3 Best Rune Farming Methods in Elden Ring

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3 Best Rune Farming Methods in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is arguably one of the greatest RPGs of all time. It features a vast, expansive open world filled with loads of things to do and see. Combat is fun and very well designed. But the best aspect of the game is, in my opinion, the robust RPG elements that make leveling up a very satisfying experience.

And as every Elden Ring player knows, you can’t level up your character without collecting those special golden runes. Runes are a currency item in the game, and they work similarly to Souls from the Dark Souls trilogy. But just how can you get your hands on them? What are the best rune farming methods?

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3 Best Rune Farming Methods, in No Particular Order

We will be answering this question in today’s article, covering the 3 best rune farming methods in Elden Ring! So without further ado, here are the methods listed in no particular order.

1. Palace Approach Ledge-Road Method

Video: DPJ via YouTube / HGG

This first rune farming method comes from YouTuber DPJ, so a big shoutout goes to him for his video guide! His channel features many more Elden Ring guides you can watch here. You can check out his full video above, which explains the method we have listed here as well as some alternative farming methods he uses. The specific guide we’ll be summarizing starts at 0:44 in the video above.

The Method

In order to get started with this first method, you will first want to head into the underground regions of the Lands Between, specifically the eastern side of the Siofra River, at the Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of grace.

When you spawn at this site of grace, to the north you should spot a group of enemies sitting down close together. If you kill just one of these guys, it will net you a reward of about 2,000 runes. Since they are all close together, all you need to do is continuously kill every one of them to rack up some runes.

Once you are finished with them, simply go back to the site of grace and rest there. This will respawn all of the nearby enemies and you will be able to walk back up to them and start the cycle all over again! You can dramatically increase the rate at which you kill them by using area of effect attacks.

The weapon that DPJ recommends you use is the Relic Sword, which you can only obtain by killing the Elden Beast, which is Elden Ring’s final boss. Due to it being a very late game item, you might have to stick to killing them one by one or by using a different AoE attack.

2. Bestial Sanctum Method

Video: Moga via YouTube / HGG

Up next on our list for the 3 best rune farming methods in Elden Ring, we have a guide brought to us by YouTuber Moga! You can watch his full video listed above, and you can check out his YouTube channel here for more of his content. The method you’ll want to watch starts at 4:08.

The Method

As for the rune-farming method we will be summarizing, you can get started by traveling to the Third Church of Marika, which you can find in the north-eastern part of Limgrave. After you make your way to this church, you should be able to find a river next to it. Travel to the northeast through the waters and you will find a portal that leads to another location. Interact with it and you’ll travel through.

After you step out of this portal, you will arrive at a location known as the Bestial Sanctum. There is a site of grace inside the structure that you should make sure to discover first. This will allow you to respawn back here in case you die, and you can fast travel here if you ever need to re-visit this spot.

In front of the building is a boss known as the Black Blade Kindred, but we are not here for him. Defeat him if you can, or just sneak past him into the area in front of the building. All throughout the area, you should spot little enemies with melee weapons that look like they have hooks at the end of their blades.

You’re going to want to sneak up behind each and every one of them so you can sneak attack them. Kill as many as you can, and once you are done clearing out the area, simply fast-travel back to the Bestial Sanctum and they will respawn again. Then, just repeat the process! Killing just one of these enemies will net you about 1000 runes, which is pretty good for the early game.

3. Lenne’s Rise Method

Video: MID 40’S GAMER via YouTube / HGG

Third, on our list, we will be summarizing a method given to us by the YouTuber MID 40’s GAMER! The full video on this method can be watched above, and this particular method starts at 2:40. And please make sure to check out his YouTube channel here, where he posts loads more Elden Ring content for you to enjoy!

The Method

For this next technique, you will want to travel to the southeast from the location we mentioned in our previous rune farming method. The site of grace that we are looking for is known as Lenne’s Rise. Ride your horse to the location and make sure that you discover the site of grace before continuing on. From the grace point, head west down a path that leads towards the bridge.

Keep going until you trigger a special trap that will spawn a giant metal sphere behind you. Once this sphere spawns in, it will track your location in an attempt to hit you. Next, you will want to walk by the edge of the nearby cliff. Just allow the ball to roll right past you and into oblivion. Once the ball falls into the depths below, it will reward you with roughly 2,000 runes.

Then you can either ride back or fast travel to the site of grace in order for the metal sphere to spawn back in again. You can then repeat the process as much as you’d like, essentially giving you unlimited runes!

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