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Elden Ring: Land Octopus Explained

The Lands Between is an interesting place. It features many unique locations and creatures for players to discover. One of these interesting creatures is the disturbing Land Octopus! Found all over the Lands Between, these strange animals are just as deadly as they are enigmatic.

But just what exactly is a Land Octopus? Where can you reliably find them on the map? How can you kill them easily? Do they drop any worthwhile items? In this guide to Elden Ring’s Land Octopuses, we’ll be covering all these questions and more.

Land Octopuses

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What Are The Land Octopuses?

Land octopuses are deadly, hostile creatures most commonly found in or near bodies of water. These creatures are always aggressive, even if you don’t strike the first blow. They come in two main types — regular-sized and giant (aptly named Giant Land Octopuses).

Where Can I Find Them?

How to find the land octopuses
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

As previously mentioned, they’re most commonly found in or around water. You can find them in five specific locations in particular: the Weeping Peninsula, Limgraive, Liurnia of The Lakes, Siofra River, and the Hidden Path to The Haligtree. Both giant ones and regular-sized ones are almost always found together in groups of various sizes.

This information was sourced from the Elden Ring wiki. For more information on these interesting creatures, you can follow the link here.

How Can I Kill Them Easily?

Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

While regular Land Octopuses are small, have little health, and are relatively easy to kill, the Giant Land Octopus poses more of a challenge. They can have anywhere from around 2,500–16,000 health, and use several different attacks. They can fling themselves up into the air and slam back down onto you, and can attack you from the front with their two massive tentacles.

Their hide is thick and acts as a very strong armor, protecting them from most major attacks. They have a weak spot in the front of their body, at their beaks. Be warned, though — this is the most dangerous place to attack. It puts you right in their line of sight, and those tentacles can be nasty. So how can you easily kill them?

The safest way to take these beasts down is by avoiding their front/beaks and attacking them from either side. While they will take reduced damage thanks to their thick hides, they’ll eventually stagger if you hit them enough. When this happens, a glowing spot will appear on their beak. You can attack it to get a critical hit and deal extra damage. Keep doing this until their health is reduced to zero.

What Do They Drop?

Killing them nets you anywhere from 300–5,000 runes, depending on which location the Giant Land Octopus spawned in. You’ll get more runes for killing them in higher-level areas. You’ll also receive Land Octopus Ovaries and Strips of White Flesh. These are both consumable, and you can use them in crafting recipes to make various items that buff your character.

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