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Elden Ring: How to Beat Mad Tongue Alberich

If there’s one thing FromSoftware games are known for, it’s being difficult. And there’s no challenge in Elden Ring more difficult than those pesky boss fights. If you’re just starting out your journey in the Lands Between, it can be especially difficult for you.

One of the earliest boss fights in the game comes in the form of Mad Tongue Alberich. Many players found themselves stuck in this fight, and it’s understandable why. Just how can you defeat someone so aggressive? What’s the quickest way to finish the fight and get on with your adventure?

We’ll be covering all of your questions and more in this article for Elden Ring: How to Beat Mad Tongue Alberich. Let’s jump right into it!

Where Can I Find Them?

Elden Ring: Where Can I Find Mad Tongue Alberich
Image: FromSoftware Inc. via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The Roundtable Hold

Mad Tongue Alberich can only be found in one location, and that’s the Roundtable Hold. This is a hub area that is (usually) free of bloodshed. It’s a place where you can find various merchants and wanders like yourself. You can stock up on supplies, and meet a cast of interesting folk here.

You’ll be able to access the Roundtable Hold naturally by just playing through the story. Eventually, the NPC Melina will appear before you and invite you to visit it. There is no physical entrance to the Roundtable Hold, and the only way to get there is by fast traveling to it from your map.

Starting The Fight

Once you do get there, you’ll have to go through one of the wide-open doors to get to the boss fight. You should come across a balcony standing behind a big empty room with a chandelier hanging above it. The only way to get down to this area is by jumping over the guardrails and onto the (seemingly) empty room below.

Once you land, you’ll need to walk to the end of the room where a strange glowing red figure will spawn. And so the boss fight begins!

How Do I Beat Them?

Image: FromSoftware Inc. via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Before The Fight Begins…

Before the fight even begins, Alberich will give you a respectful bow. When he’s doing this, you’ll want to either sneak behind him and stab him in the back or charge up a powerful melee attack to get the first strike. This may not be the honorable thing to do, but what good is honor to the dead?

Dealing With His Melee Attacks

Mad Tongue Alberich is a very aggressive character who uses a mix of melee attacks with his scythe and frost magic from his staff. To counter him, you’ll have to be aggressive, too. Don’t bother blocking any of his attacks or dodging them unless you absolutely have to! More often than not, you’ll end up receiving more damage than it’s worth.

Instead, strike him as he is walking towards you, or anytime he prepares a melee attack. It takes him a bit to charge up his melee attacks, which means it’s better to just outright attack him than dodge or block.

Hitting him causes most of his attacks to be canceled. You can usually follow up one attack with multiple additional blows to deal more damage. Attacking him this way is best done with a long-reach weapon, such as a halberd, but any weapon will do.

If you are a ranged character, this fight will be even easier for you! Hit him with your ranged weapons whenever you can, keeping a medium distance as much as possible. As long as you play aggressively and keep attacking him before he gets the chance to attack you, you’ll do fine.

Dealing With His Magic Attacks

As for the ice magic attacks he uses, I’ve found it easier to just move around him in a circular motion. There’s no reason to roll around them or block with your shield. You can try swiveling left and right to dodge his faster projectiles if you want to want to stay in the same position.

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