Elden Ring: How to Beat Preceptor Miriam

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Elden Ring: How to Beat Preceptor Miriam

Elden Ring features a huge variety of different types of bosses. From ancient spirits to colossal dragons, there is never a shortage of things to maim and kill in the Lands Between. One such creature you might have come across is Preceptor Miriam. This is an optional boss located off the beaten path that not everyone will come across during their playthrough.

If you were unfortunate enough to meet her, chances are you’ve run into a wall trying to find a strategy that works for defeating her. Luckily for you, we’ll be covering exactly how to finish the job.

So without any further delays, let’s hop right into the walkthrough!

Where is Preceptor Miriam Located?

Where is Preceptor Miriam Located?
Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

For those of you who’ve yet to find Preceptor Miriam, allow me to fill you in. She only spawns in the Carian Study Hall, a massive library located next to rugged terrain. This library is found in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. The most obvious way to gain access to this region is by defeating the boss Godrick the Grafted.

The study hall is located on the eastern side of the continent, to the north of where you first enter the region. It’s hidden beside some cliffs, so you may have to do some digging around to find it. Once you enter the first room and find the library’s Site of Grace, continue forward and activate an elevator that will take you to the main building.

Once the elevator ride is over, you’ll find a massive open room filled with books. To the right is a corpse containing some loot, and to the left is where the Preceptor Miriam will spawn. She’ll be located at the top of some stairs surrounded by several ghostly minions.

How Do I Beat Her?

First Level

The fight is a tough one, and you’ll need to be good at timing her attacks so you can dodge them at the right time. When you’re at the bottom of the stairs, it’s a good idea to let her shoot at you a few times while you’re behind cover. This will help you memorize her attack patterns.

She only has two, but the deadliest one is her magic bow and arrow. Count the time it takes her to start it and shoot it in your head until you have it memorized.

The spirits she summons are very slow, and you can usually just run past them without issue. Head up the stairs and roll forward as soon as she fires her arrow at you. Attacking her at close range should be easy, as she is primarily a ranged character and is not very aggressive in close quarters. Once you reach her, keep attacking her until she teleports away to the other side of the library.

Fighting Preceptor Miriam
Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Run past her minions again and roll forward when her arrows come close to you. The projectiles are slow enough that timing is easy to get down. If you have the Quickstep Ash of War, it comes in very handy in this boss fight. Just like last time, fighting her in close range should be fairly easy. Once she’s at a little over half health, she’ll teleport away again. Follow her up the next flight of stairs.

Second Level

Now just do as we did before. Run past her minions, roll forward when she fires her arrow, and attack her until she moves again. Feel free to hang behind cover back at the top of the stairs if you still haven’t gotten her attack patterns down yet. Once this area is done, go forward past the stairs, turn south, and you’ll find the exit to the next room. Head up to another elevator to the final section.

Third Level

This last part is pretty tricky. She will teleport around the top level in a big circle, spawning more minions every time she moves around. You’ll want to take this very slowly. Lure each of her minions out of her firing range and behind cover, and kill them one by one. Once you clear them all out, walk toward her and she will teleport away from you.

Repeat this process until you come full circle around the room. By now, no more minions will spawn, and when she teleports, it won’t be nearly as far away. Now all you need to do is attack her and wear her health down to zero. You should have her ranged attack pattern memorized now, which will make dodging it easy.

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