapon by defeating the Oracle Envoys located around the area. It has a 2% drop rate, so it may take some time. Luckily, these enemies aren’t too difficult to defeat, so you shouldn’t have a problem farming them.

How to Use the Envoy’s Horn

This weapon finds its home on a Dexterity/Faith hybrid build thanks to its balanced damage scaling. It works great for those looking to use a hard-hitting, one-handed weapon to break enemy defenses while still having ranged capabilities.

It has the power to hit enemies at a distance thanks to its unique Weapon Skill: Oracular Bubble. This skill allows the player to blow into the Horn, creating a bubble projectile that slowly moves towards the opponent. As silly as this sounds, bubbles can be fired in succession and work well for picking off enemies at a distance. 

Oracular Bubble scales with Faith, so you’ll want to keep that in mind if you want to maximize its damage output. Wearing the Envoy Crown helm also increases the power of the skill. For talismans, the Two Fingers Heirloom and Sacred Scorpion Charm are going to be your best bets.

The increase in Faith that the Two Fingers Heirloom provides is great for both regular attacks and Oracular Bubble. The Sacred Scorpion Charm increases Holy damage at the cost of increased damage taken. But the buff this provides to your regular and heavy attacks with the Envoy’s Horn is more than worth it.


2) Nox Flowing Hammer

Take the guard-breaking abilities of a hammer and add the ability to bonk enemies from a distance and you’ve got the Nox Flowing Hammer. In addition to this unique ability, it also has great damage scaling and a solid attack stat.


With one of the higher base Physical attacks for a hammer at 122, the Nox Flowing Hammer starts off strong and only gets stronger. It’s ideal for a Strength build, needing 17 Strength and 7 Dexterity to wield. Damage scales most efficiently with Strength, having a base C grade that reaches a B by upgrade +5. It also has reduced scaling in Dexterity, with a base E grade that reaches a D grade by upgrade +4.

Where to Find It

The Nox Flowing Hammer is located in the Night’s Sacred Ground area of Nokron, Eternal City. However, it takes a bit of hunting in order to find it. It can be found on a rafter in the building up the stairs just to the east of the Night’s Sacred Ground site of grace.

Reaching this rafter can be tricky and requires you to defeat a series of enemies, climb a ladder, hang a right past a fog wall out a window, and run along a roof until you see an open window you can jump through. Here, you’ll reach the rafter with the Nox Flowing Hammer located on a corpse.

How to Use the Nox Flowing Hammer

This hammer is effective at both close and long range. Its high attack and Strength scaling make it a threat to foes’ guards.

But what really makes this weapon notable is its Weapon Skill: Flowing Form. This skill transforms the hammer into a whip-like weapon, allowing the user to swing it around them before slamming it into the ground. It has a wide radius that it can hit during this attack, making it great for dealing with groups of enemies or enemies at a distance.

Having the option to deal with enemies at a variety of distances really ups the utility of this weapon.

Since you will want to be using Flowing Form a lot, we recommend using the Shard of Alexander and Carian Filligreed Crest talismans. The Shard of Alexander will help boost the power of Flowing Form, since it boosts the power of skills by 15%.

The Carian Filligreed Crest will help reduce the FP cost of using the skill, so you can use it more frequently. Additionally, adding the Starscourge Heirloom to this build will boost your overall damage output, since it raises your Strength by five points.


1) Scepter of the All-Knowing

The signature weapon of Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing, the Scepter of the All-Knowing is a fitting name for a weapon that boasts great Intelligence scaling and a skill that renders Magic damage even more lethal.


The damage of the Scepter of the All-Knowing is split across 99  base Physical attack and 64 base Magic attack. This weapon is well-suited for a Dexterity/Intelligence hybrid build, as it needs 12 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 21 Intelligence to wield.

As a result, it scales best with Dexterity and Intelligence, with a base D grade in both that reaches a C in both at upgrade +5. It has reduced scaling in Strength, with a base E grade that reaches a D by upgrade +4.

Where to Find It

As the signature weapon of Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing, you will have to defeat him in order to acquire it. Sir Gideon is a required boss within the game’s story, so you can’t miss him. He is one of the final bosses you will face on your quest to become the Elden Lord and is fought in Leyndell, Capital of Ash during the game’s climax. Upon his defeat, he will drop the Scepter of the All-Knowing.

How to Use the Scepter of the All-Knowing

As a Dexterity/Intelligence-oriented weapon, it’s interesting to note that the Scepter of the All-Knowing excels at dealing heavy attacks with a surprisingly long reach. What’s even better is the potential it has for dealing Magic damage. Its Weapon Skill, Knowledge Above All, adds a deadly debuff to your enemies.

This skill reduces Magic and Holy damage negation for all within the area of effect by 10%, self included. However, this is not an issue unless you’re fighting magic-wielding enemies.  

This weapon thrives when used in conjunction with Sorceries or Incantations, since they can benefit from Knowledge Above All’s debuff. As such, we recommend using a glintstone staff or sacred seal in your off hand for casting spells. Great talismans to use with this setup are the Stargazer’s Heirloom, which raises your Intelligence by 5, and the Magic Scorpion Charm, which increases Magic damage by 12% at the cost of a 10% increase in damage taken.

If you’re concerned about the self-inflicted debuffs that Knowledge Above All causes, you can use the Spelldrake Talisman or the Haligdrake Talisman, which boost Magic or Holy damage negation respectively, offsetting the reduction from Knowledge Above All. 

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